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Viable/somewhat easy to pick up top laners

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    Who are some viable top laners who are also fairly easy? (not high skill cap)

    I know 1350's will never be a bad pick, and many of them are not that hard to play. But from 3150s - 6300s, which ones are not confusing/hard to learn champions? Olaf, Shen, Irelia, Rumble, and Darius I already own. I've tried Wukong once before (bad experience, made me stray away from him, will try him again this week), and I'm curious to see how strong he is in S3. I got Jayce on sale because yolo, but I will say that I do not perform very well with him. Well anyways, if anyone is kind enough to help a fairly nooby player out (come on fellow top laners!), I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks guys!

    (also, out of 1350's I own, Jax, will try out cho'gath soon, never came around to like any of the others though.)

    Edit: Also, opinions of Katarina ap bruiser top? Dammit Voyboy, you're giving me inspirations here!

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    yorick - annoy the living daylights out of your enemy top laner with superior harass and sustain. And oh, his utility is so broken few people realize it.

    riven - snowballs hard and scales so well into late.

    jax - scales hard with items. the longer the game, the more powerful he becomes.

    kat - anything is viable in solo q. even kat top lane. 


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    Darius is pretty easy.  so is xin xhao and they wreck people

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    You basically have most of the top champions just keep practicing with the champions you have. You will do great as a top laner as soon as you get used to the champions you own :D

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    Nidalee AD is a bit unconventional, however extremely efficient just farm with ranged auto attack to level 6 then destroy almost all top laners with kitty form. The amount of AOE damage and burst she has is amazing. Many argue nidalee is not the best team fighter but with Ravenous Hydra your damage output is immense.

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    One important solo top to learn imho is Nunu. He hard counters alot of right-click champs (like Darius for example) and has incredible health sustain (consume). Also rarely runs out of mana if you keep charging the passive up.

    Simply put, his E is the slow/exhaust from hell, he outsustains most opponents, and his W gives his movement speed advantage so that he doesn't need to buy boots right away (though doing so increased ur abilitiy to zone the opponent and escape ganks to be noted). A build I run with him focus on AP/Beefy styles, usually going ROA/boots/Sunfire Cape/Abyssal Scepter as my core. Not too expensive, yet very effective for his kit. Only thing that Nunu sucks at is pushing lanes, at least until you get the sunfire cape.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! Really appreciate it! Looking at yorick, due to him being brought down to 4800 when Thresh arrives. Also, just noticed I also had Riven. I can play her okay but I always get wrecked by Garen (f*cking Garen...)

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    Teemo poos on Garen, and with skill can poo on anyone. No real hard counters to the Teemo, except maybe Riven.

    Been having a lot of luck with Zed recently, but he's not really easy to pick up.

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    Ah Teemo. My most loved/hated champion, fun to play as, sucks to be against. And yeah, Zed is a really nice champ, great kit. I've always seemed to have problems with energy management though.

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