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Fabulous solo queue

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    Disclaimer: Topic is not about Taric :D

    IGN : YamiRaiJin (EUNE)

    Check my last 2 games if you want, they are the cause for this post. I have only played 6 ranked games in the last 2 months, the first one was my last of the 3 games to go silver 3 - won. 2nd and 3rd lost cause of fabulous reasons :D but oh well grace period is op and I didn't fall, won the 4th one cause it was an awesome 4v5 and I feel very proud about such a win (sarcasm op). And here we are. 5th and 6th. Such fabulous games. They are the games I told you to check out. So...

    1st one: I got fed as Ezreal since my Leona was the only competent teammate I had, but our Orianna was raging about being countered by Ahri despite instalocking Ori as 1st pick. She fed her well but (after a teamfight after which only I was alive and took 2/3 inhibs) her premade J4 refused to try and initiate for use to win next tf and win or at least take 3/3 inhibs. Oh well, game went on for like an hour (...boredom op) so early game didn't matter and ...we lost. At the end game chat J4 and our top laner (who picked Yorick for some reason, I had Ezreal cause they had 2.5 assassins -_-) exchanged vicious threats...that mean nothing and I just wrote gg cause I didn't want to explode. Enemy team said gg Ezreal and honored me...epic game (not :3)

    2nd one: I am now first pick. Perfect! I can go Jax (my fave) top (also my fave) and stomp my lane (at least in silver level). The enemy top laner has the audacity to pick Teemo (double tryhard mode engaged). However God (doesn't exist probably >:D ) had other plans as our Ziggs (5th pick) well...picked Ziggs and I would have been ok with that if only the enemy team hadn't picked Kassadin as 2nd pick...and guess what, we also had a jungle op. I go 2/0/0 as Jax top by the 10 min mark but Kassadin is 7/0/0 :D I would roam's Kassadin guys :3 (don't won't to swear). Our bot lane is meh but not feeding like Yi and Ziggs. Anyway, end game chat: Kassadin and Leona said they would honor me cause I was good and they did but in the end it doesn't even matter xD I wrote 'thanks I guess' and 'gg' cause (again) I didn't want to explode.

    So...I began playing League last November and ever since I started ranked, I have watched videos about many things including elo hell. 99% of the people that talk about it say that it doesn't exist (cause when they lose they don't care they are diamond) and the other 1% includes guys like stonewall and ciderhelm who claim that the more games you play the more the odds will be ever in your favor :D So if my 2 friends who reached plat by just playing a single champ over 100 times (and are on the same level as me, we've played like 500 games together) did it in less than a month and I need to play an infinite number of games myself so that I can make Lady Luck itself go ''OK YOU WIN EVEN I'M BORED GO SILVER 2'' how does elo hell not exist? O.O Don't say that luck doesn't play a huge part, please for the love of whatever you believe in...-_-


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    Another elo hell thread haha!!! :):)

    Just get good, and carry. I recently got gold, now in gold 4 and I can still stomp everyone if I go mid or adc (best roles). It's easy if you know what you're doing. End of discussion.

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    Quote from BrienWright »

    Another elo hell thread

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    I've been stuck in Silver 5 for around 3 months and even I don't believe Elo hell exists

    If you claim your as good as your platinum friends then you should be able to carry even the dumbest team

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    I don't claim to be platinum level. I'm fine with where I am at. The thing is that I'm not enjoying the games because sth stupid always happens. All I'm saying is that most people who are gold or plat have gone there by spamming a single champion for a ton of games, while a select few did it in a way smaller number of games and yet claim that luck is not part of it all.

    Also it is highly likely that by your logic someone like 'me' (the one who supposingly has to carry the whole team to prove themselves) exists in the other team as well and going by the fact that my teammates get outcs'd, outplayed etc the other guy can climb quicker. A friend of mine has had 5 consecutive games that ended after 60 mins and his team just stood there and kept killing the enemy team's feeding top laner. How can you trust statistics when things like that happen all the time?

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    You deserve to be in Silver for being such an arrogant jerk.

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    Oh Boy

    Can't handle my Zac :P

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    Fuck all these elo hell threads on here.  Shit is turning into GD.


    You are bad at the game.  Get over it.  Almost everyone is bad at the game.

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    "How can you trust statistics when things like that happen all the time?"

    You killed me, seriously. I was laughing so hard, I couldnt even breath anymore.

