Voyboy joins Curse Gaming


Curse Gaming would like to welcome one of the most accomplished and talented top laners, Joe 'Voyboy' Esfahani, to the team. Voyboy recently parted ways with CLG.Prime after they decided to try some drastic changes to their lineup, but it was clear a player of Voyboy's caliber wouldn't stay a free agent for long.

With his more aggressive style of play, he should fit in much better with Curse than he did with CLG and recapture the magic that earned him at IEM Hanover. Voyboy offers his own thoughts on joining the team and their potential in the following vlog:

Curse is excited to have a player like Voyboy top, and thinks he will help them take the next step going into Season 3. He will be moving into the gaming house on November 3rd and fans of his will be able to find his stream on Own3d.tv on Curse's channel. League fans won't have to wait long to watch Voyboy play on LAN with Curse either as his first tournament will be the Lone Star Clash 2 on November 10th-11th.


Longtime fans of the scene know Voyboy well dating back to his time with Dignitas when he and Scarra were tearing apart all comers. Here's just a short list of what Curse is getting with Voyboy (courtesy of our friends at Leaguepedia):

  • Won the MVP at IEM Hanover with a dominant performance top lane for Dignitas
  • Made a name for himself playing unusual aggressive top laners like Akali and Lee Sin
  • Scored a 2300 on his SATs
  • Finished Season 1 as the #1 rated Solo Queue player in North America
  • First player to hit 2000 on the solo queue ladder in Season 2.

So RoG'ers what do you think of Curse's new roster moves? How much better does it make them as a team and will they be serious contenders in Season 3? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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