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What defines a troll?

Poll: Are we trolls?

Or not?

Are we trolls? - Single Choice

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    Quote from Bacardinger »

    Troll was a LB on my last game,even though we picked the right way(and she has a high win/lose ratio) Caitlyn took her blue and she started going in Trundle mode.feeding warding mid you know screwing the whole game.

    Good intentions and proper picking isnt always the golden rule.

    The worst part is that we were winning all lanes and that LB had a nice 3/0/0 streak....

    Intent doesn't stop mattering once the game starts. She may have started with good intentions, but once she didn't get blue, those intentions changed. It's still the intent that makes her a troll. Had she just started doing poorly (maybe blue would have mattered, so she lost then), that wouldn't be trolling.

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    Big fan of Intent arguments, it's all about the intent of the player.   Be if trolling, having fun, winning the game, or communication.  Intent is important.

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    The funny part is that at the 2 last games i was alone giving SR on EUNE a second chance.

    2 Troll games(LB at the 1st and a premade of 3 Amumu/Jayce/Cait on the second one) in a row and with my buddy even with the crazy tactics we had 1 or 2 trolls in 10+ games.

    Before starting to point fingers i told you EUNE has the most toxic players ever and i had it coming.

    My conclusion is if people take the game lightly with a twist of "lets watch them fail with their duo top combo and laugh" the game goes smoothly most of the times,if people dont see it as a game they are playing to have fun and enjoy their free time minor things (you took my blue) will make you butthurt and activate your troll mode.

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    wait, wait, wait, i'm confused. doesnt this mean taht this caitlin is a troll because her taking blue is sub optimal and therefore she doest intend to win? would that mean this caitlin is trolling?

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    Caitlyn could think that her taking blue was optimal for any number of reasons. She would probably be wrong, but she could think it. It's pretty inconceivable that somebody could think that intentional feeding was optimal.

    Caitlyn: rude and inconsiderate

    LeBlanc: trolling

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    too true.  you have proven yourself once again proven yourself the ultimate gentleman by taking the time to clear up and confusion rather than  sweeping it under the rag. i salute to you sir

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    Quote from a500n54 »

    So the moral of the story in normal play what you want.*  As long as it’s not solo support or adc top, adc mid,adc jungle, melee bot, teemo, or poppy,    

    I disagree with these.
    Solo Top Karma works.
    Solo Top Ezreal, Vayne and Twitch work.
    ADC Mid works with Ezreal, MF, Caitlyn and Corki(though Corki is crazy mana hungry)
    Twitch is an ADC and can jungle.. not saying he's good but he IS a jungler.
    Many Melee can effectively go bot from 0 - 1400 elo(stupid league makes this harder to explain >_>)
    Teemo can work bot lane if you dont build him AD.
    Poppy has a crap lane but if you're good with her and just farm then you can destroy late game, there is no champion im more terrified of than a good Poppy.

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