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Karma rework!

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    So where's my karma rework. I don't want to be laughed at anymore, I finally want to be the fan waving menace I deserve to play.

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    I think you're playing the wrong game... ;p

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    Karma gets a model workover, perhaps there will be something done about her abilities too. I believe I have not seen her played a lot in tournaments, if at all. This is the argument Riot has made for some reworks lately and by that logic Karma could find her with a rework.

    I'd like to hear what you wanted to see in a Karma rework and still be able to call her Karma. I mean if the suggestion is too much you might just be better off with a different champion altogether?

    Some games you lose or win by default, you can't do anything about it. And then there is the portion of games you CAN influence.


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    Okay, so what karma lacks is some hard CC/interrupt. I've heard some speculations of a knockback, which'd benefit her alot. She's, to my knowledge, never picked in competitive play. 

    What I like for her to have is a hard(er) cc, a silence/a knockback on either her Q/W/E and an upscale on her Q heal. Remove the AP ratio and increase the base healing, this'll prevent AP karma from being too strong and it'll increase her laning/teamfight utility as a support. Since she lacks a real gamechanging ultimate I dont think upscaling her Q is going to be a balancing problem. 

    I still play karma, but I dont dare to pick her in ranked. People'll just flame and I can't really blame them, she lacks the utility to be viable in the current meta.

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    I'd heard rumor before of potential reworks on her W, with one option being that she deals damage to the bonded target as well as those who cross it; there was also a mention of her W possibly silencing the bonded target (in both cases, these would only affect enemies, of course).

    I like Karma as she is, actually; it's a pretty unique kit, and I don't think Riot should mess around with it too much. What she needs more than anything is some little bumps to give her a more competitive edge; her Q is fairly short ranged, so even if she's just using it as a heal, she can't hang back too far; it also has that downside of requiring teammates to bunch up in order to all get healed. I'm not sure how they could fix that up, but that's one of her limiters, IMO.
    Give her W that silence, and she finally gets some decent CC; it would likely have to be set up so she only silences with a Manta charge, but that's totally fine. Dunno if it would be a bit too OP to let her silence for as long as she's bonded, but that would definitely be a cool mechanic. (her bond lasts a fairly long time, but can be broken.)
    Her E is already pretty strong, it's a giant shield on-demand when she has a bit of AP to back it up. With Mantra, it's a solid nuke, too, and it has a fairly large cast range as well as the AoE range. They could even just leave that be, and rework her Q, and she'd be sitting pretty. Otherwise, shielding allies caught in the "blast" for even less than half the amount would be very powerful, and could be an excuse to keep her ranges fairly short otherwise. (the shield would be a big enough deal in a teamfight to make the tradeoff of less range on everything else.)

    Little tidbits I've read on actually playing Karma in the current meta involves, well, breaking the current meta; she does well on bottom lane paired with a melee AD, as opposed to the usual ranged carry. Fiora and Talon are both good picks for her; she can bond them as they dive in, Mantra'd shield, and follow up with a Mantra'd wave for the one-two punch as well as the heal on her ally. Since it turns into a kill lane rather than the usual farm-fest, Karma can count on getting more gold than usual as a support, so she can build as an AP carry/support hybrid instead (her reliance on building AP to be strong is what holds her back from being a competitive pick as support, and the fact that she's effectively only got two skills in a solo lane stops her from being a competitive solo-mid AP). It's a risky playstyle though, since if you can't get kills, you also can't get much farm. Push to their tower, and you set yourself up for easy ganks. Retreat to your tower, and the ranged carry can siege you both while you try to last-hit.
    She also plays well in mid-lane, and functions similarly to Soraka; just a huge pain in the ass to push out of the lane. Less of a pain than Soraka - Karma is squishier, and has less healing - but she also packs some solid burst damage. If she had a silence on her W, it would give her the third offensive skill she needs to at least break even with other AP carries.

    TL;DR: theorycrafted wall-of-text post.

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    I agree with all of the above, BUT for the part that she should be paired up with fiora/talon/a melee AD. As long as you choose your pokes wisely I think a melee AD carry is unnecessary. Her W is invaluable to protect an AD ranged late and her Q sustain is little but better with the smaller exchanges you have with ranged ADs.

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    She is acually viable for shield comps but othervise she is just outclassed. I can´t remmember how long they are pormissing her rework, but it´s a heck of a long time.

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    A few weeks ago, there was a riot post somewhere by a guy who was working on Karma's abilities. So, her rework is definitely happening, it's just taking forever.

    Yours sincerely, the next Einstein.

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    Things I hope the rework keeps:

    • Mantra in place of ult - I swear this can work.
    • Melee AD focus - it's what makes her unique (and conversely one of the reasons she never sees play)
    • Hybrid status, just less so than current Karma in favour of her support side

    Things I hope they improve:

    • The tether is awful and needs to be worth putting a Mantra charge into.
    • Mantra feels clunky as all hell.
    • She needs *some* kind of CC to work as a support. Tether doesn't count.
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    From what i've read on RiotGuinsoo's twitter, there is going to be CC on a mantra'd soul shield. I think it will always do damage (mantra'd or just as a normal ability), and it also will shield based on how many enemies the ability hits. Mantra will still be Mantra, but will have a longer cooldown with stronger effects to Karma's abilities. It will also be ranked up, like Jayce's stance swapping or Nidalee's cougar. I don't know whats happening with her Q and W, but i hope its something good. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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    I hope for only on thing with Karma´s rework- that i´d still be alive when they finaly finish, even if is work of on or who people, it still takes embarassingly long.

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    im really worried of this karma "rework" thing, as a new player to league, i have bought and played karma in a few games, and what i found is that she is really good at prolonging team fights, peel for ur carry and shield your bruisers whilst bursting a huge AOE at the same time. she really shines when cluster fcks occur. i find that her role in the team is for peel, protect, and kite team comps. shes more of a high risk high reward champ since i think that she really is one of the best at making those "bait" plays and punishing the enemy for getting greedy of an "almost" guaranteed kill.

    tl;dr shes the best cock-block support you can ever ask for, shields, heals, burst and OP slow with damage.

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    Karma is good the way she is 

    Only thing that i see need to be reworked is her laugh(she should have an insta laugh) :D

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