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Dr. Mundo Jungle Build?

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    Can anyone link me to a good Dr. Mundo Jungle build? The LolPro guide looks to be for Solo Top. There's no clear consensus for how to build Jungle Mundo on Mobafire. And SoloMid's guides look out of date.

    Or just some notes on Rune/Mastery setup, with item build order would be helpful.


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    Mundo's pretty versatile with his quints, you could use anything really, but to maximize his e's active you could run atk speed quints, which also benefit clear speed.
    Generally I run atk speed reds, flat armor yellows, scaling mresist blues, quints can be anything you think you might need for your team comp. Health, movement speed, etc. Pick something that benefits mundo and his team generally.
    Masteries are 9 in offense, 21 in defense for me.
    Though to be honest, the Dr. Mundo jungle guide by oddone was last updated 2 days ago, so it's pretty current.
    Check it out for more tips than I can offer.

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    I'm curious about Stonewall's Spellvamp Quint craze.  Does it really work?  6k ip is alot to spend without seeing some decent theorycraft.

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    Quote from BuddyBoombox »

    I'm curious about Stonewall's Spellvamp Quint craze.  Does it really work?  6k ip is alot to spend without seeing some decent theorycraft.

    He goes W-Q, then often Sorc Boots. Spell vamp gives Mundo a lot of sustain, a single Quint SV can give you HP equal to a HP potion (too lazy to write any calculation). I always take only one Quin SV on Amumu, sometimes Skarner if I run Glyph AP per level + Quin AP.

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    Sorc boots are highly situationnal, imho.
    Mundo does "great" base damage, but he shouldn't aim damages item over defensive one. His role remains in making ennemies waste summoners or cds on him, do a bit of harass, and try and slow targets. Not about doing 15 pct more damages on his spells.
    It's even adviced rushing aegis, warmog, ... and other hp/resist items before getting a more agressive one, idk, an atma, for instance.

    Idk about the use of the quint of spellvamp, it might help for his sustain but idk if it worths it. You'll tell me that you get only one, so ok, but idk ^^

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    I wonder if we could get Stonewall's input on this thread? 

    *shut his eyes and wishes*

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    Thanks Dyslexicon! I must have missed that one somehow! It works great against bots... now to try pvp!

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    There's really no set build for mundo yet.  I've seen a bunch of different things in various tournament matches.  However, some good items:

    • Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads
    • Heart of Gold -> Randuin's Omen late-game
    • Doran's Shield
    • Warmog's Armor
    • Wit's End
    • Spirit Visage
    • Maw of Malmortius
    • Aegis of the Legion
    • Force of Nature
    • Frozen Mallet

    Standard jungle runes; attack speed red, flat armor yellow, mr/lvl blues.  Quints can be whatever you want that gives you sustain: health, health/level, health regen, health regen/level, spell vamp, life steal.

    Masteries, either 9/12/9, or 9/21/0.  I prefer 9/21/0 since Juggernaut is too good on Mundo.

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