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Zed jungle

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    What do u guys think about him? i just saw Cj Entus's games, and this Zed interessing me.

    Why pick Zed as the jungle set apart his jungle clear? In what sort of team comp?

    In my opinion, he is a bit too squishy, his dmg isnt that crazy without ultimate and his ganking tools are mediocre. 

    Any throughts?

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    I played him quite often in the jungle, and his clear speed is truly amazing. Generally, I would use him if my lanes can provide the CC I'm lacking as the slow can be missed, his post 6 ganks are actually quite strong in my opinion. If I jungle him, I usually go a bit more tankier than I would in lane, Frozen Mallet is something I almost always take on my jungle Zed.

    Hope I could help a bit!

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    Ok i understand but with a frozen mallet too early and you didnt do enough dmg to do well your job if u're not fed isnt it?

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    I didn't say I would rush the Frozen Mallet, I usually get the Phage first and wait a bit until I upgrade it. I usually get the "standard" items such as Brutalizer, Last Whisper and upgraded boots in between. I did not have a problem damagewise so far, as 1 ulti on their carry would generally kill him if all my other spells landed.

    The time when I finish my Frozen Mallet would generally be around the 30 minute mark, the time can vary though.

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