Jungling for a Beginner

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    So, I've decided to learn how to jungle, as I'm sorta low leveled and whenever a team has a jungler at those low levels, their jungler tends to dominate the game. I tried jungling once with Malphite, but didn't really like him so I was wondering if you guys could give me tips or recommend some junglers for me. I decided that the main things I'm looking for in a jungler are: 

    • Strong ganks
    • Snowballing
    • Able to carry
    • Fast clearing
    • Does tons of damage and not just CC 
    • Isn't just a tank

    I don't need all of those but I would like most of them
    The junglers I have at the moment are

    Xin Zhao, Maokai, Nautilus, Cho'Gath, Alistar, Kayle, Kha'Zix, Skarner, Riven, Nunu, and Master Yi

    I'm also very interested in Shaco right now, as he's on sale. It would be great if you guys could also give your opinions on Shaco at the current moment.


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    Vi, Lee Sin, Olaf, possibly Nocturne would fit your criteria, but you don't own any of them. Of your existing list, Riven seems the closest to your criteria. Kha'Zix also fits most of it, but he's not as much as a bruiser as the current meta demands. Kayle may be okay as well, depending on your playstyle. Most of your list is tanky junglers, support junglers, or CC-bot junglers.

    Also note that it sounds like you're favoring early-game gankers and damage dealers, so an early carry, not a late game carry.



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    Another jungler you might be interested in is Diana. She gets tanky, clears well, and ganks decently. If she gets a couple kills she'll snowball into a death machine as well.

    ah the parentheticals...

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    Xin is very strong atm.Easy to gank,lots of dmg,not really fast but he can carry if fed

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    Of the junglers you already have, I would favor Kayle.  I have been working on Kayle jungle myself and have flipped back and forth between ranking up Q or E first.  I currently go E level 1, then W level 2 to help with the early sustain in my first clear and then either Q next if I want to gank after my first clear or rank 2 E if I want to back and clear the small camps again before ganking (like if all lanes are pushed or low health when I'm at my last camp of the first clear).

    Kayle jungle provides aoe damage for clearing the smaller creeps without actually having to target them with her E along with ranged kiting and MR reduction on ganks, some sustain with heal / movespeed on her W and a powerful slow for ganking with her Q.  So her entire kit is great for jungling in general and I haven't even mentioned her ult which if used properly sways any skirmish in your favor.

    Some issues I've ran into with Kayle jungle in low elo ranked games is, teamates don't know how to react or just don't know what my ult does.  I've went to gank bot so many times only to have my adc running away with half health and my ult on them basically wasted.  When I ult someone I WANT them to take damage and abilities.  It is wasted damage while triggering enemy cooldowns.  Also the range on Kayle's Q and W reach farther than her sight range.  That is underestimated by teamates alot as well.  I will go in to gank and throw my slow on someone, but I will be the only one to react at first leaving my lane teamate too far away to take advantage either because they weren't paying attention or just didn't think I would land my slow.

    Some tips I would give that I have learned so far is, don't wait until someone is low to ult them.  This is mainly for teamfights but if you are ganking and the enemy tries to engage you for a kill you need to identify who is the target as early as possible to ult them.  Once your teamate absorbs the burst from the enemy team and you ult them all you are negating is auto attack damage basically because the abilitys are on cooldown.  Gank mid and bot more than top imo, squishier targets, but don't abandon top.  You have to keep him honest at least and top isn't always less squishy but most top lane matches are bruisers vs bruisers.  If you get an Akali top or something of that order then by all means camp top and get your laner snowballing.  Why go top and 2v1 a tanky bruiser who can mostly just walk back to his turret with plenty of time and health when you have 2 bot that are usually both squishy and you have at least 1 teamate with some cc to go along with yours.

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    Wow didn't realize that was a novel.  Apologies.

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    Lol its ok. I thought it was extremely informative and interesting. Great work! :D

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    dont buy shaco

    shaco is for experienced junglers, i destroyed so many  bad shacos with lee, u cant start learning jungle with shaco, he sucks anyway

    lee, olaf , nocturne, jarvan, vi, skarner, dr MUNDO

    riven is not good, becose if u get fed its free win, but if u dont get fed , or u fall behind u will be champ with no / unfinished build who must go in, that sucks

    mundo is great pick, no mana

    build : madreds, boots , rush warmogs , and u r most op champ on the map with that build, try him, he is a best, so much dmg early game with 0 items, super fast clearing speed

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    Of the names you've listed, the only champion that seems to fit your desired playstyle is Xin Zhao.  In low ELO, i'd also say Cho fits your criteria.  I love jungle Kayle and use her myself, but she's fairly situational.  I find she needs someone to run a tank at top in order to reach her maximum usefulness in teamfights.

