Elementz to become Free Agent; Rhux in as Support for Curse

Team Curse's longtime support player, Cody 'Elementz' Sigfusson, has decided to become a free agent. Both Curse management and Elementz feel it is best for the team and Elementz to go their separate ways starting with the Spring playoffs. He will be free to sign with another team during the summer split beginning May 13th, or remain as a reserve for Curse based on his decision.

Elementz offered the following statement on the decision and his time as a player for Curse

"I've decided to become a free agent due to internal issues on the team, but I will remain on Team Curse as a reserve player to help the team finish out the season any way I can. Curse fans I couldn't thank you enough for all your support and helping me get to this point in my life.

I would also like to thank the Curse organization and my teammates for making it this far together. It's unfortunate that this had to happen but life has a way of working things out and Steve and I have agreed that this is best decision for the team and myself. I am looking forward to the things to come and wish everyone I've met along the way the best of luck in the future.

Elementz has been both a great player for top teams, and a pillar of the League of Legends community since beta. His run on Counter Logic Gaming during the early days of the e-Sports scene saw the team dominate time and time again en route to several tournament victories. His famed tier list ranking champions by their effectiveness in the current meta continues to be one of the most viewed and talked about pieces in the scene today.

Elementz joined Curse in December of 2011, and helped them on their way to becoming one of the top teams in North America. Elementz and the rest of Curse emerged fan favorites, and he even had a fun Youtube series "Cooking with Chefmentz".

Season 3 has already been kind to Curse, they dominated the LCS qualifiers and jumped out to an early lead in the standings. They finished the spring season with a 19-9 record, good for 2nd place in North America and a guaranteed spot in the summer season. However, their play late in the season waned, and the team felt it needed to go in a different direction going into the playoffs to give them the best chance to win. Keenan 'Rhux' Santos will become the new starting support player for Curse, and Elementz will become a reserve going forward.

Curse's manager, Steve 'Liquid112' Arhancet had the following to say about the decision and Elementz's time with Curse:

“Elementz has been an incredible asset to Team Curse since he joined, and has been instrumental in the success we’ve seen to-date.  I founded the team three years ago with one underlying philosophy – that I would always do what was in the best interests of the team to succeed and perform at the best of their ability. 

Cody and I have come to a mutual agreement that what is best for the team moving forward is for Elementz to become available to be picked up by other teams and for Curse to use Rhux for support in Playoffs. The Summer split trade start date begins on May 13th, 2013 and ends on August 10th, 2013 - during this time Cody will be available to sign with any LCS team or choose to continue as a reserve player for Curse, the decision will be up to him"

Rhux is a talented player himself, holding the #1 spot in the Season 2 ladder for Solo Queue, and winning the original 1v1 Curse tournament to become a sub for the team. He's been a reserve for Curse in Season 3 while playing for Curse Academy, a team which has been a force in the amateur circuit. He won't be the first in his family to play a sport competitively, as Rhux's grandfather was Amos Otis, a 5 time All-Star in Major League Baseball playing mainly for the Kansas City Royals.

Rhux has been mainly a top lane player, but has played support for Curse before at IPL 5. Fans of the team will hope that his tagline 'Rhux City' is a place that holds an even brighter future for both the Curse duo lane, and the team as a whole in the weeks and months to come.

James Duggan, Curse YouTuber, will be doing interviews with the team to answer your questions and comments, these will be released soon so stay tuned.

What do you think RoG'ers? Does this make Curse a better team going forward? How will Rhux fare as a support both with Cop and the team as a whole? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to stay tuned to ReignofGaming for all your e-Sports related needs.

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  • #145 J5DubV

    So, in hindsight this is looking like a mistake.

  • #146 Apollinarius

    Rhux must hold the LCS record for most whiffed Crescendos in a single game.

    The line "if you're going to use an AoE ultimate on a single target, you better make sure you kill him," needs to be modified to, "if you're going to use an AoE ultimate, you better make sure it hits at least one champion."

    To be fair, that whiffed Shockwave in the game-turning fight in Game 2 was pretty horrible too. Maybe missing AoE CC ultimates is going to be the way they distinguish themselves from teams that know how to play.

    They're only lucky that they managed to do well enough in the season to not be in the first round of the playoffs. Otherwise they'd all be out of work in a couple of weeks.


  • #144 ironhOPE

    called it,its not about elementz its about whole team,they deserve to lose in playoffs after didnt believe in elementz

  • #147 rathyAro

    Anyone who understands how team dynamics function, particularly in league would have known from the get go that removing Elementz from the team would hurt them in the short run. The only reason they could have beat GGU is if they were just substantially better because breaking the team dynamic will always hurt you. So you didn't really make any kind of interesting call. 

