MLG Dallas Wrap-up: Startling Stats and Facts from Another Astounding Asian Performance

The first League of Legends LAN of the off-season wrapped up on Sunday in much the same way as the Season 2 Championship, with two Asian teams playing for first place. Najin Sword and Azubu Blaze provided fans with a thrilling fans and a reminder to the rest of the scene of the work they have to do to contend again. Both Najin Sword and Azubu Blaze (the one that showed up on Day 3) appeared to be on another level and only dropped games to each other the entire event. The holy trinity of AD carries (Ezreal, Corki, Graves) is beginning to erode as well with 11 different AD carries being picked at least once. VoD's of the tournament can be found here once available, but let's look at more of the stats and facts behind MLG Dallas.

Team and Player Stats and Facts

*All statistics are courtesy of our friends at ELOBUFF and Leagupedia

Only two teams came in with the same lineup they had used in the previous LAN, Najin Sword and TSM. Excuses can be found for the poor performance of many teams. TSM was fresh off a move across the country and didn't have their normal computers to practice on. Curse was a week removed from being in China before flying all the way to Dallas. CLG.EU and Dynamic were both playing with substitutes and CLG.Prime was playing with Locodco on LAN for the first time. However, the champions of the event were playing with a ringer top (albeit a very good one) in Shy and we can expect much better out of these teams moving forward towards Season 3.

  • 35 total games were played at Dallas with coin toss determining blue vs purple side. Blue went 23-12 in those games (65.7%)
  • No European or North American beat either Korean team at the event in 10 tries.
  • 8 times teams did not run an AP mid (bruiser, AD, or duo mid) these teams went a combined 3-5 in those games.
  • The highest KDA of any player at the event was Imaqtpie at 7.38 despite his teams 3-5 record.
  • In fact, Dignitas had 4 players in the top 10, double the amount of any other single team. Though Dignitas has shown improvement it goes to show kills don't mean everything.
  • Going by KDA's alone the MVP team of the event would be d Imaqtpie (AD), NJS Ssong (AP), d Patoy (Support), AZB Shy (Top), and D IWillDominate (jungle). How's that for team synergy?

Champion Stats and Facts

As always, tournaments show champion power and relative strength at the time of the event. They are snapshots of what was OP, or just flavor of the month at the time of the event. This event was played on the Kha'zix patch, before the Rengar, Jayce, Evelynn, and Ezreal nerfs to name a few. Ezreal was certainly the most sought after AD Carry, and Evelynn was extremely feared as an AP mid (both would good reason), but AD's in particular are proving to be right where Riot wants them.

  • The most popular picks at each role - AD Carry Ezreal 16-12 (57.14%), Support Sona 14-8 (63.64%), AP Orianna 5-13 (27.78%), Jungle Cho'gath 8-3 (72.73%), Top Shen 6-8 (42.86%)
  • The best win percentage of any champion with at least 5 games played was Evelynn at 80% (4-1)
  • Singed and Twisted Fate both won all 4 games they appeared in whereas Rumble went 0-4 in all 4 of his (sad yordle).
  • 11 total AD carries were picked at least once in the event with Vayne having the highest win rate 6-2 (75%)
  • AD's outside the "holy trinity" (Ezreal, Corki, Graves) went a combined 12-10 (54%)
  • With a minimum of 5 games played, Orianna (5-13), Corki (5-13), and Amumu (2-5) all had a win percentage under 30%
  • Cho'gath (8-3), Vayne (6-2), Nocturne (5-2), Lee Sin (5-2), Evelynn (4-1) all had win percentages over 70% with a minimum of 5 games played

These stats are fun to look at and take notice of, but they don't tell the entire story of how an event plays out. It's hard for teams to peak on all 3 days of an event (as Najin Sword found out) and Azubu Blaze was the best team on Sunday without a doubt. Blaze passed the eye test as the team that was the most dominant, and deserved their hard fought victory coming up from the loser's bracket to win the event. The rest of the world knows they are looking up at Korea, Taiwan, and China for now, but with Season 3 fast approaching, North America and Europe are getting valuable experience against the world's best.

What did you think of MLG Dallas, and some of the stats that came from the event RoG'ers? Let us know in the comment section!

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