    As an asthmatic I only can say: how dare you^^  

    As a statisitc student I only can say: Deal with it!!! xD

    But seriously if the statistics dont agree with your personal experience they must obviously be corrupted. Its all a plan of riot to keep you down.

    And yes I only got to gold by playing the same champion over and over again. I have almost 10 games with my most played champion so in total a crazy numer of game knowledge you will never be able to achieve if you dont 24/7.

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    Change mindset, learn matchups, and play logical. If you are fed you can do a shitton of things for aid your team.

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    These threads should be classed as spam.

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    Silver/Bronze mindset

    ~Vuldin Archives.

    Diamond V Taric's Enforcers 

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    This question has been answered tons of times.

    Acerunner's "You're at your elo because you deserve to be there!"-thread

    Gbay99 covered ELO hell in a very insightful video backed up with actual graphs from ELO buff and a very deep quote from Scarra about his Dota-experience:

    other good reads:

    I shoul probably put this in my sig...


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    @BrienWright : Going by the stats that another fellow (Slayerle) loves so much, I wouldn't call 66% win rates on most champs as ''stomping everyone''

    @Dankaw : That was funny xD Made my day a bit better. Thank you

    @Tik115 : I've watched my friends play in platinum and you might not believe but oh my gawd they couldn't carry half of the teams :o let alone the dumbest ones

    @bal917 : Your argument is not even an argument. Also Ziggs pic does not help your case (if you read the post xD)

    @Oytunes : OH HELL NAW IT'S ON (Black woman voice xD)

    @JoeyMakesMagic : The only 'f' word allowed in this thread is 'fabulous'. Pls good sir. Yes, I am not that good which is why I said that 'I don't enjoy the games' not that 'I don't win the games'. Calm your tits bro

    @Slayerle: On you being asthmatic...whatever. As for your precious statistics I was not talking about mmr and the related stuff. I was talking about the awesome kdas the players have that everyone uses in these 'lolking the player above you and blah blah blah' posts when I know that half of them are just guys killing a single feeder over and over again. I could say that I'm studying engineering and that I know about statistics too (and how they can be falsified - again not talking about mmr) but I doubt you would believe me so...don't care

    @TheParsiShow: One of the only 2-3 good replies but still 'a shitton of things' does not include trying to make up for someone's daddy raping them and then coming to the game only to buy 5 wards x 6 slots and then feed. I can be polite, I can joke around but I can't make up for someone's duo queue friend who got hooked by blitz 24/7, then blamed the jungler and got reported by everyone else (poor jungler btw)

    @mattbarnard : K... only Nidalee too stronk. Surely you know all the match-ups...that include Nidalee

    @Vuldin: Wow, Rammus's fans do speak in short sentences o.o xD Well, yeah I can see how being diamond makes you not care about someone feeding because once you get a tier you can't fall so...if I try adc heimerdinger in a silver game I get reported. If a diamond dude does it and gets 10 cs at 20 mins he's a god o.o

    @Skituljko: Again one of the only 2-3 good replies. What I am trying to say is that people who say "It doesn't take any luck" are wrong. When Lyte himself says that some players need 3+ times the game number of others to reach their true mmr how does it not make sense to say that ''Luck is a part of advancing''. I am not talking about where I want to go, I'm talking about how much time it will take for me to get there

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    Post a replay and what division/league you think you belong at. Let us see how far from the mark you are.

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    Play the game because it's fun, not because you want to rise elo. Then you don't have a problem with playing a lot and rise.

    MMR's rising and falling ~~ My Ranked Diary :

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    @mattbarnard : Around silver 1 :3 nothing much. My problem is not elo. I want to be competitive and enjoy the game at the same time. Right now I feel like I don't learn anything when playing. I almost never get outplayed by someone in lane and when I fight with an enemy from a different lane they are either obscenely fed or they die without much effort. There's no balance only extremities. Shen would kill all bronzies and silvers if he knew xD

    I am not that good in the game and I want to learn more but I just can't accept the fact that someone like the orianna or the ziggs I mentioned in the op is even or higher than me in rank. Dafuq? I even played with a Jax in a game after those. He is silver 1. Enemy jungler camped him so he sold his items, bought wards and fed. Why do these people even play with me? I've never done that o.o

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    Yea,  but a 66% win rate means I am climbing the ladder.

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    @BrienWright : Never said anything about your win rate as a whole just that you said that you stomp every time yet you only have 66% win rate on most champs :D read again man

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