LCS Super Week in Review: Winners, Losers, and Surprises from NA and EU

Super week has come and gone, and as the dust settles we have a new top team in the standings in both North America and Europe. The LCS will take a break this week for the IEM World Championship, so it is the perfect time to look at the super week that lived up to its name.

The week proved to be as wild as advertised, with upsets, epic games, and huge plays coming from each team as they played 5 games apiece. Let's take a look at which team won, surprised, and lost in the biggest week to date of the LCS for each region.

North America

Winner: The clear winner of North America was Dignitas. Not only did Dignitas stop Curse's undefeated streak and take over the top spot in the NA LCS, but they also beat everyone else they faced. A 5-0 record is a clear indicator a team's strength, and when they play it's just plain scary. Dignitas is communicating and making plays on another level than anyone else in North America and will be tough to knock off this streak. They aren't afraid to innovate and think fluidly to win, like running duo mid to shut down Kassadin and it is a huge advantage for their team to be so flexible and unpredictable.

Time off might be the worst thing for a team that is riding so high, but if Dignitas continues to get superb play out of all their positions, they should hold onto the top spot in NA. They are fearless in their aggression, calculated in their objective control, and shine late in games with excellent teamfighting.

Everyone feeds information to their jungler, Crumbzz, and let him make plays in the early game and help them gain control of the map and Scarra plays champions like Diana or Gragas to initiate good fights for the team later on. They'll have to watch out for Curse, a team that has dealt them one of their two losses, but Dignitas should be the favorite going forward.

Surprise: Team MRN proved during super week they have to be taken seriously. They were the last team to qualify in North America for the LCS, but they are currently in 5th place and just 1 game back in the loss column from CLG (a team they beat during super week). Teams might have overlooked everyone's favorite underdog, especially TSM and CLG, but they showed that they do their homework and know how to plan an upset.

MRN knew that CLG would pick Vayne for Doublelift and look to protect him, so they played Vi and Renekton. The game was close, but Mrn was in control and was able to close it out thanks to the fact that their was no way for CLG to peel off Doublelift if they team fought correctly with the champions they picked. Megazero continues to impress with his skills, but even when he isn't able Heartbeattt's Tristana has proven to be extremely difficult to deal with in teamfights. Teams will know Mrn is coming and be looking to game-plan better against them now, but they have proven they are a team that has to be taken seriously.

Loser: Several team's had disappointing showings in super week, but Complexity truly had a rough week. It's a tough draw for the last place team to get the top 4 team in the standings when they only play 5 games, and Complexity wasn't able to pull off an upset. They were destroyed before 20 minutes against Dignitas and at times it was difficult to watch them seem so outmatched. They are a better team than they have shown in the LCS, and have had moments but lack the experience to close out some of the leads they do manage to get against more seasoned teams.

Teams have been focusing on shutting down Lautemortis in the jungle, and have been highly successful. He hasn't been able to get going in virtually any game for them and sports a very rough 1.3 K/D/A ratio (the lowest of any jungle). For Complexity to rebound and try to avoid relegation, they will have to start getting better performances from Lautemortis and the team will have to start putting him in better positions to succeed.


Winner: Gambit has been the definition of winning in the e-Sports scene for a long time now, and it is certainly no surprise they rebounded from a poor early showing to take over the top spot in Europe. Much like Dignitas, they suffered some early defeats in the LCS, but have come roaring back to leave the rest of their region stumped on how to stop their streak. They won all 5 of their games during super week, including wins over Fnatic, SK, and EG (#2, 3, and 4 in the standings respectively). The superior play from Diamond in the jungle and the dominance their duo lane has shown just exacerbate problems teams have dealing with their other outstanding players like Alex Ich in mid.

Gambit has consistently been the innovators of the scene, and they have brought things like Volibear jungle to the forefront of everyone's mind, and shown just how strong Thresh is in a competitive setting. Their mastery of Fnatic recently makes it hard to pick against them going forward in the LCS, especially with the mismatch bottom lane. SK has been able to give them some problems, but it's hard to see a Gambit playing this well fall out of one of those top 2 spots unless major communications arise. They have been known to get complacent or bored at times, but for now, the LCS is theirs for the taking.

Surprise: It's hard to pick just one from the European scene. both DragonBorns and Copenhagen Wolves shined in different parts of the week. The Wolves came into super week still looking for their first win of the LCS, and came away with a 3-2 record on the week something no one predicted. They toppled then #1 in the standings Fnatic in a truly riveting game and proved that with Bjergsen back they aren't a pushover. North America has teams in the bottom of the standings that you can perhaps get away with overlooking, but you certainly can't say the same for Europe anymore.

DragonBorns weren't to be outdone, and though they would have liked to go positive on the week, they pulled out some of the best innovation of the week to score upsets. Running a duo lane of AP Nidalee and Soraka completely threw off a reeling EG and helped them score a big upset. The willigness to shake up conventional play and thinking has and will continue to be an advantage for a team that wasn't even expected to make the LCS and now finds themselves in 5th place and just a game back in the loss column of an EG team that is reeling.

Loser: I could have written a whole piece on just EG's struggles, and it is tough to see a team that is so likeable struggle so much. Jatt once said they were the bar by which other teams would measure themselves on because they were so solid in their play. It was a both a blessing and a curse for this to happen, as they weren't ever quite good enough to go on a hot streak of tournament victories like Moscow 5, but were always in contention.