    That said. Elementz was a bad player, but more importantly bad for progress of the team (assuming what Saint said in his vlog was correct, and I believe it is because it sounds consistent with what has been seen and said by others). Rhux could be half as good as Elementz right now, but so long as he actually has the desire to improve then he will always be the better pick up. Remember, Saint never harped on Elementz being bad, that was the community, he was upset with his lack of dedication and motivation.

  • #143 Snailed

    It's very sad as Elementz is such a great guy and has been a great support for Curse. However the skill level required currently for LCS has definitely increased, and curse needs to do something to start wining again.

    Doesn't help when Saint is throwing the games also.

  • #140 Cerbereth

    Nooooooooooooooooo this is horrible. Now my favorite player is wandering as a free agent while my favorite team is taking unnecessary risks with their bottom lane that they don't have time to properly practice, and it's all thanks to frickin Doublelift's Tzeentech style just as planned mind games.

  • #137 boorboor

    Can't speak for the scrims, but in the LCS elementz was doing just fine. Multiple clutch saves, their lane did fine, Cop's KDA is the best of the top 4 teams adc.

    If anyone was screwing up in the LCS games, it was Saint. Once Xin, Voli and Jarvan took some nerfs his performance plummeted, and the man cannot gank for shit if it isn't 2v1. Even when it is 2v1 it was turned around on him multiple times.

    But whatever, not the first time. "Better Bench Elementz" right?

  • #138 goonza29

    Their lane didnt do that fine. If Cop has that KDA, it was because he had great positioning and peel from the team (mainly because Saint's and Voyboy's hard engages). Elementz is a funny and a great guy, but he is always kinda lacking in some aspects. Saint carried his number of games in the LCS, and he actually played poorly only in the Superweek. I agree that Saint can be a douche sometimes, but Elementz got a bit too melodramatic.

    If there is a big problem now, it is Cop and Saint having reduced champion pools. But Elementz didnt synergyze with the team.

    Btw, who can put up a one sided fight 2v2? just saying its not that easy.

  • #139 boorboor

    apparently, whomever Saint is up against can, as they chunk him every time.

    Saint played very well early. But early in the LCS Xin, J4 and Voli were incredibly powerful, and each were very strong for a targeted early gank. Hence Saints involvement in all the first bloods early in the season.

    But, with the changes to those characters, he fell off. Hard. His bot ganks are always sub par, so his 3v2 performance isn't terribly hot either.

    He played particularly poorly in super week, yes, but he has sub par showings quite often once the nerf's hit the one play style he excels at, and on any other style of jungler he underperforms like its his job.

    And, you're right of course, the limited champ pool is an issue, but that's a much bigger issue with Saint than it is with Cop. No matter what, Cops roll is pretty much the same, but saints roll SHOULD require more angles. He not only has the limited pool of champs, but all those champs are the same basic thing. They're early aggression bruisers with a gap closer/single target CC. He not only has a limited pool of champs, its a limited pool for a single playstyle. A jungler should be more versatile.

    And expanding your play was the purpose of the entire blowup in the first place. Saint is guilty of what he accuses Elementz (and jacky) of, and does not put that gaze on himself.

  • #136 Saetialol

    I think it's hilarious that all of you kids are blaming Doublelift for this. The guy just spoke him mind, after Cop came to him asking him how he can get better. This wouldn't have happened if Elementz wasn't playing poorly. Elementz can bitch and moan all he wants, but it's his fault in the end. Good play erases everything, and he didn't play well.

  • #133 Jielhar
    After watching Elementz' vlog and Saints' vlog reply, I agreed 100% with Saint. Not only was Elementz dragging his team down, he was also responsible for causing a fair amount of drama for his team out of one screenshot taken out of context. Elementz is a likable guy, but I can't stand it when people air their dirty laundry in public in an attempt to play the victim, make a grab for sympathy and point to whoever they had a conflict with (in this case Saint and Doublelift) as the villain.
  • #130 daghene

    It's ALWAYS the jungler's fault(jungler here!).

    But what when you're jungler is both a di*khead and the team leader? Blame the support!

    Seriously Saint, watch a bit in the mirror then go home! Worst leader ever.

  • #129 AcheronEHJ

    Curse will only get worse with this. 

  • #126 ironhOPE

    Elementz FOR EVER,Doublelift Fck your self kid,you contributed for this dicision

    Curse was my biggest fan untill now,i hope they lose in playoffs

    And also na all stars will lose in their games cause after first game doublelift will say that xpecial is noob support

    Last edited by ironhOPE 4/22/2013 2:15:01 AM
  • #119 nickz84

    Scumbag Doublelift's fault https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snyopgp-qbo


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