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If you only could pick 1 champion for each possition

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    I like reading about people who prefer this and that champion, and to get a discussion like this going id like to ask everyone this.

    What champion would you pick for each possition if you could only pick 1 for each with soloQ ranked games Season 3 inmind?

    Please consider this:

    *Do the champion got carry qualities to carry a game in soloQ ranked ?

    *Can you first pick the champion ? aKa low counterpicks

    *Is the champion very item dependant ?

    *Please explain why with pros and cons ect

    *Also consider to not pick champions that is likely to be banned, like Amumu, Shen, Malphite ect


    Would love some feedback

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    For me the list would be this

    TOP: Udyr

    I dont play top that much so when i finaly get the chance i find Udyr to be a solid pick, i havent found a enemy still that can shut Udyr out from getting farm.

    Cons would be that he dosnt have super high carry potential and apart from beeing pretty good at diving carries he dosnt bring that much utility to the team.

    TBH this is the one im least satisfied with, looking for a overall safe firstpick champ that has higher carry potential and more team utility but still low counterpicks as Udyr, Any suggestions?

    MID: Karthus

    I love Karthus, sure Karthus isnt super vs high mobility champs but you got the option to counter build items/runes/masteries to counter this and noone can realy deny Karthus from farming, he has trouble killing some mid champs but it dosnt realy matter as he gets kills from other lanes and has VERY high carry potential and good utility to any team.

    Cons: his mobility is low but i find this easy to manage so...not that big of a con :D

    SUPPORT: Leona

    I find Leona to be very OVERALL, and i think she has the highest carry potential of the supports ive played so far cause she is hard to kill and thus unlikely to ever feed, and she got VERY strong initiates witch alot of times is a trouble in soloQ. Dosnt realy have a counter

    CONS: dosnt have any sustain

    JUNGLE: Skarner

    Just like Leona i find Skarner to be very overall, he isnt yber good at anything but he isnt bad at anything eigither, even if you dont have your best game you can still be a hughe asset to your team, isnt super item dependant and is pretty tanky together with good initiates and pretty ok damage for beeing so tanky.

    CONS: has some mana problems but with some practise its NP

    ADC: Sivir

    I rarely play ADC but when i do i pick Sivir cause i find her a pretty safe pick due to her shield, and she also brings a steroid to the team so she isnt completely useless if she looses cs to the opponent.

    CONS: Its easy to push your lane when you realy shouldnt, altho if you ward good it shouldnt be a problem

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    TOP: Jax

    He's extremely broken and lacks real weaknesses (except being melee). Broken because his armor and mres scale with AD and AP respectively with ult up, rendering him pretty unkillable when farmed/fed in the duration of a fight, not to mention his ability to dodge autoattacks. While he may lose to a number of toplane champions, especially ranged ones, all he has to do is call for a gank, then Q>E the enemy to secure a kill/burn flash with the jungler. He has an insane lategame. He performs well in ALL elo's, facerolling low elo while also being a common tournament pick.

    MID: Evelynn

    I wouldn't call her OP now, but she is still very strong in the right hands, as showcased in IPL5 with an 8 games 100% winrate. Her main strength comes from literally GUARANTEEING a kill on any champion(or multiple champions) with a gank everytime her ultimate is up (every ~1min 30 secs) and used effectively. All you have to do in SoloQ is show your face botlane 2-5 times after 6, enemy ADC/support get killed and/or zoned and fall behind hard, your ADC gains a big advantage, its GG

    JUNGLE: Shyvana

    This is probably a weird pick, but I guess its more of a personal preference with this one. I've always felt that ganking junglers (maokai/skarner) were weak candidates for carrying games because they lack damage output and have poor damage scaling. Shyvana is the opposite, having insane carrying power. While her ganks may not be that great, she teaches you the importance of predicting the enemy jungler and counterganking. Shyvana will almost ALWAYS come out on top when she counterganks, due to her insane duelling ability and the fact that the enemy has committed, making them much easier for her to kill. And then of course, you could run around the enemy jungle, steal stuff and kill the jungler if you find him.

