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So How's Alistar Support Looking in Season 3?

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    So one of my favorite champions ever is Alistar. I'm a jungle main, and last season Alistar was my favorite jungle pick. Then Season 3 rolled around and..... yyyyyeahhhh. I had to move on. The problem is, I still love putting the Mad Cow to work.

    Right now I'm Silver V and I still do normals a lot more than I do ranked, something I always tell myself I have to fix. This question is centered around ranked because, even though I mostly do normals, I see normals as a place where everyone should just do what they want and let it all hang loose. Ranked is slightly more professional because E-pride is hanging precariously in the balance. After jungle, my most played position is support partially because I suck at csing (I blame too much time in the woods) and mostly because I think there's a secret part of me that's an intense masochist with a martyr complex that loves when people treat me like I'm dirty and worthless and expendable and loves putting their life on the line for THE CAUSE.

    Anyway, I'm looking to expand my support palate because, in ranked, I've mostly only played Sona, though outside of ranked I play Zyra, Leona, Thresh, and Lulu. I've never really given support Alistar much thought, but I've come to miss the Mad Cow so much, I have to wonder how he's faring in Season 3 Solo Q. So basically, is support Alistar worth picking in Solo Q? Or should I stick with other champions I know just as well (like Lulu or Thresh) because they're strictly better?

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    In my opinion, Alistar is one of the harder supports to play well. He has pretty high CDs on his Q and W so for most fights you only get to use those abilities once, max twice. So you really need to make good decisions cause after you use headbutt and pulverize you're pretty useless. I mean, if you really love him then go for it dude.For the purposes of solo queue, it might help to tell your team mates what you plan to be doing. For example, if your team has no peel, tell them you are going to save your W and Q for when the Irelia and Renek try to jump on your Ashe. If they know what you're going to do it will make team fighting a lot easier and avoid cases where you do something like engage where no one follows you. 

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    Support Ali is ok if you can use his abilities properly.

    Having support Alistar who constantly misses his WQ just isn't worth it.


    Thresh is in his own league atm - God tier support. If he is not banned , you should play him.

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    As a support who mains Thresh and Lulu, I find Alistar just too much fun to poke. I played as Alistar a bit back in Season 2, and he seems to me to be more of an all-in sort of support. Similar to Leona, I guess.

    I dunno. I just see the support's role as to poke, protect, and cc. Alistar does the last two very nicely, but he can't really keep the enemy from csing as well as other supports.

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    So I just got out of a game as jungle Alistar in 3v3's. I was three levels behind the rest of my team, but we crushed them and I ended 3/2/11 and I was on equal level with the enemy team. I dunno, it seems like in theory jungle Ali might work in 3v3's, jungle is Season 2 easy, no wards so you can't predict the coming of those deadly ganks. What do you guys think?

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    hard cc(tenacity? what tenacity?) + sustain. imagine if he had lower cd's.


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    Alistar is still one of the best if not the best "body guard" supports, problem is that the meta is going more and more for kill lanes and poke supports, Alistar is very bad vs poke, and most FOTM supports is poke, Alistar works great vs Leona and Blitz, but pretty bad vs the rest

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    Ali jungle has been nerfed to hell but Ali support is still good.


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    He's a god with a Vayne. Riot basically reverted the movement speed and W range nerfs and he benefits a lot from health stacking and auras.

    Jungle Alistar still works. Just get gp/5 masteries and seals and gank for the most time. He's a support jungler, but he can still do the ridiculous tower dive ganks from behind at 6 and carry early to mid game. You just need enough damage on your lanes to make him work, but that goes for all support junglers.

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    Pick him when enemy picks blitz./

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    i carried myself from ~700 elo to silver one mainly playing supp ali, so i would say its viable if you are in silver 5. also, your skill build needs to adapt to the lane, max e if you are against a support who does a lot of poke (if they pick thresh or lulu and are passive then dont bother, nidalee is the most annoying one to lane against, sona's a non issue even though she is typically played as a poke/sustain support) or if you are behind (normally the best option when behind) otherwise max q for the all in, and always max the other one second. take qw levels 1 and 2 (the combo can easily take 40% a lvl2 adc's health, so focus them) and as soon as both of you ding two all in them if you havent been poked too heavily, but make sure your carry is on the same page. its worth playing fairly passively as support ali at level 1 but you can do golems quite easily with pulverise and your passive. 

    he does best against all in lanes, and worst against heavy poke lanes. he also murders passive lanes by playing offensively and he can play passively himself by maxing e while still winning trades and all ins.

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    Poke shouldn't really be an issue, considering his spammable heal.


    I almost always try to force a flash engage early (ensuring that bot is warded well to prevent jungle ganks) on either their support or their adc. Flash > Q/W > Exhaust is generally enough, but if you can manage to push them into your turret range to take a few hits, it's pretty much a given kill. Flash engaging is a terrible idea, but if your taking harassment and poke under your turret, it's definitely a viable option to force them to fight under it.

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    Ali's kit is timeless (as long as it isn't changed). He will always be a decent support. He has a malphite ult on a very short cooldown, drawback is it takes 2 of his abilities to do it. In lane you can sit back and heal or have the threat of your combo for a hard initiate, he always is tanky thanks to his ult. In team fights I like to sit back and peel for my adc rather than engage, heal as often as possible, and make sure you save your ult for the right time bc ali won't have much tankiness without it. He isn't the strongest support out there, but he does work.

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