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What defines a troll?

Poll: Are we trolls?

Or not?

Are we trolls? - Single Choice

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    Hi everyone.

    I have an Aram Account on EUNE(One of the most toxic Servers ever) just to play with my buddies there since i moved to West a long time ago.

    I have around 350 wins on normals just from the Wins of the Day and helping some friends,other than that i Aram all day long (more than 700 games,they are easy fast 20 minute max games,forcing you to learn champs you would never play,blow some steam and a good practice)

    Recently a friend asked me to duo with him on SR normals ensure victories and IP so i agreed.

    I supported him but honestly he sucked.
    He tried to support me but he only had Zilean :P
    I was mid but he wanted a lanemate to talk and plan with,not a pinging 12yo spamming jibrish on his native tongue (Huge Problem of the EU servers)

    So i decided to take advantage of Zileans bomb spam and Heimerdingers extreme pushing and finish the games fast.

    So i took him top and the results were as expected,people are sticking to the Meta and can`t figure what to do outside of it.

    A typical match goes something like this:
    At 5 minute mark the top tower is down and we prolly took FB
    If the Jungler is active and not a base clearing bot ignoring the surroundings we move to another lane
    If not we keep pushing and at around 8 to 10minute mark we destroy the second one
    Then roam to other lanes until they surrender at 20 or win the match at ~25

    We arent master strategists we had our rough battles with smart junglers(Plat+) outplaying us but most of the time a 2vs2 or even a 2vs4 isnt a problem for us.

    Ok since this works we are applying it more and more by informing the teammates about it,ask them to check the matches in Lolking etc but there are always these guys ruining our fun despite the fact we end up winning the game 4vs5 while they are crying at the base or staying afk.


    Anyway i just wanted to take it out of my system and prolly see how you would deal with it.

    Btw we arent instalocking,we arent forcing someone that wants top and nothing else move to another lane,we moved plenty of times to mid too with the same results.
    And a note to Pros;I know these tactics arent viable on Ranked ty :D

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    I found myself in a similar situation my brother is newer to lol and wants me to play with him but we can’t bot because he thinks "Teemo is op" and will only adc as him.  So now we’ve began to “troll top" as Teemo and Cass. We always get tons of crap for it since now we have no jungle and we’re both squishy. Then in-game our opponent is left tower hugging praying for a gank (zoning with W & Q). The jungler because of good ward/shroom coverage he ends up either dead or running away with 5hp. So the moral of the story in normal play what you want.*  As long as it’s not solo support or adc top, adc mid,adc jungle, melee bot, teemo, or poppy,    

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    I think trolling is not trying out unviable builds or stuff but rather doing something with the intention to annoy his/her teammates and/or opponents rather than trying to win the game. The problem lies in the difference in perception between the actor and the other players, often leading to the teammates believing someone is trolling when he in fact is not. (I bet the guy who "invented" (I know people have played it before) ap tryndamere "recently" was often told off as a troll in the beginning and now look where ap trynd is now.)

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    Trolling is originally defined as doing something to get an "emotional" (usually anger) response from someone.
    Now LoL has changed that definition: "anything that doesn't follow the meta = trolling."
    A troll is generally someone who wants to make someones life unpleasant just because they want to make that person upset....
    not because they are not playing how you think they should play.
    Example... Just because someone plays Heimer mid doesn't mean he is trolling.
    If they are playing Heimer support, it doesn't mean definitely that they are trolling.

    AP Yi used to be "troll" until S2. AP Tryn is picking up steam now. They have always been good though not conventional.
    If you are going to play to win and have fun, you aren't trolling. Chances are the people who afk or give up are more likely to troll than you. Especially the people who think the meta is something that is the 10 Commandments of LoL.
    AKA the reason why ranked is so toxic is that people treat their meta and ideas like a religion and need to chill out.

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    Hi again.

    Bronze 5?!Boy you are generous...thanx for giving an example of what a troll/flamer is though!

    I also wanted to point the fact that people can`t go around the Meta,i had opponents bursting in laughs when i picked something "exotic" for top against garen/darius and the other so called safe OP tops and then burst in tears when i snowballed them to hell (ranked and normals).

