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[NA] Silver Five-Four looking for a 5s team (All roles void ADC)

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    [NA East Cost]

    Pref time for play: 5:00-11:30pm 

    I'm looking for a new 5s ranked team to play on, I mostly play top but I don't particularly care what lane I play in. My skill in lane goes Top-Mid-Support-Jungle. As far as warding goes, if it becomes apparent that we need more vision and I'm playing someone who I like/need to play a bit beefier I'll buy a sightstone/ruby sightstone, although I don't keep wards up, I prefer to use them for situational warding so I know what's going on around me and what kind of plays to make.

    I'm normally a pretty solid player, although over the past week and a half I've hit a wall of sorts and my games have been a little bit less in my favor.

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    [NA East Coast]

    Hey man I'm not looking for a 5's exactly but if you wanted to try some duo that'd be cool. I am Silver 2 and I need another solid player or at least one who won't rage if we exchange ideas or criticism.


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    (na east coast)

    I'd love to join a ranked fives team although I'm only in bronze 2 D: if u would accept me i would be happy to join. i can do just about any role accept mid and am best at jung and top. if you would accept me add IWannaPorkChop1

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    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you two, I've been updateing my guide.

    McGiggins-I'd love to duo with you.

     IWannaPorkChop1-Good to have you on board.

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    :D thx


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    I'd love to run some Duos or join in on a Ranked Team. I mainly jungle and can play a few tops. Let me know what the deal is. I'm currently Silver V. Hit me up in-game as well, Shivster.


    [NA East Coast]

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    (NA East Coast)

    Hey I'm a player thats looking for a solid team too. I am in Bronze II (tryin hard to get out). I can play pretty much any role as i have strong champs in each role. Thanks! IGN: Troll Face Azn64

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    Sounds good to me man.

    I haven't had much time to play lately but my name here is the same in-game so feel free to add me and shoot me a message letting me know you're not just some scrub I pubstomped in a previous game XD.

    I'm kidding of course. I've got love for everyone.

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    I'd like to join a 5s team.

    IGN is xxleon08xx, just add me on there sometime.  Currently Gold 1 and play top, mid, and adc all about equally.


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    Id be down to join a ranked 5's team as well. I main ADC but can play anywhere. I am Currently Bronze 1 and almost out. Just dou qued with my friend in his placement matches and went 8-2 so I can play just had some bad luck and trolls in mine (which im sure we have all had at some point). Hit me up in game if you want to dou or play 5's :) name is Stareroids.


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    hey i main mid.  looking for a team because my win % and stats are pretty good, but everybody always wants mid and i tend to lose games that i'm not in the mid lane.  i would play mid for your team if you want, ign is gei5terfahrer (silver III atm)

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    Hey there! God am I glad to be posting in one of these without simply lamenting about my internet.

    I'm currently in silver 2 but climbing fast. I main support and mid, with main champs being Leona, Sona, Janna, Thresh for support, and Talon, Lux, Kennen, and Orianna for mid. I'm capable with plenty of other mids (Malz, LB, Annie, etc) but those are the most team-compatible ones. Here's lolking if you're interested.

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    Hi guys,I'm in Silver 4 and I play adc/top/mid/support,i would like to play duos or even 3,5 games. Hope you want to play with me,I w8 for a response(EU nordic&east)

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    I've got about 6 players trying out for a 5s competitive team. my IGN: Can I ADC Plz


    I'll add you, i've added the rest we're going to get together to practice 5s today.

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    CanIADCplz, could you add me again? I declined lol. Someone with a similar name in a game I'd just played that I never, ever wanted to play with again.

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    What name do you have ingame? ^^


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    My name ingame is MsMaximizer

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