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AP Yi Counters

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    Hello, guys. Can you give me some tips, please? I'm asking about AP master yi. I know, it works only in low elo, but i'm currently there :(  so i was wondering, if there any good counters to ap master yi? because those ratios are INSANE. Ulti refreshes all abilities, Q does insane damage to all team, Meditations is like mundo's Ult which makes him unkillable. If he buys hourglass and maybe GA, you simply cant kill him... So what counters him? Hard CC? A specific champion? I thought about AP sion, because of his stun and shield. Can you give me some suggestions please? Thank you :) 

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    Any character with a fast silence (soraka/leblanc) will destroy his ability to heal.

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    Tons of Health Potions actually counter him.  AP Yi doesn't have the burst to kill anything instantly. He only has massive health sustain, but he's really mana hungry. So generally speaking health sustain is the easy way to beat him because he's never able to instagib anything. 13 Health potions is actually good against him because he's very likely to push lane in an attempt to poke you, so you don't really need to worry about getting ganked, you just want to watch him run out of mana.

    Beating AP Yi is simply about farming against him without dying.  He scales very poorly into lategame unless ahead (some team comps help him a bit, but he's really gimmicky mostly and expensive as hell to build). He's good at trading hits favorably sure, but he has a limited mana pool and he can't instagib anything for the most part.

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    Ignite when he meditates, and remember he needs /kills/ (not assists) to refresh his q. If all's he is is a single Alpha Strike he's a totally wasted spot, that thing has a beefy cooldown even with max cdr. He's awful in team fights unless his timing is perfect. Don't forget to put him low on the kill priority list, definitely under the ad and under any fed bruisers/top carries too. As for lane, just about every mid champ has SOME answer to meditate, you've just got to remember that even though the burst from q is scary he literally has /nothing/ once it's used. Especially if he q's onto you, it's pretty much a giant 'please obliterate me' sign because all his damage is gone, and meditate is basically a giant 'please combo me' sign. If you ignite him there's no way he'll outheal an r w q combo from Morgana, for instance.

    You really shouldn't ever lose to him in lane, just don't play the sustain game with him, wait for an opportunity then 100-<10 him so he either dies or goes b. He's terrible in team fights too unless your team is awful. If they really are so bad that they just let him take them down one by one with 3+ cooldown refreshes... Well, you can't carry 'em all.

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    Hard CC counters Yi, and can stop his meditate. Once he uses his Q, he's likely to meditate to prevent retaliation, so save your CC until he starts channeling. If you lack the CC you need, then once he starts meditate, just ignore him. It's not worth it to waste your cooldowns on him, however the healing reduction will still prove useful. After using his Q and Meditate, he's useless.

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    As the above have suggested, any form of hard CC (silences, forced movement, stuns) will destroy Yi - preferably these should be on a short cooldown. Don't use them under any circumstances until AFTER he starts to meditate.

    Remember that his alpha will chain from one target to another within range, to another within range of the SECOND target, and so on - don't stand in range of friendly minions if there's three or fewer left.

    As previously stated, Yi does not insta things unless he's heavily fed. Don't let your health drop below a certain level (judge this from the damage he deals with an alpha) and you're fine.



    A good AP Yi in lane will:

    Last hit until there are 3 or fewer minions remaining. If he does this, harass him heavily. He will alpha when he has this many creeps remaining, so step out of range at this point.

       - If you keep this up, he may start alpha'ing larger packs and trusting to luck. Start to hold your true burst until he leaves alpha, at which point you nail him.

       - He may also alpha directly to you if you let him get into range. You can abuse this by remembering that he will exit on top of his target after the full alpha animation is finished - so you can run back to your tower during the animation, putting him right at the back of the lane and open to a jungle gank. Kassadin plus a smart jungler can destroy AP Yi because of this.


    He will meditate only when he's at low health (while simply laning), at very very low health (in the hopes that he can escape or possibly snatch a kill with alpha), or under his turret (to laugh as you fail to do damage whilst eating turret hits). Counter this by:

       - Hit him with everything he's got during that 6-4 minion window. Meditate has a high mana cost and a LONG cooldown, so if you can damage him sufficiently directly after a meditate he will be forced to stay back and miss cs, or at very least burn mana.

       - Drop hard CC on him the second he meditates; he'll typically run back to his turret to meditate in lane, but if he's stupid about it you can blast him out of it easily. Again, Kassadin destroys Yi in lane because he can riftwalk in and Q to deny Yi most of his meditate uptime.

      - If you're trying to gank him, he makes it to his turret and you don't have hard CC available... IGNORE HIM. You are pretty much guaranteed to be unable to kill him unless you ignite the split second he meditates AND you have heavy burst in your back pocket. Remember Yi can gain up to 300 armour and MR whilst meditating, AND regains a metric f***ton of health. Don't get trolled.