The players have all cited communication issues for their problems and that if they relayed information to each other better and stopped being overconfident in their ability to outplay opponents the wins will return and much of this is correct. However, they also suffer from a fairly massive predictability problem. Teams know that if they leave certain picks open against them, that EG will play them every single time and can gameplan for exact champions. It can be a double-edged sword giving up Anivia to Froggen and Irelia to Wickd, but teams have proved they are now able to deal with it by using hard counter picks like Kassadin.

EG isn't a team that should be in danger of getting relegated, but they are a team that needs to shake things up a little. What exactly that is, they need to decide for themselves, but a wider champion pool starting with Wickd would certainly help. With the game how it is at this point in time doesn't allow for teams to stall the game like they once could in Season 2, and EG will have to adapt better to remain a contender going forward.

What did you of the super week RoG'ers? Who were the winners and losers in each region? Which team(s) surprised you? Who is the favorite in each region going forward? Let us know in the comment section and stay tuned to Reign of Gaming for all your LoL-related needs!

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  • #11 DonYagamoth

    I really like DBs using the Nidalee/Soraka botlane combo. It didn't work out against SK because they were prepared for it. But I think if they practice with it and tweak the overall strategy it should be a solid composition.
    The reason why I say "practice" is simple - while Hosan (not sure if written correct) showed some impresse Nidalee play overall, in the laning phase alone he missed so many CS because he is used to having more AD. It was not nice to watch.

    EG seemed to have gone completely on tilt during their losses. I think you hit the right spot with them being too predictable. People have caught up in raw mechanics skills and overall strategy.


    I wonder when people will realize, that hybrid penetration runes are SO GOOD for the laning phase (both last hitting and early matchups where even APs auto-attack) and you barely lose any damage later. 

    Also I wonder, when people will start the roaming again.. I mean, that's the next logical step in the meta with the constant lane-swapping going on right now. Simply pick two(!) 1v2 laners, set your carry in the middle or jungle and have a potent roaming champion such as Poppy, Alistar, ... etc. walk around, buy early pink wards and shut down vision. If you think about it - With 2 people always MIA that can be anywhere, you have the advantage in 2 out of 3 lanes. The actual 1v2 lane is equalized and the early 3v1 tower dive can be denied by a single assistant alone - while the other one can provide an advantage in other lanes.
    The difficulty for this setup is simply, to provide the necessary levels to the roamer. But him simply staying in one or the other lane for a quick shove (so the laner can buy) should solve this problem.

    Another more crazy thing that constantly is in my head - and is more of a gimmick than a solid strategy - is the power of Soraka + anything that can heal in lane. Ever played against a Soraka + Sona lane? It's not nice... Sona has infinite mana for spamming W and Q - which is incredibly potent. Simply have your jungler to be a carry that comes by every now and then and is allowed to take all CS from all lanes. Fed carry by farming all lanes.

  • #9 bryjson

    Well, about Kassadin and Frogen's Anivia. It wasn't so much about hard counter (Frogen got early kill in that match, and didn't die even once), but Kassadin ability to roam, and snowball all of their lanes. After that it was stomp fest and pushing all the lanes at once.

  • #10 Tuck359

    True, but Kassadin had a significant CS lead even after the kill and Froggen had to play very defensive in the lane, which allowed the roaming

  • #8 lazule2

    I hope Curse wins in the end. :3

  • #7 Cerbereth

    Yay Copenhagen Wolves!

    As far as the NA scene I am not sure if Dignitas is in the lead. I mean if someone beats you and then you come back in the next week and beat them doesn't that mean I don't know that your tied with them or at least on equal footing.

    I think Curse and Dignitas are going to go round and round a little more before it is clear which of them is the better team.

    Anyway good article.

  • #5 B3hr7

    Diamond ran one mean Nasus jungle during the GG vs Fnatic matchup. Hopefully people are going to start finally realizing that Nasus jungle is not just viable, it's proven to work on a competitive level.

    Only problem I see nowadays is that the people who I've seen run Nasus jungle don't max E first (you only max Q first if all your lanes are snowballing or are pushing the lanes to the max and you spend the majority of your time farming the jungle as the result).They also do nothing but farm not realizing that Wither is a powerful ganking tool that is powered up further by the ult now (increases the cast range by 100, making it 800 total), even Nasus has to gank a lane when the situation calls for it. Hopefully this game gives a good template for Nasus jungle for the fans, because I'm really getting worried when the majority of Nasus junglers I see also buy Madreds instead of a spirit stone....

  • #4 Rapidutz

    great read

    EG seem indeed much weaker now with S3 but we should wait for IEM WC to see if they actually can step up their game.

    GG and Fnatic shouldn't have problems to finish on the first 2 places if they take things seriously.

  • #3 bibbibob

    Its really threw me off that EG loss so much, but I just havent really seen them shine like they did in old good comeback days :/

    On the other side im so happy CW won their first game with a pent(i think) and just won a ton compared to the 0/9  (im from Copenhagen so wuhu :D) 

  • #1 Blacknsilver

    I would prefer less bias and feelings.

  • #2 Tuck359

    I try to remain unbiased in my evaluations of teams and simply watch all the games and form my thoughts on the results. If you feel I was being unfair to a specific team or player feel free to let me know here or you can shoot me a PM and I will certainly listen and have been known to change my mind.

  • #6 JocularThePeasant

    I'm less familiar with some of the European teams, (and I don't watch the LCS matches for Europe as often) but I didn't pick up on any bias. I thought the article was well done.

    The article was written like a reporter or newscaster who places themselves into the majority. It's not bias, it's called voice, and without it I'm not sure it would be half as interesting.

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