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LF ADC For Duo ~1200 ELO

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    I'm looking for a Duo partner, pref a jungler, support, or adc b/c I want stable wins, I don't want us to be at a huge disadvantage b/c you didn't get top or mid (everyone thinks they are the best and can carry the whole game in those roles, so they're always taken... I dunno why...) 
    -Having Skype/Ventrilo is a huge bonus
    -I'm looking to go for 1400+ over the break.

    I main support, but I can do any role. My recent mid games on lolking, for example, are 18 wins 10 losses, which I assume is pretty good considering I don't consider myself a mid player. I know how to work together and play as a team, my 3's team went 17 wins 2 losses and got to plat (I was the team captain and shout caller). One of the only teams we lost to, is now Rank 1 (was Rank 3).

    Please let me know who your best champs in your main role are. This is because there are some champs that don't synergize well with my roster, and there are some ADCs that I don't feel comfortable supporting. (You may also just leave your ign in the thread, and I can check myself if that's alright with you).
    I'm not leaving my ign in here b/c I already have well over 200 friends, and I already get spammed enough when I log-in. If you want mine to check my stats, send me a message, or post below. 

    My Best Supports
    Janna 5 wins, 3 losses
    Sona 5 wins, 0 losses
    Soraka 2 wins, 0 losses
    Fiddlesticks (yes, can be a support) 2 wins, 0 losses

    Personal Comfort Level For ADCs (In order from left to right)
    Very Comfortable: Ezreal, Graves, Vayne, Ashe
    Comfortable: Draven, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Corki, Twitch, Urgot
    Uncomfortable: Tristana (unless you're really good), Varus, Caitlyn, Kog'Maw, Kennen, LeBlanc

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    I was literally just about to make a similar post. I'd like to find a solid and reliable partner to duo queue with in normals and ranked. I specialise in bot lane, mainly ADC, but I can also jungle well enough for ranked. Have Skype/vent/Ts3 etc and a decent mic.

    I've played every ADC to a decent level, but I specialise in all the ones you dislike :D Haha. In rough order, Kog'Maw, Twitch, Varus, Ashe, Vayne, Tristana, Graves, Caitlyn. These are the ones I've played consistently recently. I'd be happy to pick up anything though again to be honest.

    I can play all supports too, but won't go into that much since it sounds like you've got that covered. Jungle, mainly tanky AP champs. Cho'Gath, Skarner, Maokai, Diana etc, but I've been jungling more Wriggles based champions lately as I think the S3 changes have made them much stronger again, so champs like Wukong.

    Not really got into solo queue for S3 yet, I think I am around 1280 atm (only played one game, won, but somehow I managed to get like 30 assists on Varus haha).

    My IGN is Dr Pwnage PhD if you wanna take a look. Add me if you're interested.

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    Hi, I'm in the same boat as you- I'm at about 1250 elo right now and I primarily main Ezreal. I would love to play with you!

    I also secondary support (Nami) or jungle (Olaf), but mostly dedicate to Ezreal.

    Please find me in-game, my IGN is Eyrgos.

    P.S. I have a vent server, and if you wish to talk further first, you can PM me here.

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    I'm down like Charlie Brown. I can play every ADC. My TOP ADC's care Varus, Caitlyn,EZ, Twitch, and Vayne. I can fit any play style as well. I have been solo carrying with ADC only. I feel with the right support I could easily get to Diamond <3 My name in game is:  Neighbor

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    Hit me up suuuur!

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    For future reference, please note that the Team Recruitment forum is on the main page of the forum and should be used for... well, team recruitment. Like this.

    My definition of ELO Hell:-

    "Any point at which ego is greater than ELO."

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    You can add me im always down for duo im a 1630+ adc. my ign is philthegreek. i play all adc buy my favorites are gonna be cait/ez/vayne/graves


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