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Orianna vs Talon - Mid

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    I was playing with a friend and I was curious about this matchup. What would be the best way for him to handle this (as orianna). I told him to buy armor but he refused to listen, what do you guys think would be best in this matchup?

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    It's a tough lane in the fact that one mistake may cost you your life. Orianna has a natural advantage from being ranged at all levels while Talon has a very nice burst with his ultimate. Perhaps an early point in shield will allow to mitigate Talon/minion damage while putting out ranged harass. Rake/Cutthroat only has a 600/700 range, while C:Attack has an 825 lane. Constantly distancing and harassing will be your ticket to winning. It's hard to item customize armor as an AP mid besides Zhonya's and it's effectiveness is questionable versus Talon. I think health from doran's rings (or even blade) plus the early game stats will net you a lead and a follow up into RoA starting with blasting wand might seal the deal. Haunting Guise isn't a bad idea either. Overall, health would be a healthy alternative to armor. Although if you're really in the lead, a random early chain vest may be all you really need so you can go for some luxury items.

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    Shield before he silences you and keep autoattacking him, especially when he walks away after harassing you. Harass him early, don't let him farm a Brutalizer on his first back if possible. An extra point or two in E could help you if you can't stay out of range, which you should. Start cloth + 5 or flask + 4HP + 1 mana + ward. Don't let him roam. Ask for ganks, especially pre-6.

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    What a lot of people forget about Orianna, is that when her E is level 1, whoever holds the ball, be it herself or a teammate, gets bonus armor and MR. Against Talon, I often use my Q for last hits, if he's too close, and just outrange the ball, so it goes back to you instantly. Just make sure you always have your ball on yourself. Level E as the second skill, as against talon W isn't really a priority, since you need to be able to farm safely from a distance, if you cant from a distance, you need to minimize the risk of dying if up close. Having the ball on yourself also always allows instant shields on yourself, which can mitigate most of his gapclosing damage.

    I've beaten the living hell out of a Talon top as on-hit Ori, maxing E first, and buying a little armor before going for damage items.

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    To be honest, whoever is more skilled with that champion, wins. Counters < actual skill with champion, at least until both players play perfectly. I like to call this "Shaco syndrome".



    Player 2: "STFU I GOT THIS" He proceeds to go to, sees that Shaco's counter is Lee Sin, so he picks him, although he never played Lee Sin before.

    "First Blood goes to Shaco, Lee Sin proceeds to feed entire game, fed Shaco is stomping everybody."



    Remember, actual skill with champion > counters.

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    Take Doran's Blade 1st, and 1 point in E.  You will need to shield every time he goes in to Rake you (most Talons will start with Rake).  You will take full advantage of your auto attack harass (Ori's passive + Blade will make her a lane bully).  Plus, autoing will heal you, so at level 1, there is basically no way Talon can win a trade like this.

    Level 2, Assuming Talon will take his Silence/Gap Closer, you will take your W.  If he Gap closes, stay on top of him (running with him and autoing) or he runs with you and autos on top of you, you can just W for some damage and space closing, E for shields if he stays, and continue to auto him.  There is still no way he can win trades.

    Level 3, He will either take another point in rake or his DoT move.  Either way, you'll have a 2nd point in E and if you're good at predicting when he'll attack, he won't win any trades until 6.  Your goal is to beat him so hard before 6 that you'll have a large gold advantage and he will still lose trades with his Level 6 Ult.

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    These sound like some good tips. Is talon's damage really scary in the first few levels or is it not that big of a deal, I have faced him on a few occasions and he was never truly scary in lane. Is it just me facing a few bad talons?

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    Quote from Rikotsuz »

    These sound like some good tips. Is talon's damage really scary in the first few levels or is it not that big of a deal, I have faced him on a few occasions and he was never truly scary in lane. Is it just me facing a few bad talons?

    talon can literally not kill you pre 6 unless you're bad.
    also do ignore whatever graiseperiod wrote LOL.
    start flask+pots, q e w, start auto-attacking him every time he goes in for a last-hit, follow up with q. repeat until he is raging. 
    try as reds on ori, though. strong shit. 

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    just keep farming and pushign ur and gank other lanes. you can wave clear faster than him and honestly u just can't 1v1 him early game. l

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    I'm sure my 1800 ori is better than yours but w/e delusional randy player.

    Anyways, if you utilize your auto attacks, there's no way Talon can win trades with you pre-6, his damage is not that amazing.
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