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KDA Ratio Formula?

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    Hey there,

    I just browsed ELOBUFF a bit and I am confused: How do you calculate your KDA-Ratio? When sorting champions for KDA, Ezreal is number one with an average KDA of 7.2 with K:8.22, D: 4.58, A:7.46. No formula I can think of off the top of my head gives me 7.2 as a result. I googled it and didn't find a thing. Someone said something about: "Kills are 2.8*assists if you are a carry type character and 1.8*assists if you are support type character" But that sounds a bit hollow to me. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me on this one.


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    Hmm... at a glance, I couldn't tell you. The closest I can come is 7.02 weighting K = 3, A = 1, D = 1, then going (K+A)/D.

    I'm guessing ELOBUFF is a little bit odd with these figures though; certainly the one in the LoL client is a simple (K+A)/D with all stats equally weighted.

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