Chaox Replaced by WildTurtle on TSM: Why the Better Player isn't Always the Best Player

News came out yesterday that TSM had made a roster move for the first time in over a year. Chaox, a member who had been with the team since its inception was being replaced by WildTurtle because of communication issues with the team. Chaox's attitude and dedication to the game had come into question in recent weeks, with incidents that involved him showing up late for practices, even on LAN, and had forced the team's hand.

Chaox is a talented player, and though his style is different than WildTurtle's, he has the experience both in the scene and with TSM that make him a better overall player. Wildturtle has the potential, but he is replacing Chaox because he solves more problems than he creates.

At the end of the day, it's sad to see a player like Chaox leave the scene because he has so much history with his team and they were all friends. However, it was the right decision because e-Sports is a business and sometimes people have to move on.

The Disease of More - Why Winning both Creates and Solves Problems

Pat Riley is an extremely successful basketball coach with multiple championships to his name as both a coach and executive in the NBA. He came up with what he called "the disease of more." It more or less means that winning is a great thing but can create as many problem as it solves (more on this soon).

All the players in TSM have recognized that the problems have always been under the surface between Chaox and Reginald especially. It boils down to both of them wanting to lead them, but not always in the direction.

Now, they had always been a pretty successful team and it had never been better for them a year ago when they were winning every single tournament on their schedule for months and months. Most of the competition was against NA opponents, but they beat the likes of Fnatic and CLG.EU en route to tournament victories and became the team with one of if not the largest fan-base along the way. Things were great in the TSM world and all your problems and communication issues aren't nearly as big of a deal when you are still taking 1st place.

Fast forward to present day, where TSM hasn't won a tournament in several months. They didn't win a game at the Season 2 Championships, and they are in 3rd place in the NA LCS for Season 3. Things aren't as sunny for the baylife bros. and problems start to boil up even more.

Here's where that disease of more comes in. They've won in the past and all the members of TSM are incredibly popular. It's time for more everything and they've certainly earned it through their hard work.

Chaox seemed to start believing a little of his own hype and wanted more free time, more time partying, more things that are fun and periphery to what got him in the position he is in, League of Legends. It happens in other sports all the time, and it takes an experience like this to humble a player sometimes so they can remember what got them where they are and get back to what is important to being successful at the actual game again.

Team Fit over Talent

This move for TSM is a risky one. They are getting rid of a guy they've known for years and it hurts. E-Sports is a business though and their team was stagnant and they were having fights about the direction of the team and didn't feel they were on the same page. That sort of environment is destructive for team cohesion and makes everyone question each other. Jatt pointed out on stream the other day that it is better for 5 people to follow a bad call than to sit there and question each other. Even if a team doesn't agree with each other, if they are doing something together it has an exponentially higher chance of success.

Chaox is a terrific player and hopefully he will find somewhere in the scene to land and learn from his mistakes. It's easy to forget that these guys are all young and dealing with playing a video game for money and getting famous doing it. They have fans that flock to them at events and if anything is hard to not let it got to your head sometimes. It will be a great learning experience for him to grow from and continue on with his life.

At the same time, even though TSM loses what is a better player right now, they gain WildTurtle's potential and ability to play differently. TSM didn't go 3-0 last week because WildTurtle wasn't arguing with them. He has the talent to be a top player in the league and will get his chance to prove it. TSM needed something to inject new life into their team.

They were predictable, stagnant, and at war with each other and sometimes the only way to fix that is to shake up the roster. Everyone will have a renewed sense of urgency to get team cohesion, practice will be a little more fun and new, they have a chance now for everything to fall into place.

Teams will have something new to think about when they play TSM now. Sports teams make roster moves all the time, even in season, and no veteran is safe because at the end of the day, this is a business. WildTurtle was deserving of this spot, and TSM plays CLG again this week along with Dignitas and GGU this week in what will sure to be must-watch games.

They didn't draw an easy schedule for WildTurtle's second week, but even if they go 0-3 this week (which I don't believe they will) this move was a step in the right direction for them to get back to their winning way.s

What do you think of the move RoG'ers? How will WildTurtle do with TSM? Where will Chaox land in the future? Should another NA LCS team pick him up? Let us know what you think in the comment section and be sure to stay tuned to Reign of Gaming for all your LoL-related needs.

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