    Its funny that you mentioned the morale part,i just finished a game playing mid and our bot (soraka graves) fed like there is no tomorrow some failed ganks by our trynd gave the opponent`s Miss Fortune a whooping 8/0 in less than 10 minutes they wanted to quit but i tried to cheer them up and support them mentally (i am not the ussual "OMG I AM AT ELO HELL,why i keep losing,fu feeder,noobs,report,ban" poster),was hoping for a healthy conversation but i was asking too much it seems :D.

    Anyway i won them that game and in the end MF had a 23/3 that didnt know how to use properly (I blame the Streams!)

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    Can you define what Viable and not Viable is and what judge`s it or should i start a new thread?

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    Quote from a500n54 »

    play what you want.*  As long as it’s not solo support or adc top, adc mid,adc jungle, melee bot, teemo, or poppy,    

     Really? Are you one of those that rages when they have a poppy on the team? Poppy is a monster. Ofc not an easy idiotic champ like Darius, Poppy requires a lot of strategy and defensive awareness. If shes allowed to farm and have 2 kills ... you better pray.

    P.S: has a poppy player i almost only have problems vs Jax , olaf, Akali and elise. So bring on that Darius or even Garen, no trouble at all.

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    Quote from Deliqe »

    Quote from Bacardinger »

    Can you define what Viable and not Viable is and what judge`s it or should i start a new thread?

    Generally any champion with less than 46% win loss ratio on lolking is unviable and picking such champion equals trolling. Why 46+? Because 45% is where all those Poppys, Udyrs and Heimerdingers are lurking; waiting for trolls to pick them.

    Thanx for proving to me that you have no idea what you are talking about,again and again!

    % are just numbers,i can take someone at the 60ish% win rate (Lets say Ezreal) and dive straight into ranked or normals and try to figure out what he does in action.

    Oops i am screwing with your percentages (since skill aint a factor while making these % that you are all relying so heavily on) and the guys i am going to play are going to have a hard time.

    Anyway stick to your 1 button champs,look at streams,read only the top guides and flame everyone else,dont try to challenge yourself with anything out of the box that might work.
    Scream to that Trynd going AP "omg you suck noob troll" and watch him destroy the enemy team while healing himself for 500.

    Its good only if Pros are picking them in Tournaments i guess,excuse me now i have to go uninstall LoL.

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    Trolling, in my definition, is something that after the game, if you open up the 'report' menu, you can report them for it. Nowhere in that menu does it say that going Heimerdinger or Poppy is a reportable offence. However, if you go Heimerdinger, but then proceed to feed the crap out of them on purpose, that is definitely trolling, and you deserve to be reported. But that doesn't mean I like it when I see a Heimerdinger mid- if I can, I try to dodge that match, not because all Heimerdingers suck, but because in all my LoL games, I have seen about 2 good Heimers, so there's a huge chance that that guy sucks. Apologies to all those who are actually good at Heimer. Same goes for a lot of other champs, I'm not gonna report you if you pick AD Soraka, but I will try to dodge, and if you feed them intentionally, then I will report you. 

    Video games, where anybody worse than you is a noob, anybody better than you has no life.

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    as previously said.  Playing the game isn't trolling, deciding to play something that you're not good at, or others don't like, isn't trolling.   Doing poorly isn't even trolling, altho I would think you would HATE it when you're doing poorly, as I do myself.

    It's no fun being unable to support your team, win or lose, you want to be a part of it.

    A troll enters the game with the intent to disturb, interrupt, and anger other players in the game. Be it a Morgana who just wants to feed, a Teemo who decides "AP Mushrooms EVERYWHERE in the jungle" and never does anything but sit around blue buffs surounded by the jungle, or a Shaco player who just wants his Cheeze  kills, and totally is good at it.

    Now, I've been shoving down ranked games the past few days, like really really shoving them down, and had myself quite a sad lose streak.   No mater what I done did, my team mates and I didn't agree.  Can't gank mid lane, first picking the highly counterable champions like Darius and Leblanc, passive supports and agressive AD's, and Agressive supports and passive AD's.  Once players reach that one level of skill, they tend to rely more on themselves and less on the team, and its a team game damn it!  Talk with me, communicate!

