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Hiding LCS spoilers

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    Could someone please change it so it hides all the spoilers, as I missed the last game yesterday and didnt want to be spoiled if my favorite EG got their revenge to their loss against SK last week, but the number of wins & losses on the match setup page took away the fun even though I had clicked "hide spoilers". The spoiler button on the bottom of the LCS page for both EU and NA must be changed or updated to actually HIDE all the spoilers (which it is supposed to do). Sure it hides the highlighted team names for the winners of each match, but that is all.

    It does not hide: a) the changed standings in the table, which also tell who won, b) changes in the KDA/GPM etc. as well as c) the number of wins and losses for each team when you click on the match setup for the games of that day/week

    P.S. you have to hide spoilers every time you open the page, shouldnt it just hide them forever if you changed it to "hide spoilers" the first time?


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