IWillDominate Moving into Curse House: "Riot has outlined a process for earning my eligbility back into the LCS"

Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera will be joining the Team Curse gaming house in Las Vegas next week to train with the team. While Team Curse has been enjoying success in the LCS, Dominate has helped Curse Academy prove they are one of the best teams in the amateur circuit, and will look to continue improving along with the rest of the members of Curse moving forward.

Avid League of Legends fans will remember IWillDominate as Team Dignitas' former jungle before he was suspended from the LCS for 1 year in December 2012 due to repeated bad behavior in-game. Since then, he has turned over a new leaf and fans of his stream can attest to his now positive behavior both in and out of game. I was able to speak with Dominate about his transition to the Team Curse house, his status with Riot, and his potential role on Team Curse in the future.

How did you feel about the events that transpired that prevented you from playing in LCS?

IWillDominate: There were a series of events that transpired leading up to my restriction [from the] LCS, and for me personally it took Riot's interjection for me to realize that I could be a positive influence - not just in league but just with everything. When my mindset shifted - I started to enjoy the game more, this time not at anyone's expense. 

I started building relationships with other players and took welcome to upholding to a standard of behavior that I would expect and want from other people. For those of you who have tuned into my stream in the last few months and have flooded my chat with positive feedback and recognition about my 180 - that feels great.

You mentioned you're a different person today, can you tell me more about that?

IWillDominate: Well there are a bunch of things, but generally speaking I feel more tolerant to almost any situations that occurs in solo queue. I don't let other players behavior dictate my behavior - focus on controlling what I can control and not worrying about things I can't control.  I just focus on my game, what I need to do to win.

Sometimes it works out - sometimes it doesn't. In all - I just feel like a more positive person, one of those things where you give out positive energy and it's something you get back - and guess what?  It works. 

Have you spoken with Riot recently about your suspension situation? Is it a full calendar year or will you be able to compete after the Spring LCS is over?

IWillDominate: Riot has been gracious enough to answer my questions and outline a process for earning my eligibility back into the LCS. For them, they could have come out and told me I was banned for life, but they didn't - I'm lucky to have another shot to show a difference.

There aren't any steadfast rules or dates - for now I'm just going to focus on being the best I can be and try to be a positive role model for other players and hopefully good things will follow.


How do you feel about moving into the Curse house?

IWillDominate: I'm extremely excited about moving into the Curse house. I've spent a lot of time with all the members of Team Curse over the last year and expect to enjoy living with them.

I'm committed to focusing my time and energy on improving my game play - there's no better way to do that then put myself in an environment where I'll be able to soak in strategy, scrim as much as possible. I want to be able to implement what the main Curse team has been able to do and weave it into the gameplay for Curse Academy.  

What types of things are you going to be doing in the house?

IWillDominate: Whatever it takes to win - that's always going to be the number one goal. I've got to put any other clutter aside. But there are a lot of things that will help me get my team there.  I'll be scrimming, help scouting and doing research for both teams.

As part of the Curse family, I'll also be assisting with the LoL Pro website - mostly writing and updating jungle guides on the site. I'll also be able to stream and work on improving my relationship and awareness in the League of Legends community.

Does this mean that you'll be a second sub on the main team once your ban is lifted?

IWillDominate: I'm going to focus all my energy being the best player I can be - if that means that at some point in the future I earn a spot on the main roster - because it's what everyone feels is best for the success of the team - so be it.

The decision will be up to Steve, but I have to take it one step at a time, right now my goal is to improve as a player and put myself in an environment where I can do that. In the longer term, my goal would be to be back in the LCS Pro Scene and play in LCS - making the move into the house seems like a natural progression towards that.

You now play for Curse Academy, how has the transition been and how are the matches going for the team?

IWillDominate: Team Curse Academy has been going very well. So far we have played in three online tournaments. We made it to the finals of all of them, and won two. We have not yet played as a team at a LAN, however many of us have been at lans before, just not as a team.

With that being said, I think as a team we have the experience and drive to be the best non LCS team in North America. There are still quite a few non-LCS tournaments and I am planning on our team taking home all the wins.

You'll get that chance next week at MLG Dallas. How do you feel going into the tournament? Who do you think is your biggest competition there?

IWillDominate: We've been scrimming, playing almost every day, multiple hours a day - and we've been winning fairly consistently. We were the first team to quality for IPL (even though it was cancelled). I feel really strong going into MLG Dallas. Our strongest competition will probably be Dirt Nap Gaming, but I'm confident in my teams abilities and believe we have the potential to win the tournament.

