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Help with TT jungling

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    I can find little relevant sources on it online and I know that higher level of TT play always has a jungler.
    So, how does one jungle on TT? Routes? Starting items? Some important stuff?

    Tips, tricks or any kind of info would be much appreciated.

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    I'm going to warn you that I'm not particularly experienced there, but recently I have tried to learn a few things for some quick and easy TT ELO. 

    Only a few champions are good on TT to jungle, such as Lee Sin, Shyvana, Rengar, and Shaco. Get a leash to start, and your first camp will bring you right to level 2. That's ganktime for all 4 of those champions. 
    I can't offer you any advice on pathing, runes/masteries, or anything else. I can tell you that TT jungle is much more rewarding and punishing than summoner's rift. 

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    i like to have someone help with the small camp up top when it spawns and then help me with the big camp next to it, then gank top or just go get the small camp on the bottom. i tank both the camps at the start and get cloth 5pots.

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    Hi, i have jungled on the twisted treeline quite a bit.

    First of all, there is very few champions that can succesfully jungle on the Twisted Treeline. This is because there is no blue buff on the map and also the camps are alot stronger. ( Like in the old SR jungle. ) So be very carefull who you pick. I would usually pick lee sin, shyvana or nunu. But i've done mundo, xin zhao, udyr aswell as warwick too. The biggest problem is mana management, you will really have to watch your mana when jungling on the TT. Hence why Lee Sin and Shyvana are so strong here. On almost every jungler you will want to start with cloth armor and 5 potions, since the camps will just melt you if you start boots. ( Only on Nunu i pull it off to start boots/regrowth pendant. ) Normally when playing an agressive jungler i would start at the small camp in the middle jungle closest to your base. Have my team help it and pull the red straight after, hide it behind the little wall and do it easilly. Be aware, this is very dangerous, if the enemy jungler catches you offguard you will most likely die because the red lizard is pretty strong. Then its up to you, i would normally go ganking because i just got the red buff which is a huge advantage since there is only 1 red buff on the map. From here on it's all up to you. allthough keep in mind the buff camps in the top jungle do a shit ton of damage so dont do them when you are low on hp/do not have smite up.

    A few important things to keep in mind when jungling on TT;

    - The biggest reason you are there, instead of having a duo lane bottom, is exactly the same why Top goes solo on SR aswell. You will have an extra person that gets extra experience and extra farm and will be higher level compared to the enemy after the laning phase. To reach this it is important that you find the good mix between farming and ganking. It is disastrous when you fall behind since having a level 8 and a level 12, compared to 2 level 10's, still sucks. You will have to atleast be the level their duo lane will be, by farming the jungle. ( this is exactly why shen jungle on the TT is bad, too slow. )

    - Ganking; The lanes are very long, and especially top lane is very hard to enter. If you enter it by your side you will much likely get seen. If you enter at their side of the jungle you will be spotted in tower ranged and if the enemy jungler is near, your gank may backfire in a kill/double kill for the enemy. This is where mobile champs come in well, for example lee sin or shyvana, champions that can jump a wall for a gank, since if you get the chance to get near to your enemy and CC him in any kind of way, you will most likely end up killing him since the lanes are so long there is barely room for escaping. You will get in trouble when they have flash or a decent jump tho because there will always be plenty of walls to jump over on the TT.

    - Warding; Wards are always important, but especially on the Twisted Treeline its a pretty big thing. The team that has ward control will most likely win the game. When i play with my ranked team on the TT we barely even buy sight wards and will only get sight wards so we can deward baron/red and take away their vision so we can control the jungle. ( Which is 60% of the map. )

    - Their Jungle; Unlike SR, this jungle is really shared. The jungle just transitions into the other side of the map. It might be easy for yourself just to draw an imaginary line at 50% of the map, when you pass that line into their side of the map, especially when being in the jungle, things will start to get alot riskier. You don't really want to enter their side of the jungle unless their jungler/laners just showed somewhere on the and it gives you the chance to clear a camp on their side of the map.

    - Respawn times; Respawn timers of the camps on the TT are HUGE. Getting counterjungled is disastrous and who gets the red buff first is what really makes/breaks your early game. Camps are worth alot more exp, so if you just wasted time doing a failed gank and the enemy jungler took your camp, you will almost be a full level behind. You will have to keep track of when your camps respawn so you can be around/do them exactly as they spawn.

