The O2Mania Set-up Guide

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    Hi friends, this is a helpful guide to get o2mania, the DJ/Piano Music-Beat game NyJacky always is playing!

    i. Download

    1. First, you will want to download the .RAR files from this page ( The two mirror links are below. When you click them, it's important: click the "SKIP AD" button in the top right when counter is over. Ignore the rest of the place. link updated Feb 2013
    2. To open the .RAR file, you will need WinRAR if you don't already have it. The above link has a download link. For ease, here it is Download WinRAR
    3. Now, your .RAR file should simply open up into WinRAR. You now need to extract the file. ("Extract to")
    4. Extract it there (I put it on my desktop)

    ii. Set-up

    1. The folder should be default named "O2Mania English 1.0.1"
    2. Open up O2Mania English in that folder, and the game should load. Click Start when it has done it's initial start-up (you make get random pop-ups... just close those)
    3. Now you need to set the directories to where your files are actually located. (You might hear music - press F7 to stop it)
      1. First, we need to make a music folder, because this version does not come with songs.
      2. Create a new folder in the O2Mania English 1.0.1 folder, and name it "music"
      3. Back in O2Mania, under "File," choose "Configure Folders"
      4. Now, change all of them to the location of where YOUR music folder is by pressing the "..." button on the right side, for all three of the choices.
      5. Mine looks like this: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\o2jam\O2Mania English 1.0.1\music\
      6. Press "OK" and it will tell you that you will need to refresh. 
    4. Under "File," now choose "Open" (or F8).
    5. Near the bottom right, there is a "Refresh" button. Press that and it will update the song location on the list.
    6. Your song files should now be set-up correctly and now we can play the first song!
    1. Now your song list is empty :(
    2. Go to this page (same person who made the download link) and download a song pack/packs.
      1. Note: on this page, you cannot download the packs right at the top. Scroll down to the packs titled "Download O2Jam/O2Mania song packs here
    3. Again, click the Skip Ad button in the top right.
    4. The download button is very small, click it to download the file.
    5. Now it will ask you to Sign Up or Login onto 4shared. You will need to do this in order to download these files. It's super fast and easy.
    6. You will download another .RAR file.
    7. Open it, and extract it to your music folder.

    iii. Playing

    1. Now it is easy! You select a song from this menu (from "File" > "Open" or F8)
    2. Once opened, you need to start the song.
    3. F6 starts the song
    4. F7 stops the song (F6 restarts the song)
    5. Enjoy!


    I am a mod on Jacky's Twitch stream (watch him here: NyJacky on Twitch) and figured this could help... if I am able, I will update it with further inquiries, and pictures if people find that to be necessary.

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    TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTTYTYTY, but how do i get more moosicz?

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    i've seen nyjacky play it for a bit... it looks INSANE

    Hell is other people  
    -Jean-Paul Sartre

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    I have heard you can google it and find them easy. I haven't spent the time to find quality ones yet. 

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    Are there any websites to get specific songs that we don't have? I don't like getting the song packs with random songs in them :p

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    This is the only site I know of currently that has songs for o2mania (added it to above guide as well)

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    is there a way to get jacky's songs for 02mania?

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    Updated as of February 14, 2013


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    Sorry to necropost, but if you guys want a plethora of songs to add to your library (668 to be exact), then visit They've been hosting the o2jam song files since forever. Happy jamming! ;)

    Sometimes you see NyJacky playing foreign songs, he mostly finds them from You'll be able to find many new user-created o2 files as well!

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    Good to see people still remember o2jam! Sure, there's plenty of Chinese and Korean (and maybe other foreign) resources, but seeing English speakers talking about it to this day makes me feel so much more comfortable. It brings back so many memories. =)

    I have a question though: are people still playing on private servers only (in which case, what are the top private servers)?
    I admit that I can Google this type of information myself, but... it would be nice to hear opinions about private servers from other people.


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