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Lets talk about talon

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     I have recently bought talon and i feel he is so weak. To prove that, i can compare him to another ad melee assasin - zed. Lets start with sustain in lane: zed has energy so he can stay in lane much longer, burst potential ? anyone who played them both wont even hestitate that zed > talon. Whats more, talon has no escape mechanics compared to zed. Whats your thoughts about talon ?

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    While Zed has more mobility and more single target damage, Talon's kit is more aoe focused and his burst is easier to get off. When you reach the point where you can one burst people, all it needs is for your target to be within the range of your e (700) , and you will burst him down whilst the silence will stop any sort of retaliation from your opponent. And also, I think you're not doing a fair comparison with the burst potential of the two assasins, because from my observations, I'd say Talon does more burst between levels 6-11, whereas Zed will do more burst when he gets that crucial second point into his ultimate.


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    Talon is a very underrated champion and isn't weak. Zed just does things a little better. Talon offers and Aoe ult, which is a decent escape, a silence, and decent wave clear. And while mana is weaker than energy early game, it definetly is stronger later late game. I like Talon and enjoy playing him.

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