    Other Junglers that fit your criteria and you may want to get around to trying are Vi, Jarvan IV, Olaf, Hecarim, and Diana.

    I wouldn't recommend Shaco.  The nerfs have hit him hard and he's at a point where if you mess up even a little with him you become useless very quickly.

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    Play nocturne > Mindlessly farm til 20mins > only gank 100hp enemies > come out of jungle with BotrK and black cleaver/BT > Win?


    Throw a mogs and a last whisper in there somewhere if game drags out.

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    Quote from Ultraviolenceuk »

    Play nocturne > Mindlessly farm til 20mins > only gank 100hp enemies > come out of jungle with BotrK and black cleaver/BT > Win?


    Throw a mogs and a last whisper in there somewhere if game drags out.

    this is very bad , dont do that, nocturne must gank all the time, and definitely dont build glass cannon

    every time when u get an advice use lol king and check out that person

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    They way you tend to build mundo isn't as strong as you may think. I've mained mundo for quite a long time , all along season 2 , to be specific. Also played him S3 and there are just way better paths for mundo.

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    Hecarim and Vi are beast atm, they carry so hard, but nerfs are already on pbe so id wait and see. I just unlocked J4 and I really enjoy him. Hes in a rlly good spot atm. Ohh ofc slight xin nerfs incoming too. DUH

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    I base my nocturne play and build off XJ9's streams so...

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    Quote from Ultraviolenceuk »

    I base my nocturne play and build off XJ9's streams so...

    based on your play ...

    why do you think you are lowest tier there is, dont give people wrong advices

     i played my fair amount of noc games in gold tier and i know for sure that u cant build him glass cannon, dont compare yourself to xj9



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    No no, not comparing! I'm saying that I learned about that build/play style from him. 


    I am in no way saying I'm as good as him aha. All I know is it works for me as I'm climbing the leagues now and thought I could offer it to someone else who may not watch his streams/tried playing this way. It's different yes but doesn't mean bad!

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    im rly sry, and i dont want to insult you

    bronze 5 is like super easy mode

    this is your score with nocturne

    5.6/game kills ; 6.9/game deaths ; 5.9/game assists,

    that is no carrying, that is called being carryed


    in bronze 5 people play teemo in like 70% of the games and thinks that darius and blitz are op....

    first picking darius is most stupid thing posible to do, he is easy to counter and easy lane to win... so if glass canon nocturne work in bronze 5 go ahead paly it, but i guarante you that u will never get to silver

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    So what will make me get to silver?

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    u must learn basics first, i know that u dont know them when u r playing glass cannon nocturne, read some guides, try to do some math, i know that its nice when u can kill ad carry in 2 seoconds, but u are dead after, i like to kill ad carry in 5 second , then do one more kill and get out with half of my hp, becose i went in with 200 armor , 3,5 k hp and a ghostblade

    i main jungle, i have over 3 k games in lol, jungle dont give u that amount of gold that u could go glass cannon,  maybe if u start with 3 kills u can get an early brutalizer and go tank items after

    people play lee sin mid and build him assasin, and people play ply him jungle tank, why do u think is that? becoe with amount of gold that jungle gives u, u cant aford to go glass canon, u dont have money for it, maybe xj9 can becose he destroya everyone and gets fed every game, but i am sure u dont get fed every game, u cant be behind and build dmg, if u do, you are the reason why  your team is loosing

    u must gank all the time, like lvl 3 gank mid, lvl 4 gank top, lvl 4 gank mid, farm, lvl 6 gank bot  with ult, lvl 6 gank mid, farm, lvl  7 gank top, lvl 7 gank mid.......


    not afk farm for 20 minutes and gank only if enemy is at 100 hp XD

    master 1 champion , i can say i mastered lee, i have over 1000 games with him, 70% win rate in ranked

    u must try all the champions , u must know how much dmg can do cassio at lvl 7, u must know the range of soraka silence and things like that...

    in bronze people dont go on dragons, i saw that when my friends was playing, their ignore dragons, if u play noc, buy lantern, buy pink ward, go to dragon, solo it, take timer ,repeat, ward their blue around 6:00. wait 7:15 and smite it over the wall, so easy, no risks, when u see enemy jungler ganking, steal his jungle

    ward his wraiths, countergank him, if u r on the left side , playsing vs lets say olaf, dont star blue

    he will start blue, then he will go wraits and red and top, or he will maybe skip wraiths

    so u start wraiths, red, skip wolves kill blue, you are now double buffed lvl 3, and go wait him top, he will come, that is his route... kill him

    be full hp in jungle, use pots when ever u r missing over 250 hp, dont get low when u have 3 more pots...

    i dont know.... but definitely dont build glass canon nocturne...

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