    SUPPORT: Taric

    I just find him easy to play and use, straight forward champion that can be a massive factor in jungle invades and level one teamfights, which can snowball a game.

    ADC: Ashe

    She's extremely safe in lane, and is the only ADC that brings good initiation. Her long range keeps her quite safe and out of the reach of non-gap closer bruisers/assasins, while also being able to peel for herself with orb-walking


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    Thx for the feedback, guess il give Jax a shot now that people are jungeling him abit more, I like to pick champs for top that people cant be 100% sure of if it realy is a top, for example if i pick irelia yorick people know for 100% that im going top and i dont like that, wanna beable to screw abit with champselect, even tho top is the most common spot for Jax, il give him a shot, thx

    As for Shyvana, i also like Shyv but i find her abit to snowbally for my taste, if i fail a gank or loose some cs i find myself not contributing anything if i compare to Skarner for example, but maybe im playing her wrong ?

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    Top- I Love wukong top. He is not easy to play in ranked cause he has a lot of "Counters" but if you get good with him, almost no on can beat you. Even if you dont do so hot top lane, your ultimate will change games, and your burst potential will make sure the ADC never lives in a team fight.   try this build, i think you will find it very helpfull, and good luck.

    Mid- Diana... She is a fantastic pick. She has so much burst potential,and with her mobility doesn't have to wait to go for the ADC she can dive in and destroy him. She also has extremely low cool downs. She is sorta squishy early-mid game and late game like most champ, some hard cc can shut her down.

    Jungle- Nocturne is the best jungle imo as long as your not trying to have the jungle fill the roll of a tank that is. He has extremely high damage output. He can clear jungle very fast. His ult sets up amazing ganks and late game he can go get red and still make a fight in mid and also can get those guys that might just get away. He is one of the best pre 6 jungles there are and even better after 6. He is squishy, you need to learn spell shield. Ult takes a bit to get used to.

    Support-  Janna- I love her kit. She has a knock up to reduce the time the enemy bot lane can do damage. she has a shield for the adc that also increases his damage. She can slow the enemy adc so he cant catch your's or so he cant run away. Her ult if used correctly can separate 1 person from the rest of your team. Or push someone in turret or catch someone out of place. it also heals people. She is squishy. No heal till 6 and it takes a bit to do anything.

    Adc- Ez highly mobile, crazy damage, never out of position with your E and your ult can snipe people. He is squishy, He looks kinda gay... lol 

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    Top: Cho'gath. I love building AP Cho, I love playing him. I love his stupidly overpowered ratios. I love shouting "NOMNOMNOM" in all chat.

    Mid: I main mid so this one is hard. Going with Nidalee here. The only matchup I can't seem to win with her is Brand. I can poo on pretty much anyone else. No one expects her mid, no one can counter her, and spears/heals are op.

    Jungle: I don't jungle a lot, I'm working on my jungle game next, probably Maokai. The early stackup and potential for early ganks just sounds fun. Not to mention his ganks are incredible. And he's fun to build AP for trololols.

    Support: I don't ever play support. Ever. I'm terrible. If I do get forced into it, Lulu all the way. CC machine, fun to play, high skill cap. A blast.

    ADC: Until recently I would've said Vayne, but I'll go Draven now. Again, high skill cap, very bursty, ridiculous laning phase. Another blast to play.

    Preparing for the climb is scary.

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    Top - Darius. I know everyone hates darius but to be honest he is incredibly fun and easy to play. has massive damage, even if you're building tanky. Can snowball lanes with one kill, wins almost any 1v1, is just in general really strong. Squishies beware.

    Cons: countered by high poke champs and kayle. Mostly kayle.

    Mid - Lux. very underrated IMO, has huge burst capabilities even before 6, can outrange, outpoke, and in general outburst most other mids. Line up a Lux ult correctly and you almost automatically win a teamfight. her shield is basically a counter to ignite.

