E-Sports Roundup - Mebdi DQ'ed, Nientonsoh and Bischu find teams, Curse Academy is Born

It's been another wild week to ignite the year in e-Sports. Katowice wrapped up with surprising results, and that was just the start for what was a week jammed pack with news. This weekend will see the final European teams qualify for the Season 3 championships, and if you aren't lucky enough to watch live check out Leaguepedia's coverage page to see how your favorite teams are doing and VoD's to all the games. With all the attention focused on the European LCS, let's take a look back at what transpired this week including Riot's major ban decision.

Mebdi DQ'ed from LCS

Team Solo Mebdi, one of the teams that had a strong chance to qualify for the LCS, was shocked this week to find out that Riot had banned 3 of their players just days before the biggest tournament of their lives. StunnedandSlayed, Veigodx, and Rayt3ch will be kicking themselves for their repeated poor behavior, and costing the rest of their team a shot at Season 3. The timing seems callous at first, but the case against 3 of their players is quite staggering.

It might be a different story if only one player was in question, but 3 of their members have been repeat offenders against the Summoner's Code. They each had a sort of final straw, and Riot chose to act swiftly, and this was really their only course of action. All 3 of the players had been permabanned before. You can view Riot's ruling here.

Riot has an image to protect, and more importantly an example to set for the entire gaming community. Having players that repeatedly harass other players, make disgustingly offensive comments, and admit to DDoSing other players cannot be part of the LCS. Teams that are part of Season 3 will be direct representatives of Riot and the company, and the e-Sports community at large cannot afford to be seen as angry, spiteful, malcontents if they hope to legitimize gaming to a more mainstream audience (and sponsors).

American Roster Moves

Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Team MRN made another big announcement this week with the addition of talented free agent Nientonsoh as their second substitute. Marn announced it on his twitter, and they will certainly have a skilled player in their fold who can play several positions. The team, of course, qualified in the last spot for North America in dramatic fashion just two weeks ago, and hopes to make some noise in Season 3.

Speaking of NA subs, The Brunch Club has announced that talented solo queue player and former FXO AP mid Bischu will bring his outstanding Nidalee play to their ranks as a substitute for their team. TBC is another NA team that hopes to reclaim some former glory for the region, and showed some promise two weeks ago when it cruised to a spot in the LCS. North America has needed some new blood for awhile to push the envelope and make everyone around them better, and these additions, and new teams especially will only serve to improve the overall quality of play.

Finally, Meat Playground disbanded in the wake of not qualifying for Season 3, and former MP player Pobelter has found himself back in the ranks of Curse. Pobelter joins forces with, Rhux, IWillDominate, Altec, and YodaTV to form Curse Academy, the new Curse "B" team. This team will be ineligible to compete in Riot's Season 3 official events because of Pobelter's age and IWillDominate's very public suspension, but there will be plenty of events they can take part in. This collection of talent will not only help push Team Curse, but if they can gel together could find themselves in the thick of major competition in a year's time.

So RoG'ers what did you think of the news this week? Was Riot right in their DQ'ing of Mebdi? Which NA team got the better sub? How will Curse Academy do? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to tune into the European qualifiers this weekend!

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  • #20 exacerberus

    I'm happy Bischu has finally found a decent team. GZ!

  • #18 Alithandros

    I thought Dominate was banned from all accounts for a year.  So if he's on this team practicing, isn't that a violation?  If they gather proof of those, such as his stream, couldn't they just extend his ban from tournaments indefinitely?

    I understand creating a team of 'people who can't play right now but are good', but there is a difference in being sadly underaged and just being a consistent rulebreaker with no regard to League's policies.

  • #19 Tuck359

    All of his known accounts were banned. They can't prohibit him from making new ones, which he did. There will be events in which Dominate can compete, but they can't be official LCS circuit events.

    Everyone deserves a shot at redemption. Dominate had deplorable and reprehensible behavior in his solo queue games that much is certain. However, he is a good player and if he continues to set a positive example like he has lately then it is good for the community.


  • #15 Gunthore

    :/ New curse team, but had to drop .EU? Assuming the cost was higher for some reason I can't see.

  • #14 TiKD

    Oh man someone was talking shit over the internet, let's get mad because we can't handle words from someone we'll never meet in our lives!

  • #13 Grimezs

    I think it's disgusting that Curse would put money and publicity behind a player who was one of the worst NA League of Legends griefers. Especially when you could pick up so many other, more talented, NA players. Players who didn't verbally abuse strangers over the internet for playing bad at a video game.

    What's next? The new Curse.EU squad is the 3 guys banned from TSM, Linak from aAa (banned) and enVision from mousesports (banned)?

  • #10 TheJetPS

    Why can't Curse Academy compete because of Pobelter's age? How old is he?


  • #11 Cerbereth

    I think he is 17.

  • #12 Thantos66

    yes, and the the required age for participation is 18 in case someone doesnt know.

  • #16 Benegesserit

    So retarded. Why do they even have an age limit? OLYMPIC gymnasts don't have to be 18. Why does some silly e-sports game require it?

    Last edited by Benegesserit: 1/25/2013 11:55:35 PM
  • #17 Tuck359

    Technically all Olympic athletes are considered amateur. There are employment laws and Riot would like people to finish high school before competing in the salaried league. It does suck for these talented players such as Pobelter and Rekkles, but the rule does have a place

  • #9 Cronosmite

    The simplest way to describe it is people are spamming you so hard with pings that it causes your internet to crash out. People were using this to cause ranked games to close out by disconnecting both teams; when all 10 people DC, the server closes out the game.

    That being said, these bans all seem well deserved. Record high harassment rates and constant racist remarks, using tools to DDoS other players out of their wins (the screenshot even says he prevented one guy from streaming for months on end with it), and just generally poor behavior across multiple accounts. Some people don't understand that people on the internet are still people, and there will be negative repercussions for being rude and ignorant.

  • #7 KhaBam

    Someone give me the definition Of DDosing plz and thank you 

  • #8 Dyslexicon

    Denial-of-service is what DDoS is, its generally accomplished by flooding the server/host with ping requests, which causes disconnects/delays. If I'm wrong please correct me, or if someone can explain it better please do.

  • #6 Waaargh

    Hah, I read that as IWillDominate and Pobelter joining up with the banned players from Mebdi. Ye ye, it can't happen, is funny tho.

    The ruling is acceptable. Too bad for them, good for the e-sport scene.

  • #5 Mockstar

    Big congratz to Bischu, one of my favorite streamers and now my favorite pro. He'd mentioned this and I'm glad it worked out, with luck he'll get a starting position soon.


  • #4 Marzillius

    I am glad that Team Solo Medbi got banned. Those 3 guys who got banned on there were disgusting. I feel kind of bad for the other 2 players though, but seeing DarkwinJax in Season 3 would be a big, damn shame.

  • #3 imwithn00b

    IWD is one of my fav streamers... good to see him trying to go competitive again! :D

  • #2 Interceptor402

    "The DarkwinJax account established the highest harassment score ever recorded on the EU West server. No player, before or since, has matched this degree of negative behavior."

    This is amazing.

  • #1 Zepfreak54

    Ive missed having Pobelter and Iwilldominate on teams, glad to see they have a new home ^_^

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