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I reached Platinum V in my first ranked season. Tips.

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    Hi. This is my story (in spoiler.)

    I was first referred to League of Legends by a friend in Mid September, 2012. Those were the days where i was malphite ulting minions, running smite on solo lanes, etc. Basically i was a complete noob, and i had no intentions of taking the game seriously. I barely played the game, and that was only when my friend convinced me to play. However, i slowly found myself getting interested in the game after watching videos of decent players. My biggest 'spark' was the Season 2 World Finals, when i saw Froggen play. Fast forward a few months; i posted a thread on Reign Of Gaming on December 9th, 2012. I was only level 15 back then. I probably reached level 30 somewhere around February or March. It was probably around late April or May when i decided to do my placement matches. I ended 6-4, a decent record, and was placed in the land of Silver V.

    At first i didn't do too great. I lost most of my first few games because i was playing champions i was uncomfortable with. However, i started to find my stride, and i BREEZED through those divisions. I ended up skipping Silver 3, and eventually found myself at Silver 1. Then i sunk in a period of about a month or two where i didn't play any ranked games whatsoever. I participated in a community effort called Platinum vs Silver where you pair 5 silvers against 5 platinum/diamonds, and the plats/diamonds give advice after the game. I played this exclusively, and i've still been doing so this whole summer. Towards the beginning of Summer, late June, July, i hit Gold. That was great, however i know i could hit Platinum. I believed i was always playing at a very high level, i just didn't play enough Ranked to prove it. Over the next month or so, although i was busy with real life things, i made it to Gold 1. That's where i began having trouble. I entered Gold 1 with a 5 loss streak, which happened to tank my MMR. 

    At this point, i was gaining 5 lp per win in Gold 1. This was a huge upset for me because i gained 45+ lp per win back in Gold V. I wasn't motivated to play Ranked anymore; but after over 50 games of grinding, i made it to Plat. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm extremely proud to have reached Platinum in my very first ranked season, and being able to look back at my silver friends who originally introduced me to this game. I have no intentions of stopping there. I've only played about 4 ranked games after i reached Platinum, and am currently sitting at 81 lp, one game away from promotions. I know i can reach Diamond, easily. I've met a lot of awesome diamond players that i play with on a daily basis, so i hope i can be among them before October 31st when Season 3 ends. =)


    TLDR: I installed this game about 12 months ago. Started taking it seriously and hit level 30 around March. I've now hit Platinum in about 200 ranked games, and planning on hitting Diamond sometime down the road.

    I have no intentions of making this a bragging thread. A lot of people wonder how i went from Silver to Platinum in such a short amount of time. I'd like to provide the opportunity to answer any questions or provide tips on people that are looking to do the same as me.

    General Tips:
    1) Always look to improve. Realize that there are always going to be people that are better players than you, and seek to play with them. It's hard to improve when you are playing with players that are worse than you. For NA players, i recommend 'Platinum vs Silver.' If you are looking to learn from Platinum or Diamond level players, then look no further. You can check out a general thread here (not official): Simply join the chatroom and look for games! This has helped me immensely, and it also allowed me meet a lot of high ELO players. The majority of players there are great and are willing to help any Bronze, Silvers or even unranked players that are looking to improve. Join the chatroom 'Platinum vs Silver.' (It's pretty popular, don't be surprised if all 200 slots are filled.)

    2) Learn from the best by watching the best. This method has worked for me in every game i've played seriously. We are blessed with the ability to watch people play via Youtube videos, Livestreams, etc. Find a streamer you like on and literally try your best to copy what they do. For example, i watched tons of Bischu for mid lane. 

    3) Take the game seriously. If you want to improve, you can't have the mentality 'it's just a game. whatever.' I actually stopped playing with friends/buddies/people i knew because all they would do is mess around in normals games. That's not what i wanted. You only get better by playing the game with the intentions of getting better. Keep in mind that raging is okay and is normal. I see nothing wrong with getting angry because it shows that you recognize you or your team mates are doing wrong. However, don't be so vocal about it that you are ruining the game experience for others. Try to kindly explain to your team mates what they can do differently. This helps both you and them improve.