    Cons: Falls behind easily, you have to know what you're doing in order to dominate a lane. Also rather blue-dependent (not as much as galio or swain, but still very much so)

    Jungle - AMUMU. oh wait. permabanned.
    tbh, amumu is my favorite champ in the entire game, and i pick him whenever he is available, but he almost never is, so i would pick jax

    Jax has huge damage, a generally high health jungle route (start e first), and is possibly the hardest late game carry as of yet. he has almost no weaknesses, other than the fact that in order to win late game, he needs kills early game (or a crapton of farm), but if you coordinate with your team you can get quite a few kills and assists off ganks.

    Cons: can almost never catch up if falls behind

    Support - Taric. He has a stun at level 1, a heal, a damage buff, an armor buff, and an armor debuff. could you ask for more in a support?

    Cons: none

    ADC - Miss Fortune. has great harrass in lane, a nice ATS buff (which is great with the ats nerfs), her ult synergizes with almost every AOE in the game (except gragas. and janna), and if you builf BC on her, not only is the CD on your Q and W increased, but your ult shreds EVERYONE'S armor. Also helpful is that MF synergizes well with almost every support (except janna. sumbag janna). Healing reduction on W is very good in 1v1s and also helps against annoying regen champs (voli, mundo, vlad, ect.)

    Cons: No hard escape (strut doesnt really help in a gank, and slow isnt really noticeable until after laning phase

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    Top, Mid, ADC, Support, Jungler - Someone who can use The Black Cleaver, and I will stack them all leading to my victory

    But srsly, Mid-Karthus (Easy farming, good lategame), Top-Jax (Beast lategame), Jungle- Maokai (Not banned often, great champ)

    Support- Nami (When use correctly is great, can heal and cc enemies) ADC- KogMaw (Unreasonably good early for how good he scales, and would they dive kog and leave Jax to kill the enemy ADC?)

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    considering soloq, high carry potencial, low counterpick options:

    top: Riven - one of the strongest laners; probably the highest carry potencial of all with some early kills; Black Cleaver

    jungle: Olaf - fastest clear atm; strong counterjungling; higher jungle gold (S3) helps his item dependency; one of the strongest lategame champs in game

    mid: Ahri - got everything: burst; sustained damage (through low cd's); hard cc; mobility; true damage; sustain; wave clear; swag

    adc: Ezreal - after all this time? - allways. : can kite for himself; strong early and mid game; global ult; strong poke; self AS buff passive, team AS buff active (AS got expencive in S3)

    support: Lulu - strong through the whole game; wide toolset; strong lane poke; dat ult; hard influence on teamfights or smaller engagements

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    Top and Mid: -Rumble- ... I build him as a glass cannon, and I'm extremely defensive with  him pre-ultimate. That said, he has all the tools you need to be great. His ult has a low cd, can initiate fights, does a lot of initial damage as wel as DoT, slows multiple people, and has long range. With his regular abilities you get a speed boost + shield, a ranged slow, and an AoA melee attack with good range. My runner-up is LeBlanc, who I love and dominate with, but she falls off too hard late game.

    ADC: -Sivir- ... Probably not the best acd around, but she works great for me. When I'm spot-on with my spell shield, my lane sustain and survivability are excellent. Her ability to catch enemies is built into her passive. She's awesome at farming. Her ult helps everybody on your team within range, and can help you either catch somebody or escape.

    Support: -Kayle- ... I like Kayle mainly for her good early damage output, but she has a decent overall kit.

    Jungle: -Olaf- ... Excellent clear speed, and once you master undertow (his ax throw), he can be exceptional at ganking. Fills the tanky role lacked by many teams on solo queue.

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    Top Jax

    Mid Ziggs

    Jungle Cho

    ADC Vayne

    Support.... Blitz or nami.

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    Top- Garen - He is my best top and he absolutely destroys. Yeah i know what you are all thinking, noob garen isnt good. But u have never seen my garen u go tanky and carry the game GG.

    Cons: Fucking teemo, will still carry

    Jungle- Amumu - If he doesn't get ban then you can carry with him, his ult make and break teamfights

    Con: Blue dependent, if you fail then you fail.

