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    I made a guide for wukong recently after wanting too for quite awhile. I feel it is a really good guide and my friends agree lol. I really want to share it with everyone in hopes of one it being popular, but i want to see some more wukong players... It is sad. i have seen maybe 3 in my last 100 games :(. If you do look at my build please don't thumb down without commenting. If you comment you may thumb it to hell if you feel the need. 


    Thanks :D


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    dat link is bringing me back to here...


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    ^Same. I tried manually copying and pasting the link and got a 404 page.

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    Just copy paste, delete "&nbsp"



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    I don't play Wukong, but you gave a lot of detail and explained your thoughts behind each decision, so it looks like a pretty solid guide to me.

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    Thank you all and sorry was in a game, Ill edit that right away! :D 

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    Wont let me change that.. strange.

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    sorry but i have problems trusting someone that tells me to not bring flash, and that is 1335 elo. can you give me a reasonable reason to follow this guide insted of one made by a player with 2000 elo?

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    I can not, all i can say is try it. I find that if you are good enough with wukong you don't need flash. The only reason i ever hear to get flash is so you can flash ult. If y your smart, go into a bush clone, get close jump in and ult. I have not one had trouble getting my ult off. But i understand the skepticism, and i hope you atleast give it a try! 

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    Let me suggest you buying a flask to avoid spending so much gold on pots for sustain. I think you buy last whisper too early, it's a situational item which you buy when you must attack heavy armored champions, in other scenario it's not cost-efficient. Better get triforce to melt down enemy squishies. I love wukong because he's got an awesome skillset but his early game sucks (destroyed by most common solo tops). VS every toplaner (except for lee sin, you have already lost lane vs lee sin) he needs to stealth after every E+aa+Q combo in order to win the trade, and that quickly drains your mana.

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    Ya may want to try.. i believe its 15/15/0 in materies. most Kongs, me included, go half tank to 3/4 tank later in the game and that will help with that while not sacrificng too much kill power. with the 5 dmg off attacks, and an early shield puts you at 11 off basic attacks, and 15% CC reduc, it is quite nice. you wouldnt take quite so much harass while last hitting. some ppl like putting 3 in utility for the mana too, as kong can go through a lot while harassing. is a decent guide though

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    Thanks i will look into it :D 

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    Ive been trying that recently, im going to have to update to include this. Your Combo of E+aa+Q is a bit counter intuitive,( I might be using that word wrong...) But since your Q reduces armor i turn my q on while flying at them and then Auto for more damage.

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    I also rather like putting 2 points in Q early for better harass burst and tower smacks when ya get the chance, then maxint nimbus then finishing Q. try it.

    and ya have amumu as a match up..? do you usually see amumu top? i cant remember last time i did, its been over a year lol.

    Theres also no maw in your build? id usually get that over a scimitar. it lets ya pull off even more shinanigans with kongs kite power when facing many mages. Make em think your an easy 1 shot when ya dive in for a fast kill on low health, then bolt away. it perfectly absorbs garrens ult for the most part as well.

    aaand a banshees is occasionally a great choice. screw up combo mages combo, or CC when ya pop in and out. though i dont usually get it as much anymore.. but when facing many mages that and a maw are great.

    also.. your ward in the pic in their tri bush, move it in just a tad.. gives you twice the sight, which you need to catch a running top laner/jungler with your nimbus, or if your good, pegg with with nimbus when they flash the wall.

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    noo you misunderstood, i mean put 2 ranks in Q, then max E lol. go E, Q,W,Q,E,E,E. Or take the W at lvl 2 if ya need the escape.

    Id sometimes prefer a bloodthrister over BoTRK also if im going more dps build as it scales with your Q, E, tower dps, and ult much better. though if you dont have a FM(i usually do), you may prefer the slow over it, or if your against a very tanky team grab blade.

    also your harass combo is good to go E, auto once, and insta Q, as its an AA reset(unless your fighting teemo, then insta hit Q without an auto, and stealth away so he cant blind and hit you as you retreat). Do the same when chipping at their tower if they are B or hiding behind it low on health, auto the turret once then instantly hit Q.

    And trinity isnt half bad on kong either, i like having it as my sole dps item sometimes.

    A tip for darius.. after ya E,auto, and Q then stealth, move to the side a bit when in stealth, and he will usually miss his pull when your running.


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    Eh, its viable. I take tank masteries with Wukong though, and its pretty much BC + Merc Scepter and then straight up tank build. He's not going to carry, his ult is going to win team fights.

    That said, the guide is well done. I find better grammar and spelling in something you intend a lot of people to read a good idea, but that's personal preference as well. Well done.

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    Ya know... for a kool dps build, now that new items are out.. boots, BC, zephyr, the new hydra, last whisper, and BT are all very good items for funzies, or if your team is already very tanky or AP heavy somehow.

    BC and Zaphyr work very well together as well.. id ignore a last whisper since your Q, masterie pen, and BC are even more pen that it gives, they stack CDR, and apply BC faster and work with your E AS buff.

    so maybe.. boots, BC, Zeph, FM, Hydra, and BC(maybe just phage, then hydra, then finish FM so you have the hydra aoe earlier for team fights). Your dps will be godlike, with a bit of survivability. Also note you dont need the standarn merc treads when you have zeph as it gives tenacity, so grab ninja or lucidity. I prefer lucidity over AS boots, you will be at 35% CDR with that build too which is awesome.

    Shit, im going to mess around and try that build now for fun.. lol.

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    ya 9/21 is my more common build with kong.

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    only one black cleaver works now.


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    I like your guide.  Not because it's perfect but it's heading in the right direction.  Your core item build is pretty good for the most part except for the starting items.  Wukong is a very trade heavy champ.  He wins lane by outplaying and outsmarting the opponent.  You need to take chances and you want to be aggressive and get fed so you can get armor pen and stay ahead of the armor curve in order to carry.  Boots and only 2 pots is VERY weak build.  The starting items that I use are Flask + 4HPots + 1MPots + 1 Ward.  This will give you a chance against sustain champs which are the bane of Wukong.  The early ward will save you from early ganks and prevent your opponent from snowballing out of control since that just how top lane works.  Also there are certain champs like Singed and Irelia that requires you to shut them down early because if you don't only god can help you.  

    The other thing is that your summoner spell is kinda off.  Ghost is mandatory on Kong.  It's the spell that allow you to out play your opponent and make plays for your team.  Clone in a bush and ghost for an engage/gank is devastating to even the most skilled players.  But the best use for it is when you combine it with ur ult, this will allow you to hit the majority of their team even after they flashed away.  Ghost also allow you to force fights against safe/poke heavy teams and with FM you can take out all of their kiting ability.  

    The other spell should be Exhaust or Ignite depends on the match up.  I mostly use Ignite since it's safer if I want to dive turrets and counter sustain champs.  The only time when Exhaust is a must is when I face a Fiora.  

    Oh, and your match up guide is also kinda off.  May be you haven't faced a good Fiora or a good Irelia before because they are rare.  But the truth is they are the hardest counter to Wukong.  Everything about their kit counter him.  Everyone else is beatable as long as you've faced them enough time.  

    That's about all the important criticism/tips I can give you.  Just try them and if you don't like it then we may just have different play styles.  Just remember Wukong is meant to play aggressive and he sucks badly against sustain.  Hope it helps.

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