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Freljord sidequest COMPLETE: Sejuani "Queen of the Freljord" !

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    Howling Abyss, by killing (or assisting in the kill of, not sure) Lissandra.

    Sejuani said something along the lines of "I've settled this, here and now"

    That's when i wondered what that line meant (never heard it before, and right now it's not mentioned even in the wiki) and realized i had the Winter's Claw icon on myself with this wonderful buff:

    Queen of the Freljord buff

    EDIT: I'm eager to see the other buffs.

    EDIT2: about an hour ago (5th may 2k13), someone added the event to the "trivia" page for Sejuani, in the wiki.

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    Trundle needs ones.

    "King of Freljord"

    LIssandra is a lucky lady indeed!




    I think I'm the only Trundle/LIssandra Shipper out there....

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    Quote from Misticaltom »

    Trundle needs ones.

    "King of Freljord"

    LIssandra is a lucky lady indeed!




    I think I'm the only Trundle/LIssandra Shipper out there....

    To be perfectly frank, i declared my allegiance in the game client to Frostguard and unlocked their icon, and i'm not changing that. In that game, i was Sejuani of the Winter's Claw, so i got into the character. But other than that, we will bury the world in ice.

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    Against the weak-willed and vile, the Avarosan stands.

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    it's a cool buff!

    Are the other 2 the same, or slightly different in their wording I wonder?  

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    They are different in wording. I got an Ashe's buff, but I didn't take SS of it. I think it was something along the lines of "Ashe has united the tribes of Freljord..." Something like that.

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    Am I the only one who made their tribal decision based half on lore and half on the game?

    Lore wise, Sejuani is tempting but the evil of Lissandra is simply too attractive. But game wise.. ADC? Jungler? Get the fuck out, I'm an AP mid. FROSTGUARD!

    My definition of ELO Hell:-

    "Any point at which ego is greater than ELO."

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    I support Winter's Claw! Why? Because all the members of the tribe are junglers! Sejuani, Volibear, Udyr, Olaf, all junglers.

    I was going to join the Frostguard because of Trundle but come on, I gotta support the jungler-only tribe!

    Also, Avarosans smell.


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    Fun fact: If the killed side kills the new "queen" after completing the side quest, the status of queen is transferred over to them.

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    The event is now mentioned in the wiki.

    Also Lissandra's lore is far more interesting than Ashe's or Sejuani's. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't even know the truth about what is even happening. And she's pretty strong and fun to play. Also, Troll King. King!

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