    Finally, I'm going to have to disagree with Shinkada. You don't need perfect timing to destroy on AP Yi in teamfights; you are also incorrect in that Yi needs kills to refresh his Q, at least in real terms. Highlander will restore Yi's cooldowns on kill, and half their BASE amount on assist - given that Yi naturally builds DFG and will be getting blue, this makes it likely he will have an approximately 6 second cooldown on his alpha (15% DFG, 20% blue, 4% masteries), with a base cooldown of 10; given that the alpha cooldown starts on cast, he will have his alpha up more or less the second the assist is given.

    A good Yi will wait on the fringes of a teamfight until one person drops moderately low - depending on how fed he is, this can be anywhere from 70% to 20% health. He will then hit R, DFG, and alpha, killing the target and inflicting heavy damage on the enemy team. He'll then alpha again, and hope for a kill; if he doesn't get it, he will usually reflexively meditate (a good Yi will wait until necessary, but still consider CC the enemy team has yet to play). And so on.

    You can counter this by:

       - Using clutch spells to prevent Yi getting that first kill in. If you know Yi is waiting, save a couple of abilities - summoner heal, Janna shield, Shen ult etc. - for that first Alpha. If Yi doesn't get anything to chain from, he loses the biggest part of his impact.

       - Save one minor CC for Yi. He WILL meditate in teamfights, it's one of his biggest strengths - he can often trick inexperienced players into focusing him for several seconds in teamfights, during which time they're being beaten senseless by Yi's teammates. If he gets CC'd right out of it, he is suddenly immensely vulnerable.

       - Learn to burst when you see the CC. I've had several games where I destroyed as AP Yi, got ludicrously fed, 20 stacks of mejai's... and then Shen arrives from top lane. Every fight thereafter, Shen saves his taunt for my meditate, their AP mid saves his ult and ignite for the taunt, and it's game over for me.



    Remember, AP Yi has little choice but to build more or less glass cannon. He will likely build a Lichbane and Zhonya's if he's fed, giving him a small amount of resistances, but overall building resists or health on him is a waste of time given his meditate and strong alpha scaling. If you can get onto him without meditate available, he will crumple like wet tissue paper.


    Finally, regarding hard counters to Yi. There aren't as many as one might think, but the following will worry him in mid:

    - Kassadin. As mentioned above, Kassadin is able to silence Yi out of his ult, has mobility to match Yi's highlander, and can reposition Yi if he's foolish enough to initiate an alpha on Kass. Note that Kassadin can't kill him alone, however; he can simply guarantee a kill when his jungler comes calling.

    - Malzahar. In my opinion one of the strongest Yi counters. Malz can drop a DoT onto Yi every time he tries to CS - a guaranteed chunk of Yi's health that he simply can't ignore. Malz's voidling can also foil Yi's alpha chaining in lane. Finally, Malz not only carries a silence to break meditate, but a backup suppress from his ultimate that can both break Meditate and leave Yi vulnerable and a guaranteed kill.

    - Cho'gath. Cho can happily sustain back Yi's harass - Yi can't alpha constantly in lane without risking wasting it on minions or ooming. Cho also has two ways of breaking Yi's meditate, and a hefty chunk of true damage that will punish him for waiting too long on his meditate. A very good counter.


    The following are some champions you might THINK are counters to him, but actually aren't in my experience:

    - Annie. Despite her short cooldowns and available stun, she will generally need to USE that stun to get a full burst off. Assuming she's not externally fed, Yi will not die in a single burst, and can happily meditate in a safe place (or possibly just meditate in front of her if she's just blown her stun), with Annie unable to cast enough spells for a second stun within the time window.

    - Cassiopeia. Despite her crazy harass when he comes in to cs, she finds it difficult to avoid his alphas - and Cassi is pretty squishy if she's actually hit by things. He can also simply turn away before casting meditate, forcing Cassi to either flash past him to stun him or simply walk away in disgust.

    - Fiddle. He has the hallmarks - two forms of CC for meditate, good sustain - but he simply lacks the up-front damage to stop Yi from doing whatever the hell he likes. Yi can happily push Fiddle into his turret, eat a fear-silence-drain, then go meditate while Fiddle loses all his creeps to the tower.

    - Galio. The common choice to counter-pick a mage mid, Galio's only hard CC is fairly close range (and a good Yi won't let him get that close unless he's got a guaranteed kill) and his bulwark doesn't provide anywhere near enough sustain to counter Yi's alpha because Bulwark is meant to protect from periodic hits (such as DoTs or autoattacks) - a single, BIG hit doesn't really register a great deal despite the defensive bonuses.



    I hope this helps.

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