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Free Coaching / Replay Assessment

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    Hey Guys. Some people know me and some people don't but I'm Worrdragon - Na Server Platinum Jungle Main - But I do play every position quite well.

    I've been around for a bit now Helping players trying to rise up by assisting them with CS training, learning the lane, learning counter picking, warding, map awareness, mechanics developments and other such general stuff as well as character builds, situational itemization and counter play.

    I'm offering up free coaching and replay assessments because I'd like to start a new Set of video's for development revolving around all sorts of more "specific" situations and problems in gameplay. I'd like to cover stuff like When to dragon? How important is First dragon? When is a tower a bad thing to take? When Should I push the lane? When do I suicide for a Trade? When is an invade good? Necessary? stupid...? What to do if I'm falling behind as an ADC? I can't seem to figure out what to do after I start snowballing top? How do I deal with Singed? and that sort of stuff with a laundry list more and I'd like to use Actual replays and do play by plays of where things went wrong, Where things went right, and What could have been done differently.

    I'm not claiming to be a LoL Guru. I'm not claiming to be the downright best player ever.
    I'm not claiming to be The best coach ever either. But I do know that I have a good amount of knowledge, and every player I've worked with so far has told me I have vastly improved their play. I've helped multiple people climb out of bronze to silver, and silver to gold, and I do believe that I can assist to make people become better, stronger competitive players.

    Anyway. just thought I would offer up my services. If you are interested, Let me know, Hit me up here or add me In Game and lets Chat.

    Thanks guys!

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    i play in eu west, can i send u the reocrds via pm herE? thank you
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    Hi, Im a silver 5 EUW player looking to improve and am very glad for people like you, Im very much looking forward to your videos!

    That being said I have a couple of questions that might make you receive videos more along the lines of what you have in mind =)

    Would you prefer receiving videos of losses (more things you can highlight I assume) or wins (more mistakes the player probably didn't realize he made himself... has advantages as well I guess)?

    Are there points you want to look at specifically in your first few videos or not? So for example if you want to do a video on the topic of Barons we can avoid sending you "surrender at 20" videos...

    Should we just send videos without any comments so you can judge for yourself what was done well or badly at different stages or do you prefer comments? For example "after we did dragon at 25 mins I felt lost, what should I have done at that moment?"

    Again thank you so much for doing this, and I hope Im helping you more than being annoying =)

    Cheers, Jorose

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    I can't understand why are you doing this for free.

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    EPIC FAIL!!!!!

    For everyone who tried to add me online recently, I HAD MAX FRIENDS!!! Apparently that's like 300...... Sooooo I'm clearing some space from some old guys who don't play much anymore, but based on the fact about 45 people added me already today..... You may want to hit me up on here!

    Sorry for anyone who got added and didn't get any type of response!!

    I'm doing It for free because I like helping people. I was a tutor throughout School, I was a tutor when I Joined the military. I Want to make friends and help them improve. Hopefully I can accomplish something and get a good youtube series going with a solid group of people watching them. If I get big enough on youtube, maybe I'll make some money then, Who knows. But for now, I'd rather just see improvement in the overall community by those who want it.


    And yes, For all of those on EU West, As long as you have Lol Replay You can upload your replays, and I'll check em out on it.

    And Btw, Jorose. Man you are on the money. Everything you said is 100% correct and perfect. Send me ALL OF THEM. Send me those 20 min surrender wins, 20 min surrender losses, full 55 minute games with Marks like, "I was good all game, we won, but At like 32 mins I went total derp. I have no reason why I did this. but I felt I had nothing going, what should I have done?" I'll be happy to take a look for you and give you the expertise I can. Like I said before. I'm no pro. I'm no challenger. But I should be able to give you some Great 3rd party perspective from a player who is definately experienced, and quality.


    Thanks again guys!


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    I'd love to get some training with you! Unfortunately, I'm at work so maybe you could add me? Then we could talk and set up a session or something? I'm a silver 2 player really striving to get to gold, so all the help I could get would be awesome! pretty thrilled to get something set up!

