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The official LCS All-Star voting has begun. Summoners can vote once a day from April 2nd through the 15th for who they think deserves to represent each region at the LCS All-Star weekend. Word is that all regions will have an All-Star team, and those teams will be competing in a tournament for an additional slot in the Season 3 Championships. That means instead of sending 2 teams to the finals, a region would get to send 3. Vote for your NA picks here, and EU players can be selected here.

I've tackled the issues of overall "dream" teams before, but the fun experiment is now a reality (and region based!). It's always tough to vote for All-Stars because it's tough to determine whether you vote for the best player, the player who has performed the best, or which players would perform the best together. Europe will run into even more issues with language barriers, but let's do our best to pick which players are most deserving of the All-Star nod.

North American All-Stars

Top: Dyrus (TSM)

Mid: Scarra (Dignitas)

Jungle: Saintvicious (Curse)

Support: Patoy (Dignitas)

AD Carry: Doublelift (CLG)

These picks are based on whom I think has had the best LCS in NA at their respective positions. Dyrus has been TSM's most consistently good player and has fared very well in his 2v1 lane. He gets a slight nod over Voyboy for me personally in the closest positional race, but either would be excellent choices to represent NA because of their versatility. Dyrus has the highest K/D/A of top lanes at 4.9 and passes the eye test for me in terms of consistency. This of course isn't taking away from players like Nickwu and Megazero whom have had a good season, but aren't quite there every game for their team.

In mid, MandatoryCloud has played extremely well this season for Vulcun and I'm almost positive he inspired this Barry Manilow song. It's always hard to snub great players like Mandy and Jacky, but Scarra is the clear choice for me. He has the highest KDA of mid laners at 5.8 after the most games played and has shown he can even hold his own in 1v2 lanes and get his farm if the team wants to send their duo lane mid. Scarra has recently been drawing almost all the bans towards him in games and would be a huge boon for this team. Anyone selected will have trouble measuring up to the other mids from around the world, but Scarra seems to be the clear choice.

Saint has been the heartbeat of the best team in North America. The Season 3 jungle fits his play-style perfectly, and he has had a hand in almost all of the first bloods for Curse. I could hear arguments for Crumbzz, but I don't believe it's truly that close between the two right now. Saintvicious has risen back to the top of the jungle ranks, and deserves to be America's representative.

As easy as a decision as I believe the jungle is, support is an even more clear cut decision. The best support without question has been Patoy from Dignitas. He plays a variety of champions from Alistar to Thresh all seemingly better than anyone else in the region. Patoy has the second overall K/D/A at 10.0 and very simply makes plays. Other supports are certainly more popular in the community, but if Patoy didn't win this spot, it would be a travesty.

The AD spot is tough to fill NA is much stronger than Europe at this position. It's a 3 horse race between Qtpie, Doublelift, and Cop. It's impossible to debate that Copp hasn't had the best LCS with his ludicrous 15.5 K/D/A and impeccable positioning. He's played 7 champs, proving he has incredible versatility and you always know what you are getting with Copp. He's going to farm well. He's going to position well, and deserves to go if he is picked. For me, I don't believe he is the best player even though it is closer than most people think and can't give him my personal nod. Qtpie has the best synergy with Patoy and has been underrated for a long time, however, I can't justify picking him to go because he statistically hasn't been better than Cop or mechanically better than Doublelift.

Doublelift is the best mechanical player and has to do the most for his team to win. His stats aren't going to be there because teams game-plan entirely around shutting him down. His champion pool isn't as small as some people think, especially if the team can convince him that his Urgot is actually pretty good and he broke out Twitch with success this past week. On an all-star team, with threats at every position, Doublelift would shine because teams can't focus solely on shutting him down. It might be a purely selfish thing on my part, but I would like to see how Doublelift performs on a team with a threat every position.


Top: Soaz (Fnatic)

Mid: Xpeke (Fnatic)

Jungle: Diamondprox (Gambit Gaming)

Support: Edward (Gambit Gaming)

ADC: CandyPanda (SK)

Top wasn't that hard of a decision. Soaz has a gigantic champion pool including things like Blitzcrank in a solo lane that has helped his team achieve the best record in Europe. He earns the most gold per minute of top lanes and has the highest K/D/A of anyone in the region. He is a wildcard for the team and his performance in the LCS merits him to represent Europe for the All-Star games.

It's no secret Europe has a plethora of talent in the mid lane. Alex Ich, Froggen, and Ocelote have been dominating the scene for awhile now. Europe is most famous for its mage play and the depth of talent here makes this decision tough. I always find myself back at the same place at the end. He's the best player on the best team in Europe, and Xpeke has earned the right to represent Europe. When you think about a player who just simply makes plays, it is Xpeke. He gets better the bigger the situation and impacts the game from both his own lane and his roaming potential.

For jungle this isn't close. He's the best jungle in the world bar none. Send Diamond please.

The other place where Europe shines is support. Players like Krepo, Nyph, and Nrated are all talented players who do a lot for their lanes and tend to carry their AD players. At the end of the day, you can't pick anyone other than Edward to send. He has the highest K/D/A of anyone in Europe at 7.21 and truly carries games from a support position. His Thresh is terrifying and has to represent Europe as well.

AD Carry is a harder role to pick from Europe because the talent level isn't quite as high as the other positions. These players aren't bad by any means, but don't make the flashy plays that NA players make because it is generally the support in Europe that sets everything up. It would be fun to look at a player with a bunch of talent and upside like Hosan for this spot, but his stats simply don't back it up (more deaths than kills yikes). Genja is the best player if that's who I'm choosing and would give Europe the best chance to win in a tournament, but Candypanda deserves at least a look. Candypanda has the best stats of any ADC in Europe, and it would be nice to represent at least 3 teams in Europe.

Those are my teams for NA and Europe based on performance in the LCS, as well as who gives the teams the best chance to win. It's hard to draw the line and decide between some players, especially since it's only 1 player at each position. I'm not in love with all my picks, and many were extremely close calls. Players are going to be snubbed, and others will based on popularity, but be sure to vote for who you think deserves to represent their continent.

Let us know in the comments who you think are the All-Stars for NA and Europe and stay tuned to Reign of Gaming for Asian All-Stars, e-Sports news, and all your other LoL-related needs!

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