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How f'ing hard can it be to know the basics of a role?

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    I need to vent some steam. Second game today where team mates for some odd reason don't know their basic roles. Support doesn't ward jungle, game before that our Darius top lane builds tanky, and insists on not going head first into fights. And who is better for that on team? Yes no one.

    I mean, yes if I am put AP middle I will struggle, and I dislike going solo top. But just plain sucking at their chosen role? I feel like swearing words are about to exit my mouth. It gets me so frustrated. The last game we should ahve won, but most of team just went at them 2v4 and such. We were in a secure lead, and then some team mates started to relax a bit too much.


    Thanks for listening :)


    Some games you lose or win by default, you can't do anything about it. And then there is the portion of games you CAN influence.


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    When I need to vent i throw things at my bedroom's wall. Some people scream into a pillow, others use the rage to workout, I throw things. People may or may not have been injured during one of those events, myself included. You'd be suprised at how many objects that you wouldn't expect them to ricochet, bounce from the wall like it was a rubber ball.

    Anyway, better to vent your rage here than during the game. Good luck and hope you have lots of rageless and fun games in the future!


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    Thanks :)

    Some games you lose or win by default, you can't do anything about it. And then there is the portion of games you CAN influence.


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    I know what you're going through man, it's always frustrating when people become too greedy, or don't perform their roles properly, and end up throwing the game.

    My advice to you is take a small break, and then play a few rounds with some of your best mates before you decide to play a ranked match, or anything that has random people participating.

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    I have experienced this alot over the last couple weeks.  I have found that the best role to play in games where you just need the win(first win of the day/elo) that playing a tanky support or jungle is the best choice.  This is especially true if your team insists on playing all squishy champs/ damage dealers.  I haven't had a lot of success with blitz but with alistar i've had great games.  I find that the most misunderstood role is the tank... I make it my personal mission to initiate to make kills easy and protect and peel for my carries.  Peeling and disengaging are especially important.  If you can keep their divers off of your squishies even the worst players can just right click and spam abilities to kill enemies.  Almost everyone chases and dives for kills so as the tank you can limit the damage done to your team by these tendencies.  Hecarim jungle is another great champ for just taking the focus off your team and has much more escape potential than alistar so you can initiate or dive and if you don't get the kill or get counter ganked you can still make it out alive.  Still even in these roles i've had games where i handed my team a 4-0 start and still they manage to throw by not picking up objectives when they have the advantage or playing too aggressively and thinking they are invincible once they get a 2 kill lead versus their enemy in lane.  If however you don't like these roles then i suggest Jayce or yorick top - they can deal a "Ton Of damage" and are much harder to kill than normal adc or Kennen in mid lane his ult / stuns can win even lopsided team fights.  Any mid with cc may be able to replicate this but kennen can stun whole teams and that is super valuable.  I don't really recommend taking breaks like others unless you are raging to the point you think you may do or say something stupid to get yourself banned.  Just, hang in there a win could happen in your very next game. In the end tho it's a team game and sometimes they are gonna throw regardless of waht you do.

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    I just come of a game playing as malphite top and had amumu jungle. Me and amumu had a combined score of 11/14/14. Our 2 carries (tristana and lux) had a combined score of 5/20/8. And I had the highest gold in game, even though my opponent came to lane wtih first blood (thanks to a stupid mistake by our lux). So, yeah sometimes it's hard to not be disappointed with your team.

    Now to the constructive part, I think there is a general concencus that jungle and mid are the two best roles for carrying, because you can babysitt all lanes that need it. So I'd say, each time you're playing mid or jungle make it your personal goal to carry your team on your back, that should help you judge yourself harder and improve your performance. At lower ELO's some bruiser/carry tops are a strong option too (irelia, jax, xin). If you go for that option though, make sure to end the game quickly, because by endgame bruisers fall off and you'll have to hope that your carries can actually "carry you" as long as you peel for them. 

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    To calm down when I done get angry, I drink a glass of water and it all sorts itself out.  How hard can it be? Given that Warding itself is highly variable and depending on what champions are in said match could highly change the locations you'll put down wards.  Would you put your ward in a Brush when an enemy Nocturne can easily avoid said brush?  Or would you ward against TF the same as you would an Annie?  If you have a item-independent Jungler like Mundo or Nunu who'll ward for you, or a Teemo who knows how to place good shrooms it's another matter completely!

    Thats just warding.  Lots of variables come into the game, I'll tell you something thats a hundred times worse than having crappy team mates, and thats in those games where you just can't do anything.  Your Mid might be 10-0, your Bot lane at End game carry status, but you're worthless.  The only help you can be is to eat up an Amumu stun before you die, as long as you're not near your team when it happens.

    Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to do anything, you can yell at how someone won't Initiate, or the won't team fight.  But in those occasional games where for some reason you're unable to even function in this game....those just make you feel horrible, and you KNOW you can't do anything, you'll listen to any suggestion they give you just to be useful! but damn it them be the worst.

    Happens every time I play AD Carry....and people wonder why I don't like the role where you just wait until you scale beyond everyone else and finish the game everybody but you were a part of until that moment......ANYHOW.

    If the support isn't warding where you want, ward them yourself. If the Darius won't initiate, initiate yourself.  Rally the troops, prepare the team, lead them to victory. Being mad doesn't win the game, and being good doesn't do so either.  Old Starcraft tip incoming, if you're not attacking, you're probably losing.

    And don't just blame your team, blame the enemy team.  They tried their darnedest to win!

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