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I don't understand what I'm doing wrong

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    I've been stuck at around 1200 elo (now like bronze d1/2) and I think I am often better then that but often worse.  Sure my CS could be better etc but I just don't seem to be getting better no matter how much I play/what I do.  my cs gets a little better if I play a few customs but like over all I dont feel like I am getting any better and I dont know what to do to improve other then play games and occasional do customs to CS etc. and watch streams.  I do all that but I just don't feel like I'm getting any better.  

    Am I doing something wrong? Am I skipping soothing that could really help em get better.  I just don't get it.  has my skill plateaued and I'll just b e stuck her for a while until I suddenly start getting better again I just don't get it.

    Based on the fact that I am playing 3+ games on weekdays and 5+ games on weekend days and I watch streams of Scarra TnA Etc. I do customs to get better at CSing(Occasionally),  I read stuff on my champs all the time.  I read all the patch notes. etc.  what else can I do or do more of? I just don't know where to go and need some help.  I just feel like every game is a toss up and my performance is good about 50-55% of the time and not the other 45-50% of the time.  I just don't know. 

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    well, I might not be the most qualified to answer, but I'd like to first ask a few things.What position you typically play, how many champs do you usually play in a given week and how many do you consider to have reasonably mastered, what is your average game CS, and how do you feel your mechanical skill is?

    My general suggestion regardless of your answers is this:

    Play 10 games and immediately take 5 or 6 minutes after each game to specifically write down what you think you did right and did wrong. Look if you repeatedly made the same mistakes or did the same things wrong a lot. Then play 10 more games and play those games specifically to avoid doing what you did wrong and do it right. 

    Common mistakes I often see (and often am at fault of myself) Not warding, not noticing when other laners are missing (NO MIAs is not an excuse, an mia is like a present - treasure it, don't expect it), chasing too far into enemy territory, not pressuring current advantages, (depending on your role) - bad focus/lock down/zoning/positing, and finally poor communication. (ask to group mid, let people know the opponents will probably all be pushing top, don't accuse/swear at people, and keep moral high)

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    I typically play mid.

    In ranked i play prob 3-5 champs in a given week 

    I would say I have 2 reasonably mastered.  Those 2 would be katarina and Diana

    I would say i average like 125-150 at 20 mins 200ish at 30 mins.

    My mechanical skill is pretty good.  I think I could prob get better at doding skillshots but I dont think thats my problem.

    Ill def give that a shot.  It makes a lot of sense ( actually almost that exact thing for starcraft but haven't tried it for league yet.

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    One thing I would do is check out the article that came out today in RoG about playing mid strategy.

    I dont play mid much but I have a game this weekend that may be instructive. I went mid with rumble against an ap yi. doing this i knew some things : 1. I probably would lose the cs war because his q clears faster than mine. 2. I probably wasnt going to kill him a whole lot because his ult basically allows him to run away and meditate if i am actually able to trade with him 3. Rumble has some of the best roaming potential when played mid of any champ in the game. After hitting 6 I shuved the lane, then q+w'ed down to bot lane tri-bush and while in yellow zone I let off an ultimate from tri-bush(fogged) and with some damage from bot lane my ulty killed both the adc and support without me even having to leave tri-bush. while im sure the adc would have preffered the kill gold they were happy with the assists and that allowed them to apply more pressure to their lane. Thanks to a somewhat meh performance from our top lane thresh vs. kat (I didnt really have much hope going in) our game ended up going 50 minutes. I was able to rack up a 24-7-15 record and did end up winning even though our top , jungle and adc both lost the cs war to their counterparts. They miscalculated on a baron fight that we rushed and they couldn't contest it. FYI a fed rumble with Baron is basically a raid boss. Make sure you are building your champ for the game you are playing too. for instance they had ap yi mid and kat top so i knew i would need MR. I had a spare lucky pick so i turned it into the twin shadows and sold it later after i had my abyssal and ryalis/lyandy's to fund my rabadons. Keep in mind that you shouldnt build every mid champ the same way and allow variance for game circumstances. If you are playing elise for instance her ap ratios are not good so you would prioritize your spell pen items over your straight ap items.

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    LoLReplay. Get it. Watch your BAD games, not your good ones. See what you did wrong and work on fixing that. 

    Damn they better pay me or something for advertising them all the time.

    Oh and watch this:

    Matter of fact, watch the whole series. It's really helpful. Even his videos on covering the basics of LoL taught me a lot of things that I hadn't thought of before, like why the current meta is what it is.

    When I'm doing homework or something I'll turn on some of his videos that I've watched already in the background to keep honing it into my mind. 

    Knowing HOW to improve > practice



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