What do you think about the Amateur Circuit as a whole right now? How have the tournaments been and where do you feel like the overall level of competition is?

IWillDominate: I think that amateur circuit is a good training ground for aspiring LCS teams. The tournaments have been relatively close and I have a pretty good feeling that many of these teams are going to give the Regulation teams in LCS some pretty tough matches. 

As you know, at some point in the Season, the bottom teams will have to face some of the Amateur teams to stay in LCS, if they don't win - then the new teams move into the Pro Circut.

How often do Curse Academy and Team Curse scrim? Do you guys regularly bounce ideas off each other?

IWillDominate: Curse Academy and Team Curse scrim a couple of times a week. We wish it could be more often, however the conflicting schedules of the amateur circuit and the LCS make it difficult.

What has been your impression of the NA LCS? The 2v1 lanes, taking a tower as fast as possible, and trying to dive 3 on 1 has become the norm. Is there any way to counter that effectively right now, or should Riot look at tweaking towers or something else?

IWillDominate: There is definitely counter-play to the 2v1 turret pushing meta. In my opinion it just speeds up the pace of the game. Junglers now have to make the decision whether or not to hold the tower with their solo laner, or to try and secure a map objective like dragon, a buff, a kill, or [to push] another tower.

How do you feel about the current state of the game since Season 3 has settled in? Do you think the game is in a better place than at the end of Season 2?

IWillDominate: I think it's too early to tell whether the game is in a better spot now than in Season 2. Riot is still working out the kinks with new items and champions in season 3, so judgement of the games status must be reserved until later down the line.

As items are being balanced (Blade of the Ruined King OP) we should eventually see much more diversity in builds in season 3 than builds in season 2. Overall having more options is a good thing for the game because it allows for more counter-play with itemization.

IWillDominate will move into the Curse house on March 11, and will play in MLG Dallas starting on March 15 with Curse Academy for a spot in the May promotion tournament to the LCS. He will also be playing in a show match for SXSW this weekend in Austin, TX with one of his teammates - Pobelter.  Check out his stream channel and follow him on twitter.

Let us know what you thought of the move by Curse, the interview with IWillDominate, and Curse Academy's shot at winning MLG Dallas in the comment section below! Stay tuned to Reign of Gaming for more news, updates, and all your other LoL-related needs.

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  • #25 texil

    While i have  no issue with this guy as i have never really seen him play, but does this mean he is replacing Saint?

  • #26 MarcoFoxRoberto

    I hope not. Saintvicious is a pretty chill guy, and good player, imo.

  • #28 texil

    Yeah I'm slightly curious as what is happening to him then any one who has got any information on it please share :)


  • #30 Tuck359

    He is definitely not replacing Saint. For now Dominate will just be in the house to help with various things and if and when his ban gets lifted he will have the opportunity to become a sub for the main team (providing everything else has been going well).

  • #23 Dyslexicon

    Riot's very own Ministry of Love.
    Just a matter of time before I love big brother too.

  • #29 Katrex

    Dont remind of that book. Couldn't sleep properly for a week after I read it.

    Last edited by Katrex: 3/9/2013 11:11:18 AM
  • #21 LolLolLolJake

    Riot: "We hold professional LoL players to the same standards as normal players!"

    *Gives IWD 8 chances in tribunal as opposed to the 2-3 everyone else gets, and then gives IWD a way to lift his 1 year ban.*


  • #37 dilupus

    Quote from LolLolLolJake »

    Riot: "We hold professional LoL players to the same standards as normal players!"

    *Gives IWD 8 chances in tribunal as opposed to the 2-3 everyone else gets, and then gives IWD a way to lift his 1 year ban.*


    His accounts are still permabanned. He will never get those back. That is no different than anyone else that gets permabanned, EXCEPT other people who are permabanned do not also have their smurfs banned. 

    His current account is a new one he made after receiving the bans. The LCS thing is something else entirely, and doesn't really apply to others that play. 

  • #14 Cerbereth

    Maybe he has changed maybe he didn't I don't see why it actually matters. Pro players should be judged based on their skill not their behavior. It's how other athletes are judged barring the most serious criminal offenses and even then they are usually let off lightly.

    Riot already forced the guy to read the company line verbatim I don't see what more they can ask.

