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    RoG has always been the home for quality League of Legends content. We have a dedicated team of writers and video producers who seek to provide the community with the most useful and entertaining pieces of work seen anywhere in the world of League of Legends.

    However we are only human and can only produce limited pieces of content per week. 

    Introducing the RoG User Content Forums -

    This is the place where the creativity of RoG users can be showcased. Post your fan art, articles that you have written and any other LoL related content that you wish to showcase to the world. In the case, there is an exceptionally well crafted piece of work, you may even have the chance for your content to be published to the front page of

    What are you waiting for? Pick up those pens, paintbrushes, cameras and be the first member from the forums to have their content published to the front page.

    Good luck summoners!

    - DiffTheEnder (RoG Community manager)

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