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Seeking Advice on Ranked Champion Pool Support/Mid

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    Hey y'all, a couple weeks back I made a post about not wanting to play ranked any more since i had hit gold V a few months back. I got a lot of encouragement and picked up some new tricks that got me up to Gold I, and then I stalled out. The other players in my games were all playing better than I and I've just now been demoted back to Gold II. 

    Probably the biggest problem I have is limited champion pool. The only champion I consider myself exceptionally good with who is also good right now is Janna. I am very good with Sona and Soraka as well, but obviously Soraka kinda sucks, and being better than the average bear with Sona doesn't mean much since 80% of her power is just Crescendo. Knowing which auras to keep activated doesn't do all that much to separate me from the pack.

    If I can't go support, I can mid with Morgana and do okay, but I certainly won't be the one carrying the game.

    That's pretty much it. If I am not playing Sona, Janna, or Soraka I am pretty much expecting to lose.

    Essentially I want to know what champions I should consider for my line-up. I really need an aggressive support that I can play, but I always do poorly when I play aggressive supports. I engage at wonky times and can't focus as effectively on keeping my carry safe to farm when I am trying to plan my lane opponents' murder. Can anyone make a strong case for a particular aggressive support that is worth picking up? Be aware that I can't even play Taric without feeding, and most people consider him to be brain-dead simple. I like Thresh a lot but he is banned in almost every game so I can't tell if learning to play him well is worth it.

    I also don't know if I should try to practice to get better at other roles, namely mid, or just go the "support or feed" route and dodge the games I can't get support in. The idea of trying to practice long enough to become a Platinum standard player in multiple roles is mind boggling to me, but clearly my inflexibility is dragging me down. Unless I am stuck fighting a strong counter to her, I always do pretty well in lane with Morgana, since she's obviously pretty tough to mess up. However, she seems so AGONIZINGLY gold dependent that I can never get far enough to head to be really impactful.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Good luck in game!

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    Nami is SO incredibly good right now.

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    Oddly enough I always see nami on the losing team in my ELO. she's tough to play and so fragile. If I do well, I do very very well with her, but you have to be flawless with your aim on your Q, because missing a single one in a fight usually means you lose that fight. With the 6000 escape abilities in the game that you can use to dodge a Q, she seems like she is only effective if the stars align and everything goes according to plan.

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    If you want an aggressive support I recommend Zyra, but sona also fits that bill pretty well for a lot of the time in laning phase.  Zyra also is good mid so if you pick her up she can cover both places with few changes in playstyle.

    Leona is good too but you need to really be mindful of when to back out or not go in at all, most leona players just go hard all the time and get their ADCs killed for no reason.  

    Lulu can also be played in a poke lane and is especially good with ezreal and tristana IMO.

    I think if you know Sona Nami and Janna you could cover everything you need then if you want some more aggressive supports you can play Leona and Zyra, I would say thresh or blitz as well but they are banned in 90% of games at that elo.

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    Sona and Nami are my top two supports right now. They're just so versatile and bring so much utility to the team that they work well with almost any composition and any ADC.

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    I would add a few more niche/comp specific supports into your roster. Whats great about Janna and Sona is that you can first/second pick them and your opponent can't counter-pick you, but sometimes those supports get dull and can't stomp your opponent in lane as much as you'd like.

    Leona is a great support if you've A) Got an offensively minded ADC and B) The opponent support isn't one with massive amounts of peel, like Ali or Janna.

    You can also run some champs that could go mid or support, given a liberal enough minded team, such as orianna, morg, karma, or lux. Out of those my favorite to run sup is karma, mostly because she can peel all day and crushes ADCs with low mobility or who are very position dependent (AKA draven). The main problem with this (what happens to me) is that you play support all the time, go mid with a champ you've been playing support, then forget how to last hit and get rolled in lane. 

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    I really REALLY like Zyra lately.  She offers great CC and engage/disengage.  On top of that she can wave clear if need be to defend,  especially early game if your ADC dies or has to b.

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    "If I am not playing Sona, Janna, or Soraka I am pretty much expecting to lose"

    That pretty much says you like to play passive supports, who focus on keeping their carrys alive instead of setting up kills. So going directly to an aggresive support might not be the best solution. I would recommend skipping... ah i mean lulu. She brings all the stuff you like about soraka and co.she brings poke like sona, disengage ablilitys like janna and burst heal (ok shield +  you gain a lot of hp ult) like soraka. She is in no point better than the others but she combines all 3 and more important thanks to the slow on q and polymorph you can setup kill in lane. Maybe its easier to transform from a deffensive supporter to a passive aggresiv one than directly to the likes of thresh and co and she might learn you when to engage fights.


    As a former Morgana player i would suggest zyra, this two champs are pretty similar. I mean it doesnt change much if you last hit creeps with yourdot or if you spawn a mighty flower to do that for you. In both cases you can stay far enough away to avoid trouble. Your Q gets replaced by a slower skillshot but you can at least rood multiple champs and it doesnt get minion blocked. And instead of running in pressing r and zhonyas you can stay back and just press r and see the work done. And once you get familiar with her...well lets just say you got so much more carry potential than with morgana. That Lyandras + Rylais destroys HP bars so quickly. 

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    Looks like you prefer oldschool buff the ad carry supports who never ever go in.

    Lulu and Nami have the same theme.

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    If you are used to caster supports, Zyra might really be your best bet right now. Great poke, some peel and a good engage past 6. It is very hard to mistime an engagement when both you and your carry have ult, at that point your kill potential is impressive as long as you aren't very behind.
    Zyra is very squishy, but since you prefer non-tank supports I guess that shouldn't be a problem.

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    Thanks everyone. Zyra and Lulu are getting a lot of honorable mentions, and I like them both. The main issue I run into when I play Zyra is dying early in lane because of how squishy she is, I will try her out with 1/13/17 masteries and tankier runes to see if I can rectify that problem and keep my death count lower.

    For Lulu, I had heard she was no longer used frequently now that she can't rush Glitterlance and pulverize minion waves as easily for a quick push composition. Should I stick to rushing Help Pix like I used to when I played her?

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