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Why ban Vayne in solo q?

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    She has 50% win rate in ranked play while one of her counters (Caitlyn) is one of the most popular picks and isn't the only counter (Twitch, Varus, Draven, AoE).

    You could bring up her recent nerf as proof that she's dangerous, but wasn't that nerf the consequence of Vayne usage in competitive play? I'm wondering about solo q banning here.
    Interestingly enough, her ban rate seems to be higher now, after the nerf, than before.

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    bro in low elo most of the games end at 20-30 min cuz of the players saying : ,,OMG over fed" and they dont rly want to play that match any more, while in higher elo the games are 35+ min most of the time, and vayne is rly strong late game+ vayne can easy 1vs1 or 2vs1 most of the champs if you know what are you doing, so thats the main reason, most of the games get to late game and thats where vayne shines :) im rly enjoying playing vayne and she is my most played ranked champ, but with those bans i cant rly play her ;/ + she can go top if you have tanky enough team(btw sry english isnt my main ;/)

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    Her nerfs were band aids. All it did was, it takes 30 more seconds before she kills you again. While helpful, doesnt let me actually counter her and doesnt stop her damage.

    The condemn nerf is w/e too. I guess she lost range(or her range indicator got fixed?).

    Shes actually more terrifying in solo Q than in competitive play. Games tend to not be finished as fast as can be finished, so hypercarries in general do better in solo Q.

    People dont often realize when shes hit her peak power, so even people who win lane against her throw it right back.

    AND shes one of the top duelists in the game with a "1 item build that already hits end game". Botrk/barrier are too good.

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    Vayne is a champion who have no counter. Doesn't matter if he have 1 or 2k less gold than the other adc, he will be much more powerful, you can't itemize against him, because he have true damage... that wouldn't be problem, health should be the counter to true damage, but vayne do % hp true damage, what is uncontrollable. All you can do is buying a randuin, a Frozen heart and pray... but that most times don't stop him. And the most sad thing is that he can peel for himself, he don't even need a team to protect him.

    I really hate to play against vayne.

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    Vayne isn't a guy either. 'She' is girl :P

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    I think its because midgame plus the early team/dragonfights are the most important stage of the game in soloq but the majority of ADCs like Tristana or Cait have a weak midgame. However Vayne already starts to do huge damage midgame because of her w and thus has a lot of impact in those fights.

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    Once you get botrk your dmg spikes up like crazy.. + you can even win games with vayne single handed if you get no early kills. Just farmfarmfarm and suddenly you crush ppl.. also teams arent that cordinated in solo que .. on higher elo games last longer and vayne wins a lot more

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    Yep, once you obtain your botrk you can 1v1 almost everything if you play it correctly (or even 1v2) even if you have 0 kills.

    Short ranged, high risk, high reward champion that can carry a losing team.Just annoying to play against a good Vayne.

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    becouse she's annoying, you're right op, vayne isn't really much imbalanced in soloq(on the other hand she has 53%+ winratio in ranked 5s that makes her a top tier pick for teams), but she's just annoying to play against, as shen is

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    Playing against Vayne forces you into aggression more than any other adc. You need to knock her down hard and fast or she will come out on top. And when you got her down you need to end the game quickly, since she is like the closest there is to a free win if the game goes on for long enough.

    But do I trust my team mates to be able to do that?

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    I used to be happy to have Vayne as an opponent some weeks ago, because she's quite easy to deal with in lane when you have an ADC with a better range and/or a support with some CC/reveal/pink ward.

    But now that she's popular, I ban Vayne :

    - Because some people don't now how to deal with her (newer players/players with bad memory).

    - To don't have any complains on bans (team morale FTW).

    - To prevent people from my team to pick her because "omg she's op" and fail.

    - Because there are always geniuses from one team or another to 1v1 her with low duelist ability champions, and feed her. It happens way too much. A game is supposed to be fun, not to be a "who will feed Vayne ?" contest.

    As soon as people will get accustomed to her again, I'll stop to waste this ban.

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    Because once she hits 6, she gets 1000g worth of ad for free during her ultimate. It doesn't matter if you deny her cs early, because she only needs levels and her ultimate to still be able to outtrade you.

    Her only weakness is burst, because she out-dps'es everyone in a duel. Since she's most likely rocking Barrier, burst won't work. You also can't disengage her after you have blown your burst and try again once your cooldowns are up. Why not? Because you have to walk all the way from Vayne's turret to your own to get away and that's impossible if you look at Vayne's passive. She also has no AoE, so almost all ad carries will automatically push against her.

    That's why Draven was so strong against her pre-nerf. He could outtrade her without pushing too hard. Twitch can still do that, but he is getting nerfed as well. Caitlyn doesn't have the raw damage of Twitch and Draven to compete with Vayne at 6, because all of her damage is poke.

    I think Fiddle is still a good counter for her and maybe Zyra and Janna for disengaging and locking her down. AoE comps also wreck her in general, because of her low range.

    She does have counters, but she's super annoying to play against, because she can punish any small mistake super hard and snowbally like crazy, Just like current Yi she forces everyone to take extreme measures to shut her down, which are often risky to execute, because she'll be at her turret 24/7. She just creates so much invisible pressure, because the other team knows that they have to make plays or else Vayne will eventually start to become a major threat.


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    Vayne needs one item to do huge damage and has no real counter. Defense or health wont help. Thats why she NEEDS to have a weak lane phase, which she doesnt anymore.

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    One of the Pro's of being a Nasus main is that you dont give a fuck about the ADC... Wither OP


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    Pretty much what others say here, I guess. I played my first ranked game after provisionals recently, was first pick, and banned Vayne - particularly because someone else called my usual role of support, so I wouldn't be able to completely rely on our bot lane to handle a Vayne. If my provisionals were any indicator of what bronze elo (which I'm in now) is like, I've learned that games tend to go on much longer than they need to be - and the team that had the upper hand for the first 40 minutes of the game can easily throw in the last 10. And the game doesn't even need to get into that sort of length for Vayne to start pressuring my team to surrender.

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    I can't imagine people specifically banning her when there are so many other "OP" champions that are picked with higher regularity. 

    Having said that, I think her main strength is the ability to come back from a losing game. There have been so many comebacks with a Vayne on our side that I'm certain wouldn't have happened at all if it had been another type of adc. She offers a fighting chance for the losing team if the game stretches on for too long.

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    Why do people use a ban every game on Malphite?  He doesn't seem OP to me.

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    Quote from frunction »

    Why do people use a ban every game on Malphite?  He doesn't seem OP to me.

    1.: That topic is about Vayne, not about Malphite...

    2.: I saw the last malphite ban about half year ago.

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    In the same way that Blitz and Thresh are permabanned even though they don't have excessively high win streaks, it's mostly an annoyance factor. She doesn't have much counter-play outside of a Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart because she's more about attack SPEED than damage, and building either armor or health has no effect on her ability to kill you. She's also frustratingly mobile and slippery, despite her damage. She hits mid-game after building a SINGLE item.

    Early-game, she can punish you for going aggressive. And if you don't go aggressive and allow her to farm, she'll just win that way instead. There's just no way to shut down a good Vayne. It's all about hoping she screws herself up somehow.

    Truth be told, Vayne doesn't need nerfs. The Blade of the Ruined King is what needs nerfs. But until then, the combination of Vayne with BotRK will probably just keep getting banned over and over.

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