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Looking for duo Queue partner for Nov 5th-6th to get to platinum!

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    I was recently banned and I will get unbanned in Nov 5th.


    Now, I am currently at 1777 elo and I have been working hard to get to platinum, and I'm not about to let a silly ban stop me. Personally I don't think I should have been banned, but hey, what can you do - it's done already. I'm looking for someone good who can possible duo queue with me so we can win straight games in a row to get me or both of us platinum, or if there's some kind 2k elo soul out there that will be willing to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

     I main MID and SUPPORT. ADC TOP and JUNGLE are by far my worst role

    I really only need 73 elo, I know that is a huge leap to make in a day or 2, but, I don't think it's impossible.

    Please if there are some kind souls in here that would carry or at least help me get to platinum, I would greatly appreciate it. Im so close, I can't stop now!

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    Why were you banned?

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    I was reported in 2 games because I lost my temper

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