  • #15 Snipercam7

    Gamers already get a massive stigma based off media insistence that violent video games cause everything under the sun that's bad. For there to be a high-profile arse acting up and filling that stereotype perfectly is simply counterproductive.

  • #18 Cerbereth

    The media blames violence on guns, marilyn mason, the war in Iraq, R rated films, the tooth fairy, and George Bush. The fact that the majority of people who go on shooting sprees are attention starved, and that the media suddenly makes them famous to get a story is conveniently ignored.

  • #16 Zentari2238

    Quote from Cerbereth »

    Maybe he has changed maybe he didn't I don't see why it actually matters. Pro players should be judged based on their skill not their behavior.


    Since when ? and for that matter, why ? Is there another case like this in another sport that the guy got off scott-free ? Guy behaved like a douche and got banned for it.No special rules should exist for him, even this whole pardon is laughable (though Riot understandably doesn't want  to come out heavy handed when E-sports is just blossoming).

  • #17 squee147

    I agree.  Any serious sport demands a certain level of conduct from their players, and when players do not maintain this level of conduct they are given penalties or fines.  

    Also, I think it is wise of riot to use both the carrot and the stick in this case.   Look good for them from a PR stand point and I think will do a better job motivating player behavior

  • #19 Cerbereth

    Kobe Bryant got accused of raping someone. Did he get banned for a year? No he is still playing for the lakers. What was his punishment? He had to say he was sorry.

    You think if joe smith raped someone he could get off with an apology?


    I will dominate yells at some noobs, and the community is in an outrage better bring down the banhammer. 

    It all came down to business. New players won't stick with the game if the community is too toxic (thats what killed HON), so they need to scare people into behaving.

    Riot needed to make an example of someone they found someone and they did it.

    Was that true justice at work no, but it's their game their rules, and they get to call the shots.  They told their example what he needed to do if he ever wanted to play professional league again and pretty soon they are gonna parade him out in front of us like a shetland pony to say see our tribunal works and your all gonna be good little children.


  • #20 Cerbereth

    Read my other post  for the example of why that isn't true of any professional sport.

    At least your smart enough to realize this was a business decision by Riot to manipulate the playerbase unlike a few of the people posting.

    Last edited by Cerbereth: 3/9/2013 12:38:48 AM
  • #24 Zentari2238

    Quote from Cerbereth »

    Read my other post  for the example of why that isn't true of any professional sport.

    At least your smart enough to realize this was a business decision by Riot to manipulate the playerbase unlike a few of the people posting.

    Unfortunately , your comparisons are totally irrelevant.You are comparing a situation where 1) it was outside the game and 2) broke no game rules.Totally different case with this, he broke the rules of the sport/e-sport and he got the penalties for it.Not to mention , he has been punished by both Riot AND the community, so the whole "it's just boo-hooing " for the community is false , just like the "make an example for the hell of it".What you are arguing right now is also irrelevant to the enormously erroneous point you made at the start.

    When you are punished because of rules you have agreed to comply with, it's called being held accountable for your actions, not crying.Look it up, it will help you be a more mature/better person.

  • #27 Evanescentt

    This is an insanely ignorant and asinine parallel. Kobe Bryant was ACCUSED of rape, and it turned out it wasn't rape at all, it was consensual and the girl just tried to cash in on a big payday.

    Expecting a modicum of decency and maturity is not out of line whatsoever. Your level of cynicism on this matter is disheartening.

  • #31 Cerbereth

    That is not what happened at all. It was rape and they forced her to take a settlement instead, because the lakers had too much money invested in keeping him playing for them.


    Why was part of the settlement an apology if he didn't do anything wrong?

  • #32 Cerbereth

    Dowloading music for free off the internet is illegal, but the government has an issue in that so many people do it that they can't catch everyone.

    So what do they do? They go out and find someone who downloaded music illegally and they throw the book at them 10 years in jail 250,000 dollar fine the works. 

    That one person downloading music didn't really matter against the sheer number of people who do it that they will never catch, but it makes an example and it scares people into following the unenforceable law so they do it anyway.

    That is pretty much what Riot did by the book.

    I don't consider that true justice, but again their game their rules.

  • #35 Evanescentt

    Hahahahahaha OK conspiracy theorist. Ignore the facts, it's all K. I'm sure you have firsthand knowledge, since obviously you know more about this than anyone else.

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