    Those are my basic tips, and how i improved so quickly, anyway. I can't really say much because there are so many threads that explain how to climb faster, etc. Feel free to post your experiences or ask me any questions about me such as favorite champions, etc. =)

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    Quote from Jesstures »

     Join the chatroom 'Platinum vs Silver.' (It's pretty popular, don't be surprised if all 200 slots are filled.)


    Those are full of scum

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    Alot of people reached plat in 200 games , including me... Nothing to be proud off.


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    Considering you're above of 95% of players, you should. Nope. You must. It's insulting for these 95%. Feels like reading "I'm platinum lol easy nothing to proud of, you're all noobs lol".

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    I think that's an amazing achievement, given that every single Plat/Diamond friend I have has been playing ranked since Season 2 or even before that. The only friends I know who started playing around the same time you did (September/October) are in Bronze/Silver. The only Gold players I know have been playing since Season 2 but didn't play ranked until Season 3.


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    Quote from _Mod »

    Considering you're above of 95% of players, you should. Nope. You must. It's insulting for these 95%. Feels like reading "I'm platinum lol easy nothing to proud of, you're all noobs lol".

    well... you are all nubs, but that doesnt mean theres anything wrong with that. there are those of us who are more than willing to help those who ask for it, and some of us who genuinely like helping people get better at the game(or anything else for that matter).

    reading his post to mean that means that you probably have some self esteem issues. because he seems like he genuinely wants to help people get better

    also quick hint; youre dieing far too often, which probably means that your getting caught out of position far too often(based off the fact that most of your champions average over 6-7 deaths per game, and i for example only die about 4 times a game mostly playing top and support)

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    Edit: On-topic, I like the advice. It's generic and obvious, but sometimes people need to hear it. The biggest one is #3, in my opinion. Taking the game seriously is a major part of moving forward. I've had plenty of games where I observed people doing stupid shit because they thought they could get away with it, and in their laxity they didn't realize the enemy was staging a comeback until it was too late, leading to a loss. That's never fun.

    Actually... I'm all for offering and asking for help, but to say "you're nubs, there's nothing wrong with that" is insulting for two reasons. 1) Getting to Platinum may be easy once you understand how to do so, but it still takes practice, learning, and research. It's not easy, and to call it nothing to be proud of, being a Platinum rank itself or Platinum in a certain number of games, is insulting to the people who have not done it and aspire to do so. Getting to gold requires skill and practice. By no means is being in the top 20% of ranked league players an easy task. 

    2) Nub is derogatory. Newb/noob/nub/etc. has two meanings: someone who is new to the game and still learning the ropes, or someone who is bad/unskilled/incapable of learning. Calling someone who is learning, practicing, and researching the game a nub is a subtly worded way of saying they don't have what it takes. Or that upon reaching a magic threshold you will ascend past noobiness into goodness. In reality, it's much more subtle. Everyone has room for improvement, and there are much better and more intelligent ways to spur that improvement than by telling someone they're bad becuase they're not as good as you.

    Also, I'd watch the psychoanalysis. Almost everyone in this day and age has self-esteem issues, but _Mod wasn't talking to OP, he was talking to dnagemo. Changes the context of his post by a large margin.

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    This has nothing to do with any self esteem issue or whatever your want to see in a two lines post. When people achieve things that not every one can do, they should be proud of it, and not consider it to be normal. Success is deserved, not given. Not being proud of it, as little as it is, is just giving the wrong idea to other people about what it represents and give them excuses ("I can do it if I want, it's just I don't want"). And to those who knows what it means, and that not anyone can achieve the same thing, it can be considered insulting. Especially when those very same people tried or are trying to achieve it too.

    And thank you for your hint, but it can hardly apply to my account. I've been through 3 tiers this season, going from games where the average score looks like 50-50 to, now, 20-20. I wouldn't be gold if I was getting caught out of position, it's more like I don't care about my KDA as long as what lead to it isn't meaningless.
    Making assumptions from a KDA seems quite hard. There are general rules on how it should be, but there are too much factors influencing it.

