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Why do ADC (bot)/AP (mid)/AD (top)?

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    Although I've been playing for a month and a half I still don't get why all ADCs + Supports go bottom lane,ranged mages go middle lane,and bruisers go top. Is there a reason why? I've seen people get mad at breaking the meta for a mage going top,and I personally love bringing ADC to middle lane.


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    There are three income streams, plus the jungle. Support accompanies the ADC because typically, the ADC benefits the most from having someone around to peel for and CC for them. They go bottom lane because doing so offers control of dragon following a successful gank or skirmish.

    Casters go midlane because they typically scale better with levels than items, and it's the shortest lane. It also has better potential to roam to top or bottom along with the jungler to assist ganks, and most midlaners offer either massive burst damage or CC, which help ganks a lot more than sustained damage.

    Bruisers are usually more sustained damage than burst damage, and top lane is the longest lane and furthest from early/midgame objectives. Note that top lane is probably the most flexible in terms of who you can send there. There are many mages that can go top, but a team that's too magic-damage-heavy loses a lot of its damage to Runic Bulwark, which is pretty much a must-have. This is why you usually want at least one major damage dealer of each type of damage. Also, top lane is highly vulnerable to jungler ganks due to the distance from the tower, and its relative isolation. Thus, you usually want someone with either very high mobility (Kennen, Jayce, Nidalee) or with enough tankiness to escape a gank (most bruisers).

    ADCs are typically extremely vulnerable to ganks, CC, and burst damage, all of which favor the opposing midlaner. There are some AD champions that go mid, but they're usually either counterpicks, AD casters rather than autoattackers, or burst/assassin types, such as Jayce, Pantheon, Khazix (does he still go mid? Haven't seen one in a while), Zed, Talon, etc.

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    • Mages scale really hard with lvl ( their spells get stronger), so they need a solo lane. Midl ane is the shortest = safest lane, since they are really squishy they need that safety. Also mid lane allows them to roam to both lanes. Mages are really strong roamer, especially after 6.
    • ADC does not need lvl as much but wants to farm, because ADC scale with items. This is whyt hey can afford to have an support with them. A support allows farming even on a long lane. They can be ganked as easy as mid laner because of the wards the supp has and since its a 2v2 lane.
    • Top lane is a solo lane again and the easiest to gank, so the bruiser goes there because he can take it^^
    • Bot and top lane is this way because you have the most ppl around dragon early game this way
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    Ahh,thanks a lot for the info guys,I get it now,I always just followed the meta but never knew why it was that way,now I get it,again thanks a lot :)


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    When League was released a couple years ago the meta (most common strategy) was to put your adc mid so they can get the most farm, top lane was whatever you want in a 1v1, and bot lane was just 2 random champions (basically a throw lane). The europeans were the first ones to start the apc mid adc+supp bot. They learned that apcs could shut down adcs in the early levels, and that having an adc with someone to support meant they could dominate the bot lane. That's why europeans dominated NA teams early on, then NA finally adjusted to it.

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    Ahh thanks for the little LoL history,that was interesting. That's to bad though,I personally love using ADCs in middle lane.


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    The current lane meta is set up because of the sources of gold. There are three lanes of gold and a jungle full of gold. So you send a jungler in the jungle. there are four sources of gold, so one person needs to not take them. thats the support. Now between the ADC and the mid laner, the mid laner makes a better solo lane, since Ap carries scale better off of levels by leveling damage spells while ADC's scale off items and need gold that the support helps them get. ap carries go mid because of the availablility of blue buff to both sides. top laners are lanes that can sustain themselves since they have no support or easy access to blue buff.



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    Thanks for the info,it's making more sense to me.


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    That's the other thing. A good player can take a generally unfavorable or disadvantaged matchup and win it, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. There's also the case of lane swaps and specific counterpicks, but those tend to work out much better with an organized team than with your typical collection of five strangers. There's nothing wrong with going against the meta if you have a good reason for it, or if it's part of a coherent strategy, but you should be very sure of what you're doing if you try.

    Regarding midlane ADCs, I'd say it depends a lot on what ADC and who the opposing midlaner is. I can think of situations where a Caitlyn, Ezreal, or Ashe could do very well in mid lane, but again, there's such a huge variety of champions that you can't make a blanket statement regarding every matchup.

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    Cait mid might be the hardest counter to id kass i've ever witnessed. Also I was refering to the adc vs apc matchups back in 2009-10, it was VERY different back then.



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    Most ADC will lose against most Mid Laners just because of the natur of mages and ADC. Mages = high burst damage + CC and midgame damage spike ( + lvl 6 damage spike); ADC = squishy, sustained damage dealer and they spike late game ü nothing special at lvl 6. ADC are " countered " / killed by burst and CC.

    Also it is definitly the best to sticdk to the meta until you understand the game and have good knowledge about the meta and why it is played this way. I see absolutly no reason to play against the meta if you are below plat lvl. Many lower elo player lose games because they pick non meta champs or whatever and they dont reall know what they do to their team by this pick ( opportunity cost). A Lulu mid lane for example CAN work, but only under special circumstances and most lower elo player dont understand these circumstances and lose^^.

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    No problem. Also, the reason the duo lane goes bot instead of top is because dragon fights start during laning phase. But people are doing whatever they want these days.



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    Once you learn the meta, youll wanna break it(in a smart way). While that formula has been a standard for success, theres a ton of innovative non meta lanes that are currently powerful. The standard is always changing anyways.

    Current one seems to be ranged and/or anti melee casters on top lane.

    And the other current one is double ranged ADC meta.

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    Quote from Elmanbeastio »

    Once you learn the meta, youll wanna break it(in a smart way). While that formula has been a standard for success, theres a ton of innovative non meta lanes that are currently powerful. The standard is always changing anyways.

    Current one seems to be ranged and/or anti melee casters on top lane.

    And the other current one is double ranged ADC meta.

    Yes. Rules are made to be broken.



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    That is because that is what the American Meta is. It is sad, because you will play with a lot of players who are like "Meta is the only way to play" which isn't always the case. For instance I will go Lulu top a lot or actually I never play Lulu support ever, because I don't have fun  playing with her in that way. People loose there S#$% when I do that, but I never lose my lane and she makes a really good APC character. Plus I just know how to lane with her in top or mid. Or I will go tank bot support, but I don't really build support items, and just ignore the adc if they start complaining when I take a kill or minion cause I need money for the build I am doing. Just mix it up and let players know that you don't want to play the meta and you are doing this role with this character cause that is what you are good at. 

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    Thanks a lot,it's true for a person who's not even level 30 yet shouldn't break the meta so I'll learn more of the basics first,and keep practicing. I've noticed usually a lot of LoL videos I watched,usually the higher ranked people usually have a Nami mid or Lulu top,etc. and it's usually never a Bronze so it makes sense. Alright thanks guys :)


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