    Mid- Ryze - He is uncounterable if played well, 3v1 gank NP stun kite, kill

    Con - There is none unless your team is playing at 200 elo you can carry

    ADC - Draven - I like Draven cause of his insane early game, though adc is not my best role i do decent but make mistakes.

    Cons : better adc and support combo on their team, not fed, pushed out, ganked

    Support- Taric - Its OUTRAGEOUS anyone picking anyone else, good heals, stun and support. Jack of all Trades

    Cons: bad adc who doesnt go in, A really good support on their team

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    Cho great sustain (thought it just got nerfed) can tank, mage, or AS, great item versatility too, and scales hard into late game like most of my picks.

    Ziggs doesnt have many hard counters, pounds most mids and is fun.

    Jax is my man, eats face.

    Vayne slow early, then tears everything apart, great build versatility as well.

    Blitz can be aggressive and make plays, change games. Ive yet to play name, but her pop has my ziggs Q mechanics, and she has great utility. so maybe her.

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    Top: Olaf, because I feel he's strong in a lot of matchups and if he gets a good roll going he becomes a wrecking ball of damage.

    Mid: Malzahar, because I love his kit and I have more fun with him than any other mage.

    Support: Lux, because yay stun + long range finisher if my adc is bad

    adc: Draven...because Draven

    Jungler: Not sure I can really pick just one here because I play so many...but probably Skarner, because I tend to have a disproportionate amount of good games with him and he's good at invading and resistant to invades just by being naturally tanky.

    ah the parentheticals...

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    Top: Olaf- hardly ever banned, can have great damage despite only building tank items, can clear waves fast, and has an ult that enables him to dive through the entire enemy team and hit high-priority targets really hard. His only real weaknesses are just how easy he is to kite if his ult is down, and his lack of disruptiveness as tank.

    Mid: This is a tough one. I'd have to go with Ahri. Strong CC, great mobility, true damage, great single target and AEO damage, is probably one of the best roaming mids in the game (second only to Evelynn). Her only real weakness is squishiness and vulnerability to hard CC, but a smart Ahri knows how to stay out of the line of fire.

    Jungle:  I'd say Maokai. Great early game power, an ult that's fairly useful in late game team fights if used correctly, and great scouting/ utility with his saplings. His weakness is that he's not amazing late game, but the goal as Maokai is to get your team ahead early on anyway.

    Ad Carry: Ezreal, hands down. Great damage through all phases of game, global ult that can hit the entire enemy team, and secure/ steal objectives like dragon/baron, a spell that proc's on-hit effects, and a blink to escape danger or chase a fleeing enemy. His biggest flaw lies in how he doesn't do the sheer amount of raw damage that other carries do, and is a slight mix of AP and AD. Also, he's almost never banned.

    Support: It's hard to argue against Leona here. Never banned, hard to kill, great initiation, AEO stun/ slow and can lay down something like five solid seconds of CC if combo'd correctly (don't quote me on that, but it's LONG). She can also work as a pseudo-tank for your team. She has no sustain for her carry, but sustain lanes aren't exactly popular at the moment.

    Honorable mention: Jayce for top lane (I mean, is there anyone who actually counters this guy?), Morgana (amazing mid laner-but banned a lot), Amumu (in my opinion, the strongest jungler in the game. His ult is just amazingly strong in team fights, but he's banned all the time now.), and Lulu (really strong support with ridiculous amounts of utility, plus is very good at protecting her carry).