    Then I teamed up with a buddy for Ranked, my soul crushed for the week.  Now, he's one of the best mid laners I know, so BAMN, Victories all around, two wins in he decides the mid lane is too hard, so we open up skype to continue the chat and insure perfection.  Dem Oriana+Hecarim combo's. 

    But we always type, we insure our team knows what we're building, where we're going, and what we plan to do.  We'll make stupid mistakes, but you'll know what we're trying to do when we die.  Communication rocks.  

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    A typical troll is defined often as tall creature, extremely filthy, often has a club or crudely crafted weapon with him. Both male and female units have tusks, which can vary in size and shape. They have a crude skin, that can vary from lightgreen to darkblue. Their characteristic is also cannibalism and unarticulated sounds they often let out.

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    A troll for me is a person who tries to trick people into underestimating him. Trolling is a art and in League of Legends it can be achieved by either being very good at baiting (or playing champions, that are naturally good at it like Singed, Karma, Irelia or Kayle) or figuring out certain very effective item/champion synergies no one else bothered yet to think about. Trolling is about surprise, unpredictability and nîche strategies.

    In champion select a perfect troll for me would be the last-pick guy, who sees the enemy team and finds "that" champion that is usually considered unviable, but counters the crap out of the whole enemy team. During the game he proceeds to build bad items, that only work in very specific situations and only on very specific champions and thus annoys team mates and opponents alike. In the end he owns everyone and 9 people all look up to him, because they can't believe that they got trolled.

    A troll is a good person who knows what he is doing. A griefer is a wanna-be troll that tries to imitate real trolls and fails miserably. That 0/24 Volibear mid? That's not a troll, that's a griefer. That 0/24 support Mordekaiser in your burst composition? That's a troll and a genius at that.

    The winds of change blow through this signature regularly. Or do they? Haha, no they don't.

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    In normals and bot games unusual things like that where you intend to try to fully win. You're not purposefully throwing the game it isn't trolling. In ranked? Yes. People take that pretty serious and it has no place there. That would be time to tell the lil bro, "No way." Purposeful builds that you know are bad, can't win. This isn't a legit attempt at something. Intentional feeding. Doubling up on a lane that isn't double and fighting for CS because you know it will piss off the top.
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    So what I am gathering from a lot of posts here...


    "If you do something that I don't like, you're "trolling".'


    That is a very horrible outlook, and I would contend to say that you yourself are a troll for that attitude because, in my experience, the people who feel that way generally will actively do things to throw the game or bring the attitude of the team down because of the perceived troll in their mind. In a recent game, I had a played announce "AD Jungle Eve" followed by a link to LoLKing with their match history.  Every game they went gold boots, Spirit of the Elder Lizard, and Randuin's Omen. And they were winning with it. One person on the team expressed minor disinterest in this, I simply said 'If it works, and you're good with it, then by all means keep doing it.' A friend of mine used to run Heimer with Promote. We would see endless dodges on the grounds that 'Heimer troll, gg, fu noob' and many other games where instead of dodging, people would intentionally play poorly because 'We have Heimer mid with promote, we lose anyway so why play seriously?' despite the face he would consistently win lane, leave his turrets/promoted minion in lane to push hard, and roaming gank with grenades and missiles to amazing results.


    Those who do things like THAT are the TRUE trolls of the game. The people who rage in chat, feed intentionally, knowingly throw games, and otherwise ruin everyones experience are the trolls, NOT the person who you feel justified in punishing because they did something you don't like. Olaf, pre-nerf, had around 40% on his win rate yet nobody would deny he was likely the strongest champion in the game. Rumble is someone that nearly nobody plays but has a very high win rate, yet because nobody ever sees him played I have run into many people who say 'No no no don't play Rumble I only ever see Rumbles feed pick someone I trust you to win with.' I have seen MANY people pick that random unbanned Shen or Amumu when my banner was trying to set up specific first picks for us and people take these "amazing OP champs" and proceed to play HORRIBLE with them despite people on my team crying 'they got Amumu, GG nice ban idiot' because we relied on the 'OP champ = OP player' mentality so many people have.