    - Yung Deedle

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    Hey guys. One more thing, as I had a wonderful first experience with someone here. If you aren't interested in hearing critique, Please don't ask me. I just had a lovely time Having someone rage at me about how I was being rude for telling him how to deal with something while I'm spending my time spectating his game, simply to have him tell me I'm an asshole, to remove him and that I'm not helping.


    However!!! I got an amazing replay of how NOT to play Shen vs Vlad. IF anyone is interested in learning :D

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    welp this worrdragon was absolutely NO help at all, had this j4 rage at me the entire game, then i got this guy raging at me bein a total ****. i wouldnt take advice from this newly plat player that clearly got carried there- makes sense why hes offering it free now 

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    Just sent you a friend request in LOL, my IGN is schleester.  Would greatly appreciate giving you some of my replays to analyze.  I main jungle and top and am Bronze 1.  Thanks for offering your help!

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    Warz0ne up there would be that lovely Shen I was Referring too. If anyone would enjoy watching a beautiful replay with the comments I make and this guys obnoxious responses. I Will gladly share it. It's Two thumbs up entertaining!

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    Sent you a friend request - my IGN is Jesus Jon.  I have a few friends who are already plat, but generally stick to themselves and I would feel out of place asking them for tips or any kind of coaching.  They usually explain to me what I'm doing wrong sometimes in matches that we might be playing and it helps... sometimes.  The only issue is that there are also times where they'll tell me to do X instead of Y, even though I may know something they don't or vice versa.  I feel like the only real way to help people learn is through either playing against them or watching replays, so I really appreciate what you're doing and look forward to talking with you!


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    trust me, not worth anyones time, if you dont get along with this guy he apparently posts vids of bad games, LOL pathetic piece of character if you ask me, grow up 

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    I'm not posting the video of bad play bud. You began to freak at me screaming about how Vlad is a hard counter to shen, calling me names, and flaming me after I told you what you needed to do to win against a vlad... And I have the exact convo on the replay.... if you would like to see it again.


    Anyway. Chill out man. You're gonna have a heartattack.

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    Hey man, I'm not gonna ask you to review any of my replays, but I'd definitely be interested in some of the videos you mentioned you had ideas for. Keep us up to date.

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    Quote from worrdragon »

    I'm not posting the video of bad play bud. You began to freak at me screaming about how Vlad is a hard counter to shen, calling me names, and flaming me after I told you what you needed to do to win against a vlad... And I have the exact convo on the replay.... if you would like to see it again.

    I honestly think most people don't want coaching. They just want you to agree with them... 

    Anyway, good luck. 

    Early man hunt deer, man with biggest club kill deer, man who kill deer get woman. Woman no hunt deer they stay in cave. Today, man build Trinity Force and do tons of damage. Woman no build triforce, have slow fingers as didn't hunt, woman have to play support. It's all in the evolutionary biology. 

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    Personally I love criticism. If I'm doing something wrong, I want know exactly what's wrong and what I can do to fix it. In fact, you can tell at me! It's called coaching for a reason! Sign me up!

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    I would really like coaching/ critiquing because i plan to be on a 5's team and i wanna play adc or mid

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    That really interesting, I since I am in EU/West I will sent you some of my replay as soon I can ( certainly tomorrow) .I think that many people can learn from  your job!  


    I will mp you as soon as my replay are online

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    Hello there Worr. First off thanks for all you've proposed. I'm going to dl LoL replay because of this. I'll send you some videos later. Thanks again, my new friend.

    With Respect,

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    No problem guys. I love the amount of people coming out and working with me. Despite my initial really bad situation with one person, Everyone else so far has been AWESOME! I've already had so many people asking me specifics and questions and people asking me situational builds, I love seeing the excitement from people having someone to talk to who may better their play.


    I've decided that My first set of Video's will be a "First Blood" Series. Why First blood was drawn. Who did what well, who did what wrong, did item choice have to do with it, was it mechanically a bad positioning problem? Poor play or excellent play.


    I believe a lot of people fail to realize "Why" that first blood happened. From a jungle Standpoint I want to point out what you want to look for when picking your First meal, and Why that gank is going to be an easy kill or an easy flash.

    Thanks to my buddy Blackened Zentih for the idea. And I'll let you guys know when their posted. :D

    Let me know when you get that Lolreplay up toxic.

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