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Looking To Join A Team

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    I'm looking to join a team in the US region, I live in California. I'm a good player, communicate well, I'm good at 2 roles so far. Which would be Solo Top & Mid Lane. Gonna start doing jungle though & occasionally I can do support. But the only downfall is that I play every 2-3weeks. I'm gonna be honest instead of lie, my scoring at the moment isn't bad I'm only 1/1. I wanna be on a team that I know I'll be able to actually get a game with & not have to always solo que & get stuck with people who don't communicate well. Also I'm willing to do a 1v1 so you can test out my skills if needed

    My Top Laners Are: Irelia, Shen(If he doesn't get banned) Jax & Lee Sin

    My Mid Laners Are: Katarina, LeBlanc & Ryze

    My Supports Are: Shen(If he doesn't get banned) I used him cause he's great at initiating & taking damage. Nunu & Soraka

    My ADC's Are: Twitch(mainly) & Occasionally Vayne

    If you're interested my Account name on there is ColdMinded
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