    TL;DR -Trolls are the people who bring down the team, intentionally make bad plays, and generally are there simply to PURPOSELY ruin your experience, not the people who don't play who and what you want how you want them to play it. Champ/strategy choice =/= troll, but people who dodge/rage/feed in response to something they don't like on their team are the true trolls in this game.

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    Quote from Deliqe »

    The guy is winning only because duo queue is extremely easy to carry, its like a completely different game type than soloqueue. Amplified by playing normals where people are trying free week champions etc further increasing the chances to win.

    Anyway the definition of a troll is: A person who goes to the wrong lane, plays unviable champions or tries out unviable builds.

    As the original poster hopefully figured out, trolling is the best way for your team to give up and since morale is extremely important for winning, have fun in bronze 5.

    A troll is somebody intentionally doing something with the intent of making his own team suffer. If somebody's intent is to win, no matter what strategy they're employing, they're not a troll. They may be bad, and they may have bad strategy, but calling them a troll is just as dumb as reporting somebody for intentional feeding when they probably just had a bad game...

    Actual trolling is relatively rare in LoL, and in my opinion, the true negativity of the LoL community doesn't come from trolls, or Elo Hell, but the people who think they're constantly surrounded by both, and as such, rage at or say "this Elo" or "fucking trolls" anytime anybody doesn't play perfectly in a game.

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    i ahve a question say your first pick and you call mid first but the third pick, picks mid anyway? woudl you consider the third pick a troll? and if so, how would you go about reporting that person? r

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    What makes a pick,mid pick?

    You talked about it and He/She told you "going mid" after you chose?
    If that was the case then you were obviously getting trolled to bait you into ragequitting.(Yesterday someone tried to do the same to me thinking i`ll bite the bullet and dodge and ended up playing with a Wu with supp runes and masteries jungler :/ ofc we lost)

    But there is another view of things
    I mean take Lux,for example she is a decent mid and a decent support that makes her mid or sup?

    And people watch what you are saying about dodging when a certain champ is picked.
    At the next championship someone will pick a poppy destroy everything in his path and you the metafanbois will be over that little yordle calling noobs and trolls everyone that isnt following the 4125th meta featuring poppy top or AS spaz Nautilus.

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    Quote from Deliqe »

    Quote from drkmgic »

    i ahve a question say your first pick and you call mid first but the third pick, picks mid anyway? woudl you consider the third pick a troll? and if so, how would you go about reporting that person? r

    Its a legit strategy to pick double/triple/quadruple or pentuple mid as long as youre trying to win and it is not a bannable offense. Gentleman Gustav said it himself, check it out.


    Nice hyperbole.

    Pentuple mid is clearly suboptimal (you miss out on 3 streams of gold). Same goes for not running a jungle (unless you have a plan for efficiently clearing the jungle from lanes without missing farm).

    There was a time when running a 1v2 bot lane and a 2v1 top lane would have been considered trolling; now it's almost standard in tournaments.

    If you are going mid, and somebody else says 'fuck you, I'm going mid', they're not trying to win, they're trying to get their way, and spiting you.

    Trying to win doesn't just mean 'you want to win', it means 'you're doing what it takes to win'.

    So picking is part of trying to win. Trying to win doesn't start when the game starts; if you don't take picks seriously, that's the same as not taking gameplay seriously. If your picks are oriented at something other than winning the game (spite, selfishness, you thought X strategy looked fun), you are trolling your team.

  - it's very clearly about intent


    In League of Legends, much as in the Supreme Court, actions have been ruled metaphorical speech. As such, trolling is playing in such a way as to (intend to) provoke a negative emotional response from your team.

    To give 2 quick examples. Somebody who plays double-mid with a friend, wins 10 times in a row, and thinks 'shit, this is good!' and then tries it in a game with you? Not trolling. Somebody who says 'fuck you I wanted mid, double mid!'? Trolling.

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    Troll was a LB on my last game,even though we picked the right way(and she has a high win/lose ratio) Caitlyn took her blue and she started going in Trundle mode.feeding warding mid you know screwing the whole game.

    Good intentions and proper picking isnt always the golden rule.

    The worst part is that we were winning all lanes and that LB had a nice 3/0/0 streak....

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