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    Top:  Kennen-great top lane that is hardly ever seen any more can build beefy with health and spell vamp and be a huge asset on your team even if not fed because of your ultimate most people will expect you to go mid so it's hard to counter can get insta kills with ganks at level six farms well and can most definitely carry....also your a flippin ninja

    cons:  if you take him top relegates the tank role to another lane which is usually reserved for top so in that sense your team might be a little squishier 

    Mid:  Galio-again a champ that is hardly ever seen mid but guess what....he counter every mid because of his passive the only counter is a talon or zed some kind of ad caster and guess what probably never gonna see either of those champs in solo q so you win mid by default game changing aoe ult that makes you a tank and the enemy team a lot of dead

    cons:  all his abilities are skillshots which can be difficult to master also falls off a little bit lategame in my experience

    Jungle:  Nunu-under the assumption malphite is an insta ban my jungle would be nunu amazing objective control with his consume and has good ganks with snowball and ridiculous ap scaling on ult that allows you to crush entire teams when building full ap...also a good pick because he has potential in 3 areas on a team making it difficult for the opposing team to counter

    cons:  easily gets ult interrupted can't really carry 

    Ad carry:  Varus-I feel like with the new ruunaans hurricane this champ will see more play bt and hurricane gg you build full as stacks in like 2 seconds but seriously great poke with q has a slow and a multi hit snare one of the only ad carries with hard cc

    cons:  relatively weak early game NEEDS items if you get shutdown your pretty boned

    Support:  Zyra-huge aoe knock up does massive dmg even if you do not build ap can zone out enemy support and carry with pretty much any of her abilities great poke and has a free ward to put in bush that has low cd can tower dive at six with jungle easy and get fed unfortunately she got nerfed so that hurts but still overall amazing champ with 2 forms of hard cc definitely can be a "carry support" (i believe it's impossible for any support to carry but if there was any that could i would put my money on this chick)

    cons: another squish champ where i personally believe is a tank position (ali leona etc)

    In conclusion for anyone reading this take a good strong look at the team comp ive compiled....slightly lacking in tankiness but has MASSIVE CC....CC is and always will be THE most important thing to win games....i would guarantee with this kind of comp you can go into any fight and instantly win because they won't be able to move for like....10 seconds 

    things to consider assuming certain champs were not insta banned all the time would be malphite (top/jungle) and amumu on this comp and gg

     Honorable mentions:  Orianna (mid) Leona (support) and anyone else with an AOE hard cc


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    Top: Cho. Hes amazing and you can just farm all day and ignore agressive laners. Very few hard counters - and people like ww dont have a huge impact late game whereas Cho has a huge impact in teamfights. 

    Mid: Cho. Hes got amazing damage when built ap and can still be tankyish because of his ult. If you get fed will be able to carry hardcore.

    Jungle: Cho. Mundo. Hes tanky and can still output a lot of damage. Can carry soloqueue with ease, and can still gank relatively well. Doesnt need blue, and is hard to invade against. Mundos per

    Support: Blitzcrank. Hes my main (or was until the permabans), hes amazing and can carry easily, when hes banned permanently id opt for leona instead for similar attributes.

    ADC: Uhh Graves. I don't play adc much, but I find graves' kit excellent. His smokescreen in particular is incredibly underrated. Particularly in soloqueue using the smokescreen can disorient a player and ruin the enemies teamfight because they arent sure whether they should be engaging or disengaging. 

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    Top: Teemo
    He's is probably the only top laner i can do well with and his ability to make people rage and lose focus can be very valuable.

    Mid: Anivia
    She just has soo much damage and cc, she barely needs AP early/mid game due to her E and her passive is amazing for stopping towerdives(i hate towerdivers soo much)

    Jungle: Amumu
    If he doesnt get nerfed that is, he's a very strong pick currently. His clear times are good, his ganks are great and his transition to late game is very smooth.

    Support: Lulu
    I like Lulu because she has the best of all the supports. She can be aggressive, mobile and her E and R provide a large amount of tankiness in teamfights.
    She's great at harrassing too.

    ADC: Miss Fortune
    Her early game is just amazingly strong and she just doesnt seem to have many weaknesses.
    There is Ashe and Vayne who have amazing late game but shit early game and Corki, Graves and Ezreal who have strong mid game and a safe laning phase.
    But Miss Fortune has a strong early game which gives her an easier time with mid and late game so she just dominates overall.
    Plus her AA's and her Q are really satisfying to use, the gun fire just sounds so nice.

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    Top: Oh boy... Since mostly I play top lane, I'm very uncertain of which champion to choose, since I can't decide which champion I love the most. But I'll go with Garen. He's one of the greatest tanks in game and isn't very item dependent. His passive makes him a tough competitor and when ganked, he can get away rather easily. He can scare a whole team out of a turret due to his tankyness and high damage output and even when tower dived, he usually makes sure his attackers won't come out of that alive because of his ultimate. Speaking of which, due to his ultimate, Garen can kill down the enemy's tank quickly (instead of letting your team struggle to get that last 1/3 of his HP off), breaking their line of defense or just make sure the fed carry doesn't get out safely. He's a great asset to the team and one of my favorite champions :) Spin to win.

    Mid: I'd say Diana, but after the huge nerf she've been submitted to, I feel forced on changing my choice to Fizz. He's my favorite mid laner so far and one of the champions I have more fun playing with. He is a bit item dependent, but in mid/late game, he more than makes up for it. Fizz is able to burst down squishie champions only with his Q + W combo and a nicely placed ultimate and still get away intact due to his E, allowing for his team members to join the fight without having to worry about the enemy's fed carry owning their asses. Cons: As every melee mid laner, Fizz has lots of difficulty fighting against champions who can blink (such as LeBlanc) or zone him (Karthus, Lux, etc) early game, once his ultimate is up, he can close the distance between him and his opponent rather easily.

    Jungle: Cho'Gath. He can clear the jungle rather quickly and his ganks are legendary when done right. He can go from full AP to huge (literally) tank without ever losing his efficiency. His AoE silence and knock up are both welcome in any team fight and can really change the tides of battle. Also, I own the gentleman skin.

    Support: Alistar. Yeah, yeah... He's banned quite often, but still, I hardly play with any other support than Shen or Ali, lol. Plus, after laning phase is over, I start farming like crazy so I can tank mid/late game. Not much else to say.

    AD Carry: Varus. The Arrow of Retribution has a great pocking potential and, when played with a support Nidalee, he can easily harass the enemy carry back to base before he even gets to farm 2 minions. His ultimate is, imo, the best AD Carry ultimate to be thrown in a team fight, 'cause it allows him to quickly kill the other team's AP or AD Carry, while your team destroys their defense line.

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    Mid: Evelynn. By far my best champ. She just clicks with me and I absolutely love her kit- it matches my play style perfectly. I am a roamer at heart, I'd rather farm champs than creeps and I want to be everywhere on the map as fast as possible, her passive and w let me do that. I hate NOT pressing buttons. With 15% cdr from dfg, 4% from masteries, and 20% from blue buff, her q is on a .92 second cool down. Rylai's is usally my 2nd item (i build her differently than most, I go DFG->Rylai's->everything after is situational), once I have it, I can kite for DAYS with her Q given Rylai's slow and her W's passive/active. And that BURST... DFG->ult>E... it's so satisfying, my laugh matches the laugh that comes after Eve ults... If I could play one champ and 1 role for the rest of my days, it'd be Evelynn Mid.

    Jungle: This is tough... its between Shyvana and Hecarim... Though I generally play skarner as a safe pick, Shyvana and Hecarim have my heart. I'm torn between the two, but my gut says Hecarim... I hate how weak he is early game, I love hunting down the enemy jungler with shyvana and skarner, but nothing is more fun than popping hecarim's E and ganking through the lane singing the song from Indiana Jones, then ulting and shouting "RAAAAWHH!!!" Successful gank and another blue ribbon for hecarim!

    Support: Zyra. She makes me feel relevant both during the laning phase and team fights despite being just a support.

    Top: Riven- Her mobility and damage make her a blast to play! You can take someone from 100->0 with an ult and a full combo with AA's between, or flash in and mash q 3 times, w, then windslash to quickly burst down an injured foe. I play her jungle and mid on occasion as well! Such a fun champ! 

    ADC: I suck at adc, but I'd go with vayne- I love attack speed/movespeed which vayne builds into. Her dueling ability also brings me joy.


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