E-Sports Roundup: CLG.EU Moves to Evil Geniuses, Absolute Legends DQ'ed, Online S3 Qualifiers and More!

It has been a busy week in the world of e-Sports, and one that won't slow down with the EU and NA online qualifiers for Season 3 taking place this weekend. You can view the brackets for Europe here and North America here. If you want to see these matches casted head over to our good friends at Leaguepedia's twitch channel and listen to Optimus Tom and Comely! The musical chairs of sponsorship continued this week as well along with a major ruling coming from Riot about the recent AL ghosting scandal. Let's take a look at the week that was:

Evil Geniuses claims former CLG.EU

In the Starcraft scene, EG is known for being able to throw a good bit of money around and land all sorts of big names to enhance their brand. They have finally made the leap over to the League of Legends scene by agreeing to sponsor the team formerly known as CLG.EU according to Slasher and his sources close to the situation. The roster will remain the same, and the team has already qualified for the Season 3 Championship Series by their performance in the European Regionals.

 The new EG team brings a very large fanbase from all around the world, and is a terrific pickup for an organization looking to get into the LoL scene. Froggen, Snoopeh and co rarely have a poor showing at a tournament and are always contending for titles, despite the stiffer competition out there. They haven't managed to secure as many wins as they'd like, but their consistent runs and ability to hang with teams from around the world speaks volumes for their team's talent. They will now have all the resources and backing in the world to succeed, and it will be fun to watch them in Season 3.

Absolute Legends DQ'ed from Season 3 Qualifiers

Rewind the clock back to December, and Absolute Legends was facing Dynamic for another online qualifier in Season 3. The game was being spectated by someone in the Skype call with Absolute Legends members, and due to several lengthy pauses the spectator was able to relay very relevant information to them. AL eventually admitted to their wrongdoing and ended up losing the series anyway.

However, the public shaming that resulted didn't end there as Riot stepped in and reviewed the case. Bitingpig posted their ruling here, that includes a full look at the case, statements from players, and the rules they broke. Riot's ultimate decision was to ban Absolute Legends from the Season 3 qualifiers in North America, a harsh blow to a team that could very likely have made it to the final 8 tournament and gotten a shot at having a salary this year. At the end of the day, this no tolerance policy for cheating in any form, has to be carried out in the future for any kind of similar infraction and Riot should be applauded for making an appropriate harsh ruling.

Fear shores up roster, TD leaves Dynamic

Fear, who has been scrambling of late to shore up their roster in time for the Season 3 Qualifiers because of Aphromoo leaving to join CLG, has finally officially announced their new roster. Sycho Sid will be taking over the top lane duties for them and Zuna, who had been subbing for top lane will be their new AD Carry. The team will certainly miss its star AD, but they still have the talent necessary to be one of the last 5 teams to qualify in North America for the Season 3 spot.

North American teams didn't stop making news there, as Hexo (team manager of TD) announced TD would be leaving the Dynamic banner behind (see the reddit post here). They are adopting the new name Good Game University (GGU) and are now looking for a new sponsor themselves. They are another team that is looking for a fresh start to 2013, and they are already qualified to the big Season 3 qualifier tournament due to their past performances. They are another team that will have new blood competing since the last time we saw them on LAN, and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the biggest tournament of their lives in just a few short days.

It's a been wild week to start 2013, one that is surely not the last we will see of this year. With all the news breaking and exciting games taking place this weekend, it was the only way 2013 could start of for LoL. What do you think of all the news RoG'ers? How will CLG.EU fare under their EG banner? Did Riot make the right call with AL? Let us know what you thought about any or all of the news int he comment section and be sure to stay tuned to RoG for all your LoL-related needs.

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  • #4 Wizahd

    Anyone know if the players on AL are banned, or just them/anyone competing under that team name? I agree with the decisions, makes sense and sets a good standard, just curious.

    Last edited by Wizahd: 1/5/2013 10:44:43 PM
  • #5 Nygmus

    Four of their members received bans, with them being ineligible to compete in the banned tournies regardless of what team it's under.

  • #6 Rispudding

    Cruiser was the one who really go screwed as he was the one who got DC'ed (ddos) and did not particitpate in the cheating or know of it (ddose'd so was not on skype). But now the rest of his team is banned and there is little time for him to find a new one.

  • #3 MerryLane

    God, I just wished Curse could afford CLG.EU.

  • #2 FinalValkyrie

    Fear was going nowhere. I love Aphro and MuffinQT, but the team was just... eh.

    I dont care for Hotshot but I suppose Ill have to root for CLG now... >_>

  • #7 zBlackBoxz

    This is exactly how I feel :(

  • #1 MajorError

    I thought that former clg eu isnt offically EG yet just that they are currently the highest bidder.

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