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(OCE) Ranked Team Recruitment

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    Hi All,

    I am Looking to join a Ranked team of around Silver or Gold Level. I am Currently in Silver 4, Vi's Wardens.. I have experience with LoL for around a year and a Half. I Know I am not a Veteran, But I am Willing to Join a ranked team and to work hard to live up to the team's standards. My strongest roles are Support, Mid, and AD Carry. I am willing to learn, and to accept criticism. I frequently play with friends who are Gold, and Platinum standards. My Lolking hasn't been very good lately, but my standards are not "pro" but are of a decent level. I know I am not "Pro" or deserve to be in Challenger, but I want to learn and grow with a good team.

    My In Game name is LosenGardenia OCE Server. You can contact me through the Client.

    Hope to hear from someone soon,



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