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Why do people hate jungling?

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    1. All the money was taken out of it.

    2. All the XP was shoved into buffs.If they had dota-fied it where the jungle would kick the ass of anyone not optimized to go in there and kill shit until mid-game when people have real items, I would have loved that. as-is jangle isn't allowed to be a valid source of gold anymore because for some reason Riot doesn't want to make it hard for laners to take on jangle mobs.

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    I personally believe that jungling is one of the most stressful roles to play, while having the MOST impact on the game. I've mained top and mid for a long time, and I can definitely say that I'm not scared of the enemy laner so much as the jungler. One right jungle gank can snowball my lane until I can only cry out for help from my own jungler. Moreover, their ability to apply pressure all over the map and control buffs and map objectives is extremely terrifying.

    Unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility. A jungler is probably one of the most advanced roles to learn, as probably stated before. You lose time ganking incorrectly, if you're behind you could get badly counterganked, and you're responsible for applying the right pressure in the right area. You are there to make this game not a 1v1 or a 2v2 in the lanes. Junglers create the unpredictability of the game, and if your lanes are doing badly, they look towards the one person they can blame: the jungler. It's a shame, but the jungler gets blamed a lot of the time even if they don't deserve it.

    I personally enjoy jungling a lot, but while jungling I can always think of everything I COULD'VE done instead of X, whether bot really needed help, etc. It creates a lot of stress and pressure, and sometimes, as a jungler when your lanes get too far behind, you can feel useless.

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    The problem is that if the jungle generated income, people would just afk farm it until 35 minutes in while taking drag occasionally. They would have no interaction with other players and would still scale to late game. That's just silly...

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    Jungel comes at arround lvl 20,most people already picked their rolle before 20, which is mostlikely Adc,Mid or Top cause that are the Rolls which are the most important at that lvl. Jungel is a lot diffrent then this Rolls,

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    First off, I absolutely did not intend for my comment of praise to come off as creepy D:

    Second, if I recall correctly, wasn't there a category of "farming" junglers? I do recall that Stonewall did mention them, Gangplank being one of those people. Granted I don't know how effective that jungle farming actually was, though.

    And finally, agreeing with Freezingchill, jungling is indeed a rather stressful role. Like I've said before, you are the major player in the early game, and you'll be the one who dictates what happens at any given time. You're responsible (unless your team absolutely cannot lane for some odd reason) for setting up the team for a snowball or dictating which lane has great pressure at any given time, and sometimes the sole reason why champions like Kassadin can work.

    But honestly, it feels great when that Tryndamere you ganked for several times wins a 1v3 in the enemy jungle. I don't think I got all that much credit for his snowball, but it's the fact that I helped him get past an atrocious laning phase against Jax and his own mediocre playing that feels much more satisfying than anything.

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    Intricate knowledge of all other player's champion's playstyles is tremendously helpful as well, especially if you're a gank-heavy jungler. For example, Teemo is a natural lane bully that will try to abuse the ranged advantage he's taken for over melee laners. He's very reliant on winning his laning phase, hard. This makes Teemo an easy level 1 ~ 2 gank for junglers. I remember playing Hecarim once-- he's not a strong early ganker, but I knew Teemo was going to try to pick a fight with J4 top, so I took Hecarim's charge after his level 1 W and ganking Teemo as soon as I finished with my blue.

    Burned his flash-- that was ok.

    But I knew Teemo would try to play even more aggressively afterwards to try to swung the lane back to his facor-- so I circled around and ganked him again; J4 and I just managed to pick up fb in under 3 min. Most people would tell you Hec's a bad early ganker, and they might even be right-- but the game is constantly shifting and as the jungler, you must be the most adaptable, flexible, and possibly intelligent person on your team. good luck.

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    Quote from TheDevicer »

    The problem is that if the jungle generated income, people would just afk farm it until 35 minutes in while taking drag occasionally. They would have no interaction with other players and would still scale to late game. That's just silly...

    Which is cool, but if you sit in it, you're giving map control to the other guy, and if he's any good he'll make you regret trying to sit there and rice up your lategame inventory without at least showing your face elsewhere

    As it is right now, camps are only barely worth clearing on your way to go do something else. That doesn't feel good, and it hurts a lot more than it helps considering that buff mobs are also the kills that you're going to share with others.

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