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    this is really cool actually.. ive been wanting to find something like this where i can help lower tiers.. thnx for the post..!! will check out the plat vs silver chat..!!

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    "I wouldn't be gold if I was getting caught out of position" Lolwut? Diamond players get caught out of position still, sonny. Just less. -.-"

    Ditch the condescending tone when someone is trying to help you. Lol.


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    I'm honestly confused, because I (like Gprinziv) thought _Mod was responding to another post in this thread, not the OP.

    I think by going as far as to look up his KDA ratios and then giving him tips without having actually watched his games is condescending, if anything.

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    I knew who he was responding to, I just saw it like this (Rewording)
    "Do not say plat is easy because it isnt and me and tons of other cant do it."
    "blah blah blah shit that doesn't matter, oh, btw, this might make your trip to plat just a little quicker, be more aware of all 10 player locations at all times"
    "Don't tell me how to get better, i'm gold, i wouldn't be gold if I made mistakes"

    Getting caught out plagues gold SUPER hard.

    TL;DR... Both parties are idiots IMHO. <3

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    That's putting words in his mouth. Nowhere in that post does he suggest that he is condescending or that he doesn't want your help. Yes, the "I wouldn't be gold if I was getting caught out of position" bit is a bit much - as you say, I play with plenty of Gold+ players and they can do ridiculous things sometimes - but he brings up the point that you cannot judge his skill as a player purely by looking at his KDA ratio.

    I have a 87% win ratio and 7.4 KDA ratio with Karma. Does that mean anything? Not really. You don't know who I played with, who I played against, how I was playing. 

    And you say you know who he was responding to, yet your rewording of his first post makes it clear that you don't.

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    the fact that PainDominates looked you up seems a little unnecessary.. but it doesnt mean he's wrong..

    yes kda does not tell the whole story, but 'dying when its worth' is true to a point.. because a death is worth 300g, doesnt matter if youre a support or a carry.. thats why supports are picked on alot, they are easy kills.. 300 gold is 300 gold..  

    but to be fair, after looking up mod myself, Mod does have alot of 'up close and personal' champs.. 

    all in all.. i agree you should work on not giving free gold out when you are worth 300 gold.. 

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    It means you probably did well on Karma and didn't get caught out alot .. Lel.
    "Alot of people reached plat in 200 games , including me... Nothing to be proud off." That's not it? Please, tell me how my rewording didn't embody what he said.

    You can't? Deaths are bad, no matter what. Even in "exchanges" where you think it's "Worth".. There was almost assuredly a way to have gotten that and survived. If your death was the only option, it was probably set up wrong minutes beforehand. KDA still represents quite a lot about a player. High deaths? They do things they think are worth the death. That leads to a LOT of throws. I'm done here. Lol.

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    The idea with a Platinum vs Silver chat sounds great and is probably just what I would need. 
    Does anyone know if this kind of thing exists on the EUNE server?

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    I can't believe I'm discussing this when I just got done shaking my head at my friend's style of play (dive in yolo #worth). I refuse to play games with him because of that kind of ridiculous mentality.

    I just can't quite understand how you can reword 

    Considering you're above of 95% of players, you should. Nope. You must. It's insulting for these 95%. Feels like reading "I'm platinum lol easy nothing to proud of, you're all noobs lol".


    "Do not say plat is easy because it isnt and me and tons of other cant do it."

     It's more attacking the fact that another plat player is devaluing OP's achievement.

    But well, it's the Internet and we can only go so far in interpreting written text. So I'll say I'm done here as well. xD

    Edit: Also my apologies on the last line of my last post, because there was some misinterpretation on my part as well. Figures!

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    everyone stop and get a load of Yuuria's signature gif.. kinky.. 

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    The "Silver vs Platinum" chatroom also exists on EUW btw.

    The winds of change blow through this signature regularly. Haha, no they don't.

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    Diamond in less then 150 games ^.^

    ~Vuldin Archives.

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