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116th champion is...

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    Designed by gyspylord

    I was looking at red posts and found this gem. I would like to notice that it's FEMALE champion. ~Month before ARAM patch came, there was huge thread about female champion from Zaun where he (gypsylord) said suspicious "Hmmmmmmm...". Soon after there was a thread about Vi's sister, because Lyte (purple shopkeeper on Howling Abyss, named after well known Rioter from behaviour team) is mentioning her. Teemo lover says "Hmmmmmmm..." here as well. More, gypsylord is Vi's designer. There was some speculations from players that Vi's sister was actually the bandit mentioned in Caitlyn's lore...

    All of that combined gives us: 116th champion is Vi's sister, a champion from city-state Zaun and Caitlyn's arch-nemesis .

    I wonder how many of that will be true. Note that Aartox is 114th champion. Hope you liked :)

    EDIT: added some links and additional stuff i forgot. Edited this post like 5 times in 30 minutes...damn

    EDIT2: 2 months later here i come with update - he's gonna be 116th, because "GypsyLord's second champ stole the spot ahead of me"

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    Detective Dankaw reporting for duty!


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    Very interesting. Me being forgetful, I don't recall how many champions we already have. If by 117 you mean next, I doubt it. The google translated red tracker stuff from the German forums seems to implicate an ADC with 4 eyes in his/her release skin. My theory is Lucien, the Gun Templar, the black champion that was leaked some time ago, and that his release skin is wearing glasses, giving him the grade school nickname "four eyes".

    That said, if we're actually on 115, and 117 is the champion after the next one, then I'd be in agreement with you that it does look quite fishy.

    Either way, good work tracking all this stuff down!

    Preparing for the climb is scary.

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    Quote from OuterRaven »

    Detective Dankaw reporting for duty!

    Maybe i should change avatar for Teemo? Nah, i would instantly die from member of Teemo Circlejerk :(

    Also wanna bump it because i was editing first post LOTS of times. You may want to read it again (especially the sentence in informations). Right now i go to sleep because it's 2:55 out here (BED I'M COMING).

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    Quote from OuterRaven »

    Detective Dankaw reporting for duty!

    Very nice, and Outerraven captured the spirit of your amazing post post haste he did!

    I'm amazed at this detective work, forget Teemo you're like Tim Drake.


    Or Batman....but Tim Drake is more proper.


    He's the 3rd Robin, and a natural detective who deduced who Batman was because kid genius.

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    The next champion is another Teemo. Teemo's are being killed at an alarming rate... yet not alarming enough. So the introduction of another Teemo will lead to more Teemo deaths!

    ...And Remember Summoners, Spin to Win!

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    Spoiler alert: Next patch turns every character into teemo.

    RoG's angry feminist.

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    Hello there, i necro this thread because of the recent change (see on redtracker):

    My next champ will be storming Summoner's Rift directly after our next addition to the League. GypsyLord's second champ stole the spot ahead of me.

    So the champion got 116th number now. He still may be 117th, if the situation occured before my first post.

    I will propably necro this thread again when the time comes... or if i find more news.

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    This is quite possible actually.I wonder what her personality will be like?


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    I was already making assumptions like "AOSHIN NEW CHAMP!".(based on "useless" files on PBE).

    Was thinking that he was gonna be some sort of Samurai Energy based champ, and that he was somehow a graduated student from the balance(all the energy champs except Lee sin I think are from the balance, which is shen's dad used to be the master till zed killed him).

    So this Aoshin guy is a guy who graduated long ago (so we can introduce a new energy hero even though Zed killed the old master).

    Was kinda hoping for an energy based "riven combos" samurai. Sword Slashes on "broken wings" mechanics. But with energy making it more complicated(aka energy flow means that its not just BUY CDR).

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    Any hint it could be a support?

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    Quote from JRediens »

    Any hint it could be a support?

    Nope. Everything i found is in the first post. Have he couldn't hint much since 115th champion barely got released now.

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    Vi was straight-forward. And Gypsylord designed her.

    It's going to be an easy low range mage. Well, that's what my bet's on at least.

    The winds of change blow through this signature regularly. Or do they? Haha, no they don't.

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    I'd thoroughly enjoy a short-ranged mage-- and if she's a bandit and Vi's sister, it would really make sense if she was LeBlanc-ish. A slippery mid-ranged burst mage with a lot of versatility. My reasoning is that she'd need to fit bandit stereotypes, and having Vi's sister be drastically different from her just makes sense. Two hammer-fist champs doesn't make too much sense to me.

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    Im pretty sure its NOT gonna be a support, because it was mentioned in a riot post that was called something like "riot hopes to put another support out in 2013 this year", AKA, they are not sure if theyre even gonna be able to, nothing planned, etc.

    And nami was mentioned as "she counts as last year december's release" If I recall, on that same post. SOMETHING like that, it was months ago though.

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    Vi's sister on duty? ^.^

    ~Vuldin Archives.

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    Quote from Elmanbeastio »

    Was kinda hoping for an energy based "riven combos" samurai. Sword Slashes on "broken wings" mechanics. But with energy making it more complicated(aka energy flow means that its not just BUY CDR).

    This is a beautiful idea. That would probably look really similar to just autoattacking though.



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    yes yes yes riot take my money

    Was dying to know more about this sister ever since the Howling Abyss hit PBE ;u;

    tenQ SteppenKat for boss signature :D im like worst support NA 

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    So they said "I have a feeling this statement is loaded with explosive intent." and with the "up in the air",the next champion seems to be using a lot of explosives/missiles.Could it be Vi's sister who loves bombs and blowing things up to rob stuff?


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    Vi's sister , now with huge ass boots.


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