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[Discussion] Player-Development System

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    Hey guys, long time lurker (less lurking now that Hash is no longer here to provide some drama,) first time poster..So I've recently moved back to Thailand, and last Wednesday, the people running LOL Thailand (Garena's Thailand partner, PlayInter) has asked me to help them develop the scene. They think they have a pretty good idea on how to develop the Professional Scene, but currently they have nothing in place for anything below the Challenger circuit. My job is to develop an entire player-development system for lvl 30s (so people with understanding of the game mechanics) from the darkest pits of Bronze all the way up to like Plat 1. This includes both Solo Que and Team Rank.

    Since many people at RoG are very helpful, I thought I'd open up the discussion with you guys. I'm sure there are some great ideas out there.

    First off, let me start by saying we've identified the 4 areas we think are needed to systematically improve players:
    1. Knowledge: So we're creating a knowledge center. This will include all the mechanics and game knowledge in one place for everyone to study. We'll try to go as indepth as possible, with videos and narration and everything. The main purpose is to provide tactical knowledge to the playerbase (eg. everyone should know that 2/5 of the team shouldn't be in bot lane when baron is up at 45 min, or item builds) and also a mechanical skill check-list so people know which mechanics they still need to work on.
    2. Practice: This one we're really struggling with since the Riot game client itself doesn't allow for any real practice mode. So the best we can do here is to suggest practice routines and provide video manual.
    3. Guidance: We're looking at how to implement mentor system since guided players improve so much faster than non-guided ones. To be honest, we're not sure how to construct a robust mentor system yet, since everything has to be done in 3rd party (client doesn't really support.) We want the better players in our community to help teach others, by giving social status and in-game rewards. There are so many things we have to consider, particularly system abuse (such as Diamond players boosting their smurfs to earn themselves rewards.) Quite frankly, this area is the one we need the most work on.
    4. Competitive Experience: Right now, there is a real lack of tournaments for the lesser players, which is a damn damn shame considering vast majority of people are below Diamond. We want the players who aren't as good to get a taste of competitive experience by hosting regular tournaments for all levels (above lvl 30 of course) because we believe tournaments is the ultimate way to test yourself and to really enjoy this game. We want to approach it from a holistically so that the entire system would synergize. Basically, like the current Rank Team ladder, but tournament style and with actual rewards. System abuse is still something we're very concerned with.

    Regarding rank team, we're also creating a sort of matchmaker site, similar to a job market website, whereby teams can post positions, and free agents can also post their resume to help more rank team form.

    So yeah, that's about all we've got so far. We're extremely excited about this opportunity (we have until the start of S4 to get everything ready) and I would love to hear from you guys. Any idea at all. If you have any suggestion, especially for websites that already do some of these things (for example, I know there are some youtube channels out there that focus on teaching mechanics) please share them. I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

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    1. Knowledge: . Rest is mostly experience dependant. Also there's 3984234324 youtube guides about LoL right now.
    2. Practice: For what are normal games? Featured games to spectate?
    3. Guidance: It's hard to make mentor system both free of abusements and rewarding for student and master, that's why it's not implemented yet. Riot surely considered that few times already.
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