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S3 Jungle Fizz - Now a powerful and viable choice instead of a fun niche pick? (Guide included)

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    So I have been playing Fizz in the jungle since the middle of S2, experimenting with a lot of different builds and while it was quite good in some matchups it wasn't anything spectacular. However I do believe that the S3 changes greatly improved his jungle while giving him great early game presence combined with lots of versatility in terms of build and route. Main points for that are:

    • Spirit of the Ancient Golem is great for him, allowing him to clear fast without building a madred and selling it later (Or building AD), duel the enemy jungler better and have tenacity without sacrificing damage from skipping on Sorcerer's shoes.
    • His early clear time matches up a lot better against commonly played junglers.
    • His passive is now much more relevant, reducing 6 damage per hit from level 3 allows him to stay healthy and improve his already effective buff stealing.

    To sum it up, I do think he compares rather well to Lee Sin with his two dashes and early game damage.

    I wrote a very detailed guide about it HERE

    TL;DR: Fizz can jungle very well and his early game presence rivals Lee Sin. More info in guide.

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    he has one dash.

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    Umm... Q + E make two.
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    His Q is similar to Lee's Q in terms of mobility (Shorter range but not a skillshot) and his E is similar to Lee's W ward jump. Their R is also rather similar - both provide added burst and extra CC in ganks on a rather short cooldown.

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    I've run jungle Fizz a few times in my day, and I was really looking forward to use him in S3.  The Spirit upgrades to machete were really appealing to me.  I haven't played him much since the beginning of the season nonetheless.  One issue with him is his lack of cc early game.  That's why I often run smite and exhaust on him.  Ghost would probably work as well.  I don't use flash as much on Fizz because of his E.  I also dislike his scaling in the jungle, it doesn't hold up to his power in lane.  But he's so much fun, and jungle is a fun way to run him.

    Really like your guide.  Lots of good stuff.  I wouldn't put Fizz at the top in terms of junglers, but he's certainly viable.  His shark is hard to land but well worth it if you can.  

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