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Best Solo Queue Champions?

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    Who has a  high carry potential? Someone that is easy to carry with. I need to figure out what my next buy will be, or if I have a champion capable of carrying hard. I am in Bronze 5 and play Jungle a lot, but not all the time can I get my team kills if I'm not the carry. I usually play tanky junglers like Zac. Would Nocturne be good to learn?

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    a tanky jungler who can initiate and build dmg. For instance, jarvan

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    Nocturne needs very good teamwork not really good for yoloq i got out of silver hell by khazix(jungle) because i constantly catched the adc out of position and my team cleaned up so we could push to win this does not work in high elos because adc's will have much better positioning also a good champ is rammus because he can catch alot of enemies with his q e and suddenly make it a 4v5


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    Jarvan requires a bit more nous than the average champ though.

    I suggest Xin or Nunu.
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    It depends on how you want to carry a game, for example,

    when I was bronze V, I played mostly shaco & jax jungle. If I trust in my team, I give the kills, if I don't I take them. Why Jax & Shaco? Because in teamfights if you are fed they will focus you and you are hard to die champion. As shaco use your ult to protect yourself, while they waste all their spells on you let your team finish them off. As a jax, build lifesteal and be tanky, while they try to kill you you can easily kill 1-2 of them and your team can take them out easily. These are my solo carry the game champions.

    Nunu, Udyr, Evelynn are my team friendly jungle champs. Just tank damages, eat all the cc and give your team the opportunity to finish them off.

    I hope it helped

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    Nautilus, because counter-jungling is nonexistent at low elo, all you need to do is gank, initiate and peel / lockdown. It's real easy to do and all you need is cheapass tank items, somebody will always have damage unless everybody sucks so you don't need to worry about that.

    Xin only requires skill in his ult initiations, otherwise he's the most straightforward jungler, just kill everything. He tanks, initiates, can even assassinate if you got so ahead you got to build damage items and he is so versatile you don't really get many situations where he doesn't work. He can double as a top laner too, he has scary dueling potential, sustain and he's one of the rare melee champions who has the ability to beat ranged tops since he's so sticky. 

    I really like Nocturne because he can switch to farming mode if needed, however I remember having a lot of problems with him low elo since even when you ping, even while your ult has a giant sfx your teammates still don't react to your gank in any way and it's beyond frustrating. Maybe try Rengar, his ganks are still extremely potent, he has a ranged point-and-click snare, stealth, gap closer which is repeatable in bushes, doesn't get much better than that. He's risky though, you kinda need to succeed early on.


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