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Status of Season 3

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    Just wanted to see how all of you guys are doing with your Solo Q games now that the season has reset. Some of you gained ELO from the reset, while others lost ELO. Did your placements go well, are you still going through them? Share your experiences!

    As for me, I'm sitting at a nice 7-1 record entering season 3! I'm already back up to 1690 ELO! All mid, all day.

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    I'm 8-1 at the moment and 1466 rating.  I'm really excited as last season I tanked down to 900 elo and kinda gave up blaming it on everyone else.  Then about 4 months before the season ended I read some articles (including the thread in here "Your'e at your elo because you deserve it" or something like that) and got a new perspective.  I started playing ranked with a different mindset and went on a huge winning streak plowing my way to 1200.  Then my PC died and I could't play LoL for months.


    Just bought a new PC as season 3 started and I'm carving it up.

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    1500's. K ace im ready for my team invite

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    Well, taking into account that last season i queue dodged my way to 400 and then got to 1300, just so i could stop people qqing about elo hell(and as a personal test to improving or staying there) just by showing 2 screenshots, the placement matches were a breeze.

    I lost the first one and then went on to win 7 in a row and then lose one and then win 3 in a row. All in all i am pretty pleased because i won all games either using supports or maokai jungle(there's the exception of one game where i played ad carry). So right now my elo sits at 1482.

    Considering that i finished the season 2 at 1150 because i was too bored with the whole thing(after all climbing from 400 to 1300 [ and then wailing between 1100 and 1300 with no consistency] with 10 elo a match equals lots of matches, so i kinda suffered from solo queue fatique :P).

    Also the guy in the first game who told me to uninstall(yes, i did bad but not that bad -_-) seems to have 100 elo less than me and a worse win/lose ratio. I call this sweet justice.

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    1243 :/

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    4-1; 1146 elo. Considering when S2 started I buried myself to 600 elo then slowly climbed to 900, I think I'm doing pretty good.

    First game: Loss- Support Blitzcrank 2/10/12;

    Second game: Win- Support Soraka 0/0/20;

    Third game: Win- Top lane Cho' Gath 2/1/0;

    Fourth game: Win- Jungle Shyvana 4/1/6;

    Fifth game: Win- Jungle Maokai 2/1/11;

    Let's hope the winning streak continues. If only I could jungle every game...

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    I pretty much feel fucked by the reset more than anything else, I won the first 4 matches and then lost 4 more because of AFK's and ragequits.

    After that I noticed that pretty much everyone was just playing with everyone else, Plat players with silver, I even had diamond players in some games, and now it just varies back and forth and I see a stray platinum player still. The games are not enjoyable like they were at 1800 elo, it's basically back to greatly disproportionate skill levels in lanes ruining games, and it some of it has to do purely with mismatches because of unlikely up's and downs because of the elo reset. I will be happy when it settles down again, and I can more easily get my elo back up, because right now I'm forced to play hard carrying champinos if I want to consistently win.

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    7-0 1.4k ELO.

    I knew my season2 ELO was just because of my laziness...

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    4-1 1383 but according to my profile my top rating is 0 -.-

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    9-5 atm my first 10 games were 7-3 so I am pretty much the same elo now I finished S2 with 1450-1470 elo now I am 1541 so its kinda better for me :)

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    I lost a lot early, but now im upt to 1750 from 1630 start elo and I easily win my games there.

    evelynn all day, since I really found a liking to the champ.

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    I am 15-6 1706 elo :)

    top rating: 1730 elo

    11-5 Irelia

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    You need to play 10 games total then it will change it. Before 10 wins you are still technically unranked, even tho it shows and elo.
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