    I can't really think of more right now, i hope this will help you a little bit. I've experimented alot with jungling on the TT since I really think it is underestimated and you can catch alot of teams offguard by doing it. 


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    Thanks for the responses (especially last one).
    I'll probably be trying out Riven in jungle. Noone mentioned her, but she's manaless, has mobility and is placed in a nice spot in tier list.

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    Riven jungle could possibly work. Her problem is that she has no resource of sustain/lacks jungle speed, she can do it tho but you will use alot of potions and probably won't be able to gank at the end. I also have jungled renekton a few times on the TT, it's possible if you use your q's correctly.

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    Jungle Riven is all about the ganks... you wanna gank as often as possible.  Wriggles can help with sustain as can her shield if used correctly.  But your gonna be gold starved in the jungle and HAVE to get ganks or be of no real use.

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    Riven, Cho'gath, Lee Sin, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo, Maokai and maybe Rengar. In the new map you can outfarm the lanes. gank easily since no wards and easy to come from behind. The speed shrines also helps ganks at bottom lane. 

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    i jungle ren. ghost ignite. boots blade. wraith wolfs gank bot. wraiths top. buy. wraith wolfs goloms gank

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    Only a few work, i've tried maokai, and I have to say, he's god awful in TT jungle earlygame due to his mana problems and lack of blue.

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    To be honest, the blue pot is a blue buff, just even better. Just start an early philo lvl 1 and he will be very strong in TT.

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    Do you feel comfortable not running smite if you are versus champions like nunu or Cho'Gath? I am not using smite either, but as a Cho player i know how easy it is stop a vilemaw with my ult.

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    I go lee sin, I have the lifesteal quints and start boots+doran's blade.  I'll go another doran's and then tanky items, once I have resists I actually take a tiamat(weird I know).  The tiamat increases clear times much more than Grez's and provides better stats(even with the mana regen not being used).  All camps can be cleared in about 4-5 melee attacks, only trick is to walk a little past the large golem so the little golem takes a step closer.  This also helps you split push lanes as well.  Most bruisers on TT should only have 1 damage item IMO anyway, tankiness is too important.

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    Quote from Rhakzor »

    To be honest, the blue pot is a blue buff, just even better. Just start an early philo lvl 1 and he will be very strong in TT.

    those blue pots add up, even if you're consistently ganking/killing successfully.  500 gold every 5 minutes is hell

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    Quote from Crayonsnacha »

    Quote from Rhakzor »

    To be honest, the blue pot is a blue buff, just even better. Just start an early philo lvl 1 and he will be very strong in TT.

    those blue pots add up, even if you're consistently ganking/killing successfully.  500 gold every 5 minutes is hell

    That is true and i wouldn't buy it on him either. But when you can get your early philo and a glacial shroud, your mana problems are over.

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    A few tips and tricks I've picked up.

    Camp from easiest to hardest:
    Wraiths: 43g, 145xp
    Wolves: 54g, 148xp
    Golems: 55g, 155xp
    Vilemaw: 194g * 3 = 292g, ???xp, Attack speed and CDR buff

    When you steal wolves, you can leash it to just outside the bush near the speed shrine, this makes stealing wolves much safer.  Remember to steal only the big wolf for maximum impact. (wolves only worth 5g and 10 xp versus, the big wolf that is 44g and 128xp

    Smite is really only taken to secure vilemaw and in my opinion is not necessary, but taking cho/nunu for securing is always a plus.

    Since you are in the jungle anyway, cap the altar ASAP, that way you lanes can continue to farm.

    Ganking is good, counterganking is even better.  Rule of thumb is that your map awareness can always be better.

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    I jungle all the time in SR & TT (both old and new maps)

    Picking the right champ is the most deciding factor.

    Things that are important in this particular order when picking a champ.

    Fast Clearer - Tanky - Utility/CC/Ganking power


    This means that:
    Malphite, Maokai, Mundo Amumu, Cho, Skarner all are insanely strong in the new TT.

    A veteran player would say that they're stronger compared to so called god duelist junglers Lee Sin & Shyvana, etc. Early 1v1 dueling is not really a big thing so don't go for that.

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    And remember, respect is everything

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