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    Reign of Gaming Community Guidelines


    Here at Reign of Gaming, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best content that League of Legends has to offer, while also building a friendly and engaged community of intelligent players. In doing so, we encourage the community to freely post their theories and opinions regarding everything that the game encompasses, including champions, item builds, rune choices, and masteries. As such, there will always be conflicting opinions.

    We are counting on the community to not only be open and constructive with their posts, but also to flag down those who aim to degenerate the Reign of Gaming experience by actively seeking mischief or employing extreme profanity. Actions that we simply will not allow. By helping us to enforce these expectations by clicking the “Report” button at the bottom of posts, we can see those who would deteriorate the quality of this community appropriately punished.

    We thank you for doing your part to keep Reign of Gaming an open and positive source of learning and communicating, that we may better bring you the strategies and content that keep you at the top.

    Thank You,

    DiffTheEnder -- Community Manager

    Standard Rules for

    A note about moderation decisions:
    Final say on all moderation decisions falls to the Reign of Gaming staff alone. If you have any comments about a moderation decision, please contact an administrator through private message or e-mail. If you would like to discuss site policy, please feel free to do so openly in our feedback forums. You are not permitted to openly defy a moderator's decisions on the forums. If you have been warned about doing something and continue to do it, it is possible that the punishment may become more severe.

    While browsing the forums, if you are to come upon what appears to be a rule violation please be sure to report the post using the report button. User reports are an integral part of site moderation.

    Some incidents may not be covered by the following rules and warning system so we reserve the right to remove or modify any content that we consider harmful to the community.

    Last Updated: – 5/2/12

    No Tolerance System

    Reign of Gaming uses a no tolerance system to carry out disciplinary action.

    • First Rule Violation: Permanent Ban


    - Avoiding the word filter.
    - Posting media containing filtered and/or unfiltered profanity.

    - Posting general personal insults and comments designed to belittle others. (ie. You're an idiot; Comments on the person's gender, ethnicity, sexuality, physical appearance, use of extreme profanity, etc.)
    - Posting with clear intent to provoke. (trolling)
    - Intimidating behaviour.
    - Impersonating a member.

    - Posting about things unrelated to the topic or forum.
    - Posting only pictures as responses with no meaningful conversation. (Picture spam)
    - Posting @the devs threads.
    - Thread bumping.
    - Thread necromancy -- posting in a thread (Non-stickied) that's at least three months old. (Instead, start a new thread on the topic.)

    - Differs among sites. Decide how many lines of text, how many images, how large they should be, etc.

    Obscene Material
    - Posting media containing pornography/sexual themes or extreme violence/gore.
    - Posting links to websites containing pornography/sexual themes or extreme violence/gore.

    Religious or Political Topics 
    - Posting images concerning politics or religious beliefs. 
    - Discussing politics or religious beliefs. (Even in the off topic section.)

    Game Terms of Service Violations
    - Selling game accounts.
    - Posting links to/encouraging third party software.
    - Posting links to/encouraging RMT.
    - Any other illegal activity. (Things that would be criminal in any part of the world.)

    Paid Service Advertising
    - Posting any kind of advertisement for a paid service, including graphics. 
    - Referral links.

    Will garner a permanent account/IP ban
    - Posting general commercial advertisements.
    - Ban evasion. (Creating a new account to avoid a ban.)
    - Posting key logger/virus/trojan links.

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