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Knetic Synergy now Recruiting! (NA) (Silver+)

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    Before you fill out the form below. We would like to say, This team is willing to get big. Want want to climb the leader boards and get to Diamond, Challenger, etc. We know that we must practice, weekly to get better as a team. So if your willing to join, you must. Be in Silver+, 13-16 years old, A properly working mic, and good call outs.






    How much you can play a day:

    (Also, to join, you must be at least 13 and cannot be over 16) We are doing this so, if we do get big, we are all around the same age range.)

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    Skype:  Yes

    Role: Jungle/adc/mid - I can also play support and help shot call.



    How much you can play a day: A lot

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    lol you really cant have a team 13-16 yr olds and expect tp be big. how would these players travel?

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