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I am a ranked team leader and I need some help

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    Hello guys,

    I am here to ask you guys about the 5v5,team physchology and team strategies.

    First off I am the jungler and our team is fairly at the same level,while me being slightlyly higher(shameless).But all of them are good players.

    Yet we weren't that successful on the ranked 5s side as we couldn't constanly win.I dont think its about communication,since we use teamspeak,we didnt set a shotcaller.

    Can you guys help me out on this topic?And some help on the team compositions would be much appreciated.I know most of the strategies (split push-centric,Aoe-clusterfuck,protect the carry etc.)But which tactic would be better with the still improving team?

    I truly appreciate your answers and thanks :)

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    You should give us your solo & team elo/league too

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    Well,I can update a replay if guys want


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    I am kinda in the same position and have been working on these things recently. One thing I have found is that it takes some experimentation. We had a mini-breakthrough last weekend and went 3-0. One thing that happened was we kept bans very similar and we all played the same champ all 3 games. We ran a poke-rush comp. olaf top, myself- nocturne jungle, lux mid, kog and thresh bot. This turned out to be very well rounded and was flexible to fight off various team comps that we came up against. the nice thing about this is olaf and nocturne are very good at penetrating the other team's protection lines and can play both tank/off-tank and anti-carry. lux is good at both doing damage, cc/ self protection, and poking, thresh just locks down whoever attacks kog. and kog basically just blasts away and also has good poke with his ultimate.  

    with shotcalling we kind of run a TSM style format with a primary and secondary caller. I call the shots early since i am the one ganking. When its time for grouping our  mid player will sometimes make the calls as he usually wins his lane and has free time.


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    Thanks for the info buddy,much appreciated!

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    Hi, i am also the leader of my ranked teams.
    I play support for one of them, and mid for another.
    As you mentioned, you should definitely have someone be the "Shot caller."
    In most cases, that person is the support.
    However, having a common team comp like you mentioned isn't always required.
    With that being said, you DO need champions that can synchronize well.
    My team and I went 7-0 in our provisional games, reaching gold on our first day.
    And we didn't really run a legitimate comp every time.
    Just try and get at least two champions in the game to have really strong synchronization capabilities together.

    Orianna & Malphite
    Sona & MF / Kennen
    Taric & Maokai 
    Wukong & lulu

    When playing, i would say have your team each learn three champions for their role.
    and make them their mains.

    Other than that man, 
    call timers for dragon/buffs.
    Wards win games.
    communicate Everything you do during games.

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    Quote from DeepBurner »


    Yet we weren't that successful on the ranked 5s side as we couldn't constanly win.I dont think its about communication,since we use teamspeak,we didnt set a shotcaller.

    "constantly - without variation or change, in every case"

    ^If you were, you wouldn't be needing help from anyone ever. Also you'd be the next LoL champion.

    My 2 cents: get shotcaller. Don't hesitate to try more exotic team comps; if anything you'll learn their weaknesses should you ever face one; at best you'll find some OP tactics for free EL-... i mean LP. Print shirts with your team's name, too, that's pretty neat. Want a logo?

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    you should always think before / during p&b what you are going to play. it does not really work out ( at a higher lvl at least) when you just pick what you feel like or what counters the enemy lane. it is a TEAMGAME after all. so picking teamcomps / champs that have good synergy is key. there are many examples and guides and stuff in the internet about teamcomps ( if you are having problems thinking about good comps) you can also try to counter the enemy team comp with your comp. counter a poke comp with a hard engage comp etc.

    as already mentioned you need a shot caller. in the most cases its the supp since he has the best map awarness ( or should have). sometimes it is the supp and jungle / mid for later teamsfights or objective calls. the most important thing is : just do what the shotcaller is calling. just do it. if you think its a bad idea, doesnt matter. just do it. it is better to follow a possibly bad call with 5 man ( and ofc talking AFTER the game over it and dont make the mistake again ) than if 3 ppl